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This Abduction Stuff

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 03:03 PM
There is always a little flaw to be found in most peoples tales of being abducted.

You cant expect them to have proof because "abduction" is mostly a singular event, there never seems to be many witness about.

Except of course in the Travis Walton case but they were really quite disjointed in their reports.

But if you wait a while, people like Sleeper and Earth Sister usually say something mind bogglingly daft.

At least they agree on something because they are usually poles apart on the information they have on offer.

Its their "trips" to other planets in other solar systems that get me.

They, if I recall correctly have both gone on record as saying that a round journey can often take a month.

Now if its taking two weeks to get there and two weeks to get back its unlikely that you are going to stop for just a quick change of tyres.

Lets be conservative and say they have a weeks vacation on arrival.

Bit of beach, bit of sightseeing all helps with the old jet lag.

Well that means they have been gone for five weeks!!

What do they tell people??

They are busy business people I believe and obviously have their work scheduled weeks in advance.

Do they ermmm "pencil in" Alien Abductions into their business packed diaries??

What do they tell people who wonder where they have been for five weeks?

How do they pay their bills?

Where do their customers think they are ?

Are they put on missing persons lists?

If not, what are their employees told??

"I wont be in for at least a month, Im just popping off to Alpha Centauri!"

Do they pack a few suitcases because five weeks is a long time in the same pair of boxers.

What do they eat on these other planets.... I presume Ronald Mac and KFC franchises are not yet readily available east of Mars.

But its the fact that they say they go for such a long time that makes me shake my head in disbelief.

Surely if someone you are close to suddenly goes missing for weeks and weeks and weeks, wouldnt you be worried enough to call in the police??

I know if my neighbours suddenly started asking about a recently missing member of my family and I didnt give a satisfactory answer then law enforcement officers would come a knocking at my door.

And if my wife came home after 5 weeks unplanned absence and casually said that she had been on another planet I would be phoning a specialist in divorce law before she sat down.

How on earth can people come on to serious web sites like this and expect people to believe that they can flit in and out of their earth lifestyles for months at a time totally unnoticed and totally unaccounted for.

Its beyond me, it really is.

[edit on 22-5-2005 by JayKew]

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 04:29 PM
I think it is out of wanting to be reckonized by others by telling an a outlandish tale. I hear it all the time , others trying to one up the next person etc... I also feel that there may be actually be some that may have been abducted and these are the types who seek no pubilcity. Those who do seek it are a sure bet to be up to something. I would be more apt to believe it if they could produce a picture of themselves getting an anal probe.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 04:30 PM
You make good points. However, it won't matter any. Those who lie about abductions will just come up with an answer that's as far-fetched as their abduction stories. They'll probably tell us that it's something like in the movie "Contact" where Jodi Foster was on an alien planet for hours, yet it was barely seconds here on Earth.

I just think that one of the main reasons why the UFO community lacks general credibility is the fact that so many abductees have entirely different stories. Different aliens, different ships, different methods of abduction, etc.

How do we, the people who believe in UFO's and alien existence but have yet to witness it firsthand, know what and who to believe? Anyone can write a convincing abduction story. It's just a terrible shame to me when people are such losers that they have to come online and make up stories about being abducted by aliens. They're either liars, losers or incredibly insane. Either way, they serve a great injustice to the community that they clame to love and be a part of.

This is in no way a stab at those who have truly been abducted, if any of you actually exist on this board, that is. It is you, the true victims of alien abduction, who should be the most enraged by these phonies. They make a mockery of your situation when they claim to have been abducted. They make a joke of the pain and horror that you may have experienced. And its an insult to us, the readers, intelligence when you come on here and try passing off your crazy stories about going to other planets for 5 weeks and sitting in on Alien Federation board meetings.

Please, to those of you who are faking it, get help. Stop posting your lies and go see a psychiatrist. There is obviously something seriously wrong with you people and it needs to be addressed. I for the life of me will never comprehend what motivates you to commit the irreperable harm towards the UFO community with your lies. How you have no trouble putting your head to the pillow at night is beyond me.

To the LEGITIMATE abductees, thanks for your bravery and courage that comes with telling us your experiences. You stand in the face of mockery and disbelief just to spread the word. For that, I thank you. And I apologize on behalf of those who come on here with fake stories in what can only be described as a random act of mental retardation.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 04:43 PM
Good point. You are correct that if anyone here has been abducted they should get all the help that is available for them. It would be cool to be zipping around at L/S for awhile at least till you got to a rib house.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 05:09 PM
ive wondered similar things too. i remember asking sleeper ( the member here ) if he ate anything, and he just said he didnt recall ever having to eat.

very hard to believe in such things.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 05:21 PM
Well to be honest Im glad Ive found a few like minded souls.

All too often on here if you think what someone has posted is absolute nonsense you are either met with total indifference to your common sense or people try to run you out of town.

Ive disagreed with people on here and told them so very very politely that they are at the very least either very deluded or very imaginative.

The response ??? ...."you are breaching the websites etiquette guidelines and we will report you".

Geez.... do we really have to politely sit with our hands on our seats believing every bit of rubbish that is spouted on here?.

Gazrock works very hard to give this section of ATS a real atmosphere of genuine research and investigation.

Sometimes he must feel like pulling his hair out when he reads some of the postings on here.

[edit on 22-5-2005 by JayKew]

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 06:08 PM
When I was in the military I spent weeks and months in places no one knew about----here on earth, with other military people.

Thousand of jetsetters and people of means travel all over the world for months and years-----without telling their mommy where they are.

