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Has anybody seen this on

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 10:50 AM
Has anybody seen this on snopes about what Eisenhower said.


Sounds like what could happen in America now.

Is Snopes reputable for its finding out about legends.

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posted on May, 22 2005 @ 11:22 AM
Good find; that's pretty interesting. I've never seen any reason to doubt Snopes at all. They don't seem to have any bias or agenda in the presentation of their findings, and more than a few of their finds are listed as "unconfirmed" or "unknown." If they were making this stuff up I think they would have much fewer, if any, of those. Then again, who knows? Get into a cynical/paranoid enough mindset and you can get a logical argument against anyone.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 11:39 AM
Thanks MCory1.

I've been reading about what people have said about the Social Security situation in the USA and when I saw this I thought yikes

It says that its status is True and that he just didnt mutter it, he actually wrote it down.

Quoted from
Save for a few minor details, however, the quote from President Dwight D. Eisenhower cited at the head of this page is in fact an accurate one. It wasn't something he uttered (it was instead something he wrote)

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 11:49 AM
The quote is accurate. But he was reffering to oil tycoon H.L. Hunt. He was also commenting on government programs that he helped prosper. Basically, he was defending his 'Big Ticket'.

Now let it be known that I am not a Bush fan, nor do I approve of his handeling of our country. But I think that Ike wasnt being prophetic, but rather defensive of his programs and governmental philisophies.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 11:55 AM
What's really interesting, is that the person he was speaking aobut was H L Hunt.
H L Hunt's son, Ray Hunt, has ties with Bush and Halliburton.

The biggest political donor on Halliburton's board is Ray Hunt, who is the chief executive officer of Hunt Oil, a privately-owned oil company with operations in the middle east, Africa and South America. Its major oil production operations are located in the United States, Canada and Yemen.

Hunt, who inherited his "success" from his wealthy father H.L. Hunt, is notorious for protecting his inheritance by supporting pro-oil causes around the world, including fellow oil man President George W. Bush, who appointed Hunt as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee's Victory 2000 Committee. During the 2000 campaign, Hunt was designated as one of the 241 Bush "Pioneers" because he raised more than $100,000 in campaign donations from his family, friends and colleagues. Former President George H.W. Bush's press secretary in the White House, Jim Oberwetter, had worked for Ray Hunt for nearly three decades.

Federal election records show that Hunt and his wife have so far donated $120,000 of their own money to the 2004 election cycle. All of that money went to Republican candidates or Republican political action committees.

One month after Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Hunt was appointed by President Bush to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. He also serves as chairman of the board for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and is a member of the National Petroleum Council, an industry trade group that advises the president on energy policy.

What's even more interesting, is the cached ATS page on H L Hunt, which says he was a suporter of Cuban Revolutionaries and has some ties to the JFK murder.

JFK. (Suspects galore)
He was a rabid right-wing extremist with deep intelligence connections in both the CIA and the military. He had often been heard criticizing the Kennedys and on one occasion reportedly expressed his desire to see President Kennedy shot.

The day before the assassination, Eugene Hale Brading visited Hunt at his office in Dallas. The next day, Brading was arrested immediately after the killing. He was stopped getting off an elevator in the Dal-Tex building. He claimed he had gone to the third floor to find a telephone. He identified himself as Jim Brading, one of four aliases he used. He was a courier and liaison man for the Mob, with ties to Carlos Marcello, and had a record of thirty-five arrests. He was also traced to a hotel in Dallas, which was visited the night before the killing by Jack Ruby. After questioning, the police released Brading.

This is especially interesting considering the thread about George HW Bush and JFK.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by AceOfBase
What's really interesting, is that the person he was speaking aobut was H L Hunt.
H L Hunt's son, Ray Hunt, has ties with Bush and Halliburton.

Wow Ace! Very illuminating. I had no idea of the connection between the two.

You have voted AceOfBase for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

I love it when I am enlightened with new knowledge.

posted on May, 22 2005 @ 12:25 PM
Thats a great post AceOfBase.

I didnt know about this connection.

Something else learned. kudos

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 02:11 PM
Yes, great researching. I think he was defending the then good track record of the program against those who were prematurily trying to move the program along the intended path which was originally to provide a starting point and an example for people to save for their retirment which would then be moved out of government administration to privately administered accounts. We are, of course now a good 40 years behind the original schedule for this transformation and looking like we'll still be until we can no longer fund it.

In fact instead of taking the example and the bail out and then trying to move into private admin, people have become more and more dependant upon the government to administer their retirement because of the "risk". What they do not realize is that by keeping this under government control, we annually eat a 70% loss right off the top because of Washington waste.

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