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Newbie Loosening Up

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posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 12:11 AM
Variious eye shades...more human...slim, like the greys, but with a better muscularture. largish heads with small necks? They can go to emotional depths that tjhe grays cannot..

What would they do for love?

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 09:11 PM
I know I've felt love/concern from the hybrids. Yes, I believe I've felt happiness from them...concern...frustration...and more.

posted on Jun, 19 2005 @ 11:52 PM
I'm FibroKat's husband, and this kinda goes with the thread she started and off the thread. First, let me start by stating that my father was a 28 yr. Air Force veteran, and before he passed away in May of 1976, we had a discussion. I was interested in outer space, UFOs, etc. He said that during his career he had actually seen a UFO close enough that he could describe the color of the uniforms/outfits that they were wearing, and the color of their skin.

My personal experience with possible abduction started, when I believe, I was a child. However, not as a medical-type examination that most abductees speak of. I believe I was picked up because I have some very unusual abilities. I can't get lost (or I can always find my way back from wherever I'm put, like a natural navigation sense). And like most abductees have stated, I, also have a natural affinity/rapor with animals. My wife and I both share this (lol...but she gets mads because I can play with the cats and they never bite me).

I feel that I am still picked up and used, possibly for navigational training...I have calluses on my middle and ring fingers of my right hand, between the knuckle and first joints, palm side...lesser calluses on my left hand. I believe these are related to the navigational training, but, who knows?

The only other thing of mention, is what few memories I have, I believe I retain only because of a fluke or imbalance in brain chemistry, or something like that.

I hope to go into detail later when I have more time to think and reflect on things I definitely usually don't think about.

I hope to apply for membership to ATS ASAP. Maybe this is finally the outlet where I can talk and people won't think I'm nuts.

posted on Jun, 20 2005 @ 07:31 AM
Very interesting!

Welcome to ATS, by the way

posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 01:29 PM
I have a theory based on my husband's feelings/memories, and mine...well, we've talked this out a lot. Not high, or drunk or anything...heck, my hubby does none of that, and I rarely do, now.

We believe that our hybrid children (which we just call our children) aren't happy with the status quo with the greys. We get feelings that we only need wait and hope for them.

I've been saying in my posts: What will they do for love? That has been a hint as to what we (hubby and I) feel may happen. We feel that all of the discontented, hybrid children want to (and probably will) rebel. They are too human to remain in their situation, as it is.

I'm distraught, now...don't know if I've said too much...I lost a daughter earlier this year...I can't go on posting anything else on this now.

Peace to all...I'm praying...

posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 01:37 PM

Sorry for your loss.

When you are ready I would like to hear more about your theory.


posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 02:27 PM

I remembered a time when I was about three when I remember feeling lost in my own backyard, and being very frightened and I knew that backyard....I know I knew it, and was very confused about the feelings I was having. And that frightened me.

I then started harboring the idea that, if there were truly, real abductions going on (an issue which I was still debating) then, I could possibly be an abductee.

Fortunately, the cases of impregnated 3 year olds is probably non-existant... Do you have any later instances of missing time that you recall? That took place later on in life? (at least after child-bearing age, as you believe you may have been "harvested" in this way).

What makes you feel this "connection" is to alien hybrid children? Is it just the mental images you get? The reason I ask, is that there are many cases of past life regression where a mother remembers children from a previous incarnation. That could also explain such a connection. I remember an especially convincing case regarding a woman who was compelled to travel to England, after remembering her old home, children, (all of which were now older than she). She actually ended up tracking them down, and the details that she recalls are absolutely amazing. So much so, that the "kids" all truly believe there is no other explanation and that she is their reborn mother. (I believe it was featured on "Sightings").

posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 05:14 PM
Oh, I'm not saying that at 3 I was impregnated, just possibly studied?

As for missing time...I can't be positive, even on that, at any time in my life. I get involved in things and time runs away with me...I sleep like the dead sometimes, essence, I lose a lot of

The connection I feel could be all in my mind, I fully admit. The emotions I feel are real, though, to me...very strong.

When I first saw a drawing or picture of a grey, with the big eyes and big head, I became very emotional...I cried...cringed? I think I remember experiencing fear or possibly shock-like symptoms. Everytime thereafter that I saw a rendition like that, I was rocked. After it being several years now, I am fairly innune to a picture of a grey...but just fairly.