No one has seen the atom, yet Oppenheimer managed to split it-----are we sure he split the atom----has anyone here seen him do it? Has anyone here seen an atom?

It takes little to be an expert on anything-----and if you notice the biggest experts on ETs are those that have never seen or experienced them-----now that’s credibility (concerning that subject).

There is lots of disinformation being spread pretty think-----and it's not coming from UFO nuts.

The supernatural is not for everyone, some people need to know that we are all there is, the only intelligence in the universe, or it just throws their whole protective bubble that they live in out of whack.

Go back to reading the Sunday comics, that’s a safe place.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 06:21 PM
So, you started a new thread, a new posting in the hope that people wouldnt notice that serious researchers on here had asked some really simplistic questions on your experiences.

But nobody has bitten your bait and you come on to this thread and make a statement which I will be kind and just dismiss as fatuous.

Mind you, I really did not expect you to address any of the questions this thread posed.

Why ??? ... because your answers would be quite rightly laughed at.

Care to answer them now ??

Naaah, I dont think you will.

Anyway.... why not answer this question......

Your experiences are poles apart from another "celebrity" abductee who comes on here.

Do you think she is a fraud or delusional ??.

Both of you cant be right.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 06:51 PM
One of the main reasons I dont believe in sleepers story is that fact that any skeptical question such as asking aliens, why are you on our planet, would result in an answer we would not understand.

or posts like this (from sleeper)

There is no evidence of ETs. We don’t see the magic at work behind every day phenomenon like simple things as plants. Flowers sprout from nowhere, leaves turn energy from the sun into apples oranges and grapes----popping them out from wood----the process is slow-----nevertheless, it happens without our understanding it.


But if you really want to understand sleeper, and his thread... this is all you need to read.

(From Sleeper)

Once in the ship I have patches of memory----with many empty gaps. They took me places away from this planet-----much of the time I was asleep or knocked out.

I talk about what I remember-----they obviously don't want me or others to come back with more detailed accounts-----but just enough to know that there is something big going on in our solar system, and that the galaxy is swarming with civilizations millions of years ahead of us.

Roughly translated it means:

I present just enough story to keep you interested in my threads and nothing more.

And sleeper, you mention many times that you dont care if we believe. Well I do want to believe, but maybe not your story. But then again it shouldnt bother you.


posted on May, 22 2005 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by JayKew
So, you started a new thread, a new posting in the hope that people wouldnt notice that serious researchers on here had asked some really simplistic questions on your experiences.


Because I haven’t brought you an aliens head on a platter----I’m a phony.

Originally posted by JayKew
Why ??? ... because your answers would be quite rightly laughed at.

You turkeys have been laughing at me since day one----at least I’m good for something.

Originally posted by JayKew
Anyway.... why not answer this question

Your experiences are poles apart from another "celebrity" abductee who comes on here.

Do you think she is a fraud or delusional ??.

Both of you cant be right. ......

Ah, the old divided and conquer routine. I haven’t read her stuff, don’t know much of what she is about other than when someone like you all, bring her up.

When I first started my thread and seen how everyone was freaking out I u2u Gazrok and asked him to pull the plug on my thread----he said he would lock it but could not pull it.

It’s Gazrok’s responsibility to keep those he believes are fakers off this board-----he can take mine out anytime-----I don’t care------it would have stopped if people didn’t keep asking me questions-----I try not to be rude so I answer with the truth.

The all knowing posters, such as yourself-----have found me out-----you guys work night and day to root out people like me-----and does anyone appreciate it?

I was fool enough to post my experiences-----most people are a lot smarter than I and keep this crazy stuff to themselves, and the world will never know the truth-----but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 04:17 AM
Now now Mr Sleeper just because some of us believe that you are delusional or just plain having a good laugh coming on here does not mean that we are "turkeys" surely.

I have not asked you to bring any aliens heads on plates for me.

In fact I have asked for no evidence or no proof from you at all.

I purely asked if people get worried about your whereabouts when you go on these trips ( mmmm..... thats a good word to use isnt it).

To go unexplicably and suddenly missing to your friends and family and colleagues for five or six weeks must be quite alarming.

I was asking how your businesses coped with your sudden unplanned departures..... and how you can organise your social life to go to the movies to see maybe "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" ( randomly selected that one ) when you in fact may be whisked away just as you have paid for the popcorn.

They are just simple questions, nothing to do with what aliens look like or where you travel to or what messages alien have for mankind.

Just simple answers I wanted to simple questions but once again you morphed into your usual routine of using a lot of words to actually say nothing.

The point about you and Earth Sister presenting a dichotomy is a simple one.

You give advice/instruction on how to attract aliens ....i.e, go in to a really dark room and try to get them to become interested in you.

Well thats a really scary scenario and I can imagine people believe anything at all after half an hour in that enviroment.

But on the other hand, EarthSister yesterday in her latest diatribe said that aliens no longer do random abductions.

So apart from us all being able to have a sharp intake of breath of relief, the point remains that one of you is "mistaken".

Who should I believe out of the two of you ....because like Mulder, I want to believe....really and honestly.

Should I believe Earth Sister because she is in regular contact with over eighty ( and rising) different alien races and thats mighty, mighty impressive.

Or do I believe you, who is collected from secure military installations in plain sight of your superiors and taken on the most marvelous of vacations.

Both of you are very very important people in the "Contact" end game it appears.

But one of you is being economical with the truth.

Noooooooo, its both of you isnt it

Why you do it I really have no idea and as Rasputin says earlier on this thread, its the real victims of abduction who suffer when garbage is entered on this website.

I think I will modify Dulcimers comment on here " I want to believe but not in your tales. "

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