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The Cyclic Effects of Rehab

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 09:51 PM
A friend's sister of mine recently returned from an upper-class rehab facility, called Falcon Ridge Ranch

She was sent there for personal issues relating to substance abuse and disorderly behavior, to name but a few...Less than a year and a little over $60,000 later she came home today under the pretences that she would be a changed person...

Sadly, my friend informed me a few moments ago that he saw her sneak out of the house to a car that was waiting for her....Parents exhausted and in bed after a long week of preparing for her graduation and welcoming home....Right now she's probably coked up and making up for lost time....

Yet, her parents know she wasn't treated....She's on her way to a halfway house in a weeks time, and she knows it....

A lawsuit is forthcoming.....This man being an incredibly successful lawyer, I'm sure he'll have his way with them in court, regardless of whether or not it can be truly justified - But then again...He did pay a considerable amount of money for a complete lack of change in her character....Who’s to be held responsible in such a situation: the parents, the rehab center? I guess it depends on the contractual agreements they signed – Something he’s no doubt reviewed endlessly….

Anyway, I'm posting this little story for two reasons....A.) These children are spoiled, to put it lightly....The product of wealthy children is often laziness and ill-content with the mundane life of being a teenager....Know now that if you are a parent in a similar situation with children whom you spoil and as a result treat you like vermin, they are the fruit of your endless toil....Nothing will change if you don’t…..

And B.) If you want to resolve a family issue, removing your child from the family is not the answer....Regardless of whether you have the $60,000 to spare or are simply putting them in a rehab covered under your insurance, I've seen many other people treated at the same level - Sucked in and pumped out just as they were....Only to find that years later, after much debate and strife within the family, they were able to resolve their issues on a personal level without the use of a rehab center....

I'm sure there are those who have come out of rehab and made a smooth transition into the life of normalcy.....For that, I commend you....But I don't think enough people place any real thought into these things before they send their children away - It's more a reaction of bitterness and firm resolve that is underscored by ill logic....And when money is no object for some people, it's often the only choice, because they are too blind-sighted by greed to make the right choices for other people, even those whom they profess to love....

What experiences have any of you had with such circumstances? I find it incredibly disheartening, if not a bit trite these days....

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 12:59 AM
Enron, good post !!

Rehab will only work when you want it to. You have to want to stop. Without the want , you will fail. Also, some people cannot be changed. The best thing the parents could do would be to cut her off, and wait till she falls hard. But she could die or end up preg or with aids...its tricky. usually I'd say tough love, but its different with a girl.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 10:28 AM

Originally posted by spliff4020
Rehab will only work when you want it to. You have to want to stop. Without the want , you will fail.

Exactly....Many may think that this is downright obvious, but I can attest to the fact that there are plenty of people out there who think that shunning, ignoring or placing the burden in someone else’s hands is what solves the problem...

Too many people seek an acute solution to a chronic problem, without realizing that often times it is their very attempts to help that make the situation worse...

Wasting away your life simply b/c you have it easy is no excuse worth dying for....You're right that girls require a different approach, and I hope someone can get it through her head - Her sisters act the same way - Totally oblivious to any responsibility for their actions because they've never had to lift a finger.....Their carelessness is catching up to them, but they don't know how to recognize b/c of their glamorous lives of excess....


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