All I really have are feelings and mental husband claims to have much more than that. I will ask him to post what he has told me that he has experienced and really, truly remembers. He claims he remembers because of his mind being different.

Things are kinda rough for us right now...he plays Everquest 2 on his computer and sleeps a lot. We missed an appointment today...we're just wrecks right now, but I wanted him to read another thread today and he said he would later. Maybe then I can get him to read this and post.

[edit on 21-7-2005 by FibroKat]

posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 06:23 PM
Do what has been suggest in many other posts:

1. Rig a webcam

2. Baby powder on floor

3. If regular - someone stay up (a gun would help so we can get a body...)

Right now you've got what I do - the ability to remember dreams. Heck I've seen the same girl in dreams since I was a kid - she didn't abduct me and I've never seen her (yes the mind can make up all sorts of stuff - a dog bit my finger the other night in a dream, felt real, but no marks in the morning)....

Get the hubby off EverCrack too....

posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 06:46 PM
Hello, FibroKat, nice to meet you.

We each have our own backgrounds, and I'm sure mony of us have come to different conlusions about these sorts of thigns based on what we know. You've asked for "feedback" however, so will I offer you the following questions for you to consider, that you may come to what conclusions you may.

>I think I have been abducted since childhood.
>I think I have borne hybrid, grey children.
>I think my father could have been abducted at least once.

In general...would you say that aliens who abduct people, impregnate then, steal the children, and then tamper with their memories of it...would you speculate that these would be "good" aliens, or "bad" aliens? Set aside your feelings, for just a moment...and ask yourself that question. Is this behavior you would expect from a benevolent intelligence?

The obvious example, would of course be humans. yes, we "abduct" whales and insert radiotags. Yes, we breed animals and take their children.

We also regularly kill and eat them

>strangely enough, I believe that my hybrid children feel love...
>and feel it for me.

"Strangely?" It's interesting that you chose to phrase it that way. You find it *strange* that these (your) children would love you?

>When I first started getting ill, I would wake up feeling very
>badly...I would then jokingly tell my family that "the aliens
>came and got me last night,"

...oh, so you started getting ill at about the same time these abductions started happening?

>if you wake up feeling like crap,
>then the aliens came and got you last night.

And every time they do, it has direct negative affects an you and your body?

>he remembers a lot of things during his abductions.
>He is physically disabled.

And these negative affects are so extremely bad that your husband may even be physically disabled as a result of them?

>We had a severely disabled daughter who died earlier this year

And may have resulted in severe disability, and subsequent death to your daughter?

>What would they do for love?

Excuse me? Love? How do you conclude love from any of this?

>I first saw a drawing or picture of a grey
>I cried...cringed? I think I remember experiencing fear or
>possibly shock-like symptoms

Fear? Shock? You cried? You cringed? These creatures and your experiences with them have been so pleasant, so "loving" that you immediatly cried out of FEAR and SHOCK at being reminded of them?

>I've often wished I could be hypnotised to see if there
>is any validity to my feelings.

I am certain that hypnosis could be arranged. However, I would like to point out two things. First, why do you feel you require hypnosis to know that your feelings are valid? Do they not stand on their own?

Second...before you seek it out, you might consider doing a little research into what others in your position have concluded after receiving it. time you're thinking about feelings of love, do a google search for "screen memory."

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 03:34 AM
Boy....that thing you are asked to read before you post is really need to watch what you "say" on here.

Yes, I said "strangely enough" about the feelings of love from my hybrid children. I think I was reacting to what others have posted about the hybrids being just like the greys, or I may feel that I was (am still) surprised at, what I believe is, the depth of emotions at least some of the hybrids are capable of feeling.

I did look up screen memory, and even though I hadn't heard that exact term before, I've known of the concept since I began researching the alien phenomenon. And, yes, I would react most positively to that type of screen memory because I am a very loving person.

Can't undergo hypnosis...can't afford it...maybe I can in the future...maybe not. My life has been, and still is, chaotic.

