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I dont like this stanley hearst comment on the alex jones show

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posted on Aug, 4 2003 @ 08:48 PM

after listening to this and soaking it in, stanley hilton is an anti-semtic peice of #. He talks about people jumping the gun calling people anti-semitic, which im sure happens, but he mentions this as an insurance policy for himself. Im not even talking about any of the isreal bashing or his political views. They speak their mind on all that thats fine, but he let one slip;

when he was quoting the bible, he said a hebrew, word, gave his own definition of it as 'cattle.'
he then said 'these are the people we're dieing for'

Thats blatently anti-semitic in context to the rest of his interview and out of context. He brought up alot of interesting #, i like to give these people the benifit of the doubt as far as anti semitism when they bash isreal whatever, but theres no other way to take that statement.

Also Im not so sure of alex jones, he's a weak bill cooper. cooper was the truth. alex seems like a replacement with an agenda of his own. What do you think?

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