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NEWS: United States worried about possible N.Korean nuclear test

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posted on May, 23 2005 @ 05:43 AM
Speculation is growing in Washington that North Korea will carry out a suspected underground nuclear weapons test. The Bush administration hopes that any test by North Korea will rally Russia and China to their push for U.N sanctions. "A North Korean test would embarrass China and might actually rally other nations to our position. But the result might push Kim Jong Il to take whatever steps he felt were necessary to rally his people into war," said Rep. Curt Weldon, Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.
WASHINGTON - A nuclear weapons test by North Korea would reverberate around the world, altering the nuclear balance in Asia and posing stark new challenges for U.S. policy-makers and military planners.

Yet, it could also induce China, Russia and other powers to join the United States in seeking U.N.-approved penalties against the hard-line communist country, analysts and diplomats suggest.

With U.S. officials increasingly concerned that North Korea may conduct a test soon, how would Washington respond?

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

There is a stark contrast here as to how the Bush administration is treating the potential threat of nuclear war from North Korea and why it invaded Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

The nuclear standoff with North Korea is potentially more worrisome than one with Iran, also a member of Bush's "axis of evil."

Iran is believed to be several years away from having nuclear-weapons capability.

We have had crystal clear knowledge that the North Korean's had nuclear weapons since April 2003. They also had the missile technology at the time to launch those weapons as far away as Japan. Yet the primary focus of the Bush administration was Iraq and its "suspected" WMD programs.

Why was a SUSPECTED WMD toting renegade country like Iraq invaded before a CONFIRMED nuclear weapon toting renegade country like North Korea?

The brinkmanship and bullying tactics, as mentioned by the Chinese in the article, has done absolutely nothing to stop this situation from escalating. In fact it is in my opinion that the Bush administration is deliberately allowing the North Koreans to dig themselves into such a hole as to justify a U.S nuclear strike on them.

As mentioned in the article, the United States army would face a nightmare scenario if North Korea invaded South Korea. Due to the troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The logical solution, for the Bush administration, would be to push North Korea's obvious buttons and get them to go nuclear. The consequences being a mandated devastating nuclear response from the United States.

It is my humble opinion that the North Koreans are walking into a trap.

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posted on May, 23 2005 @ 05:47 AM
very well written article i have to say,

im too, is worried about North Korea, i feel a nuclear test is only a few weeks away.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 05:57 AM

It is my humble opinion that the North Koreans are walking into a trap.

Hurry up and get this article upgraded so I can give you my wats vote. Nailed it I think.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 05:58 AM

Just incase the article doesnt get upgraded you can give me a WATS vote now if you like

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 06:00 AM

You have voted subz for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have used all of your votes for this month.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 06:01 AM
I appreciate that friend, thank you.

I wonder if the Chinese can convince Kim Jong Il of what they are getting themselves into here.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 08:45 AM
Errr.. maybe you should have just stayed anonymous.

Come on people, vote on the merit of the story not who submitted it. This site is becoming conspicous for the news it doesn't publish.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 01:11 PM

Because China backs NK. It's been said here many times how it is strongly suspected NK is China's cats-paw for the upcoming Taiwanese conflict.

You think we're ready to go toe-to-toe with China? With our Navy and Army castrated by years of post-Cold War shortsightedness?

Iraq stood mostly alone, the mistake was in understanding how closely allied the UN was with the reigning regime. Had there been no Oil for Food program, smart money is that the UN would not have voted against the invasion.

Besides, it doesn't really matter. If we'd went after NK, the Media would be claiming there were no nukes there. They'd be saying "sure, Kim wanted nukes, and his scientists promised them, but they were funneling off the money and faking results"...the same hogwash many keep spouting about Saddam's hardware.

Then, the partisan obstructionists would be screaming about how Bush failed and how come he didn't invade Iraq because it's known he's a threat and claims to have WMD's....

Bush and the Republicans are in a no-win situation. Partisanistas will not allow any decision made by the current administration to be "the right one". Invade, get attacked. Don't invade, get attacked. Invade one threat, get attacked for the "wrong" one. Invade both, get accused of imperialism.

Don't worry though, Canada or Mexico or France will send troops and the partisanistas can praise their efforts.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 03:08 PM
The only one bringing up party lines is you buddy

If the Bush administration had bothered with diplomacy, like Clinton did, there wouldnt of been a need to invade. The plutonium would of still been under lock and key.

And why should I of stayed annonymous? I have nothing to hide.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 08:00 AM
what does North Korea have to offer the US as a consumer nation in the form of natural resources?

as a result, what impact on the stablization of the US dollar can North Korea have?

No natural resources we affect on liablity to the US economic position based on those resources..........

Iraq?................15% of the World's oil resources and the threat to use the Euro to replace the US dollar as a basis of trade in oil................right or wrong.......that's why we have troops in Iraq and are giving lip service to North Korea..........

Me thinks we will see US troops in Iran (25% of oil reserves and the temtation of the Euro as the oil standard) before North matter what North Korea does............

Any serious attempt by North Korea to threaten stablity to the World in the Pacific rim or elsewhere will be met by serious retailiation by the US (can you say nuclear?)............see we don't see anything worth salvaging out of that country so we don't care what colateral damage will be done..........

As humans we've managed to take this small pale blue dot of a planet and make it a mess haven't we?

Don't worry, the insects are sitting back waiting their turn...............

Cambrian fossils............dinosaurs.................and soon humans (if we are not wise about this)............all the while the insects have been under the radar waiting to take over........


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