Yes, I've read where many people, who believe that they are abductees, have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases (esp.), mental disorders, syndromes, etc., and my husband and I may be in that category, also. But, could it possibly be from something that comes from the abductions that the aliens didn't know would happen when they started this. And it could also be that they just didn't care what happened to us as long as they got what they needed.

I could very well just want it to be real love that I feel. I've just been honest with my disclosures and am very happy to be able to discuss this! I'm very open with things...moreso than my husband. He says he feels what he feels, and that he thinks the aliens can't "get to him" like they do me....that may be nothing but machisimo talking, tho...LOL!

I slept, took hot bath, took pain meds given to me by my mother-in-law, plus some OTC stuff, regular meds I have left, and feel muchly improved.

One little comment that might add to the reason for my abductions (if they are even happening) is....well, not to be "self-important", like some think we all think we are, or we wouldn't believe we are being abducted, but for side of my family can SUPPOSEDLY be traced all the way back to the ancient kings and queens, princes, etc. of Europe, Israel, Egypt and even back to Adam (according to Rootsweb)...supposedly related to Prince Charles...that line. But I don't know if even that is true or not...I like to mess around with it, tho, like in my signature....jeez, life is so frickin' crazy.

If I missed commenting on any of the things that were said, I will be posting again.

Peace and love,

posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 03:39 AM
I really don't think the baby powder and web cam stuff would work.

Yes, I do remember my dreams, but I have never dreamed of aliens. I've dreamed of some spaceship scenarios, but just Sci-Fi like stuff (like a movie or something).

Peace and Love,

(Edited for comment on Evercrack)
Yes, he is addicted to Everquest...but when you are in pain as we are, it truly helps to keep your mind occupied. That's why I'm here, or playing online games, or shopping online (when possible), or just anything I can do to keep my mind very busy.

[edit on 22-7-2005 by FibroKat]

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 09:47 PM
Just wanted to say that I only recently saw the movie "The Forgotten" for the first time.......I cried all the way through it.

Alien movies, documentaries, tv shows, etc., have always upset me to no end. I'm more emotional than usual at this time, for several reasons; however, the depth of my reponse surprised me. Just wanted to sort of include it in this running blog I seem to have.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 11:34 PM
Husband's Friend
My husband was working security at a grocery store chain 1996, when he met one of the truck drivers and they got to chatting. The gentleman said he had only, the past year, gotten out of the US Army (showed husband his ID from Army). This man said that there were, indeed, things that the public didn't know, going on at Area 51.

The man said that, and I'm paraphrasing, "there is everything you can think of going on there". Time travel, but only one way. Dimension travel, but again, only one way.

He said that he believes there are 7 races of aliens, or 7 habitable planets, based on the star charts that he saw. One race looks decidedly human. We are only lab rats to some races.

Reason Sagan, Seti, Big Ear haven't ever received signals...aliens won't let it happen. They know that we will eventually get out in space, and then we won't be able to be used as lab rats (?).

The aliens are from this reality/dimension. Government(s) know this...every President is taken there. Government knows we were seeded a feeling/suspicion this man had. He also said we (the US) has a fully functioning ship, bodies of two aliens, etc. (husband told me these things a while ago, and I took notes...trying to remember it all).

Hubby's Memories
My husband has memories that he isn't sure of anymore...he used to be so certain when he spoke to me of he isn't. He has this feeling/impression that most of his memories have been blocked, and that he was only allowed to remember some of them for me. I asked, "Why for me?" He said, "I think it might have either been to keep me pacified, or for me to use to help calm you, or control you." I told him that his response sounded extremely trite and like most of the common rhetoric...he said he couldn't help it.

Memories/feelings/dream husband had 3-4 years ago: of flying a ship; one hybrid contacting him; couldn't tell if it was a he or a she; he felt the hybrid of incapable of lying or of deception; hybrid smiled; capable of love; look like cross between human and grey; very thin, light-colored hair; skin is more human--beige/tan color; eyes have slant like greys and look like they're almost all pupil with no iris; again, he repeated, no deception in eyes; he feels they want to be a part of their parents' lives but don't think it would/will ever be allowed, but weren't sure what was going to happen, but that "something" wouldn't be long (and again, this was 3-4 years ago).

There, I've typed what he wanted me to say...I'm tired. Peace and love to all,
Edited for typo

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