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Pics : Downed F-117, downed F-16, damaged F-15, shot down Tomahawk in Kosovo

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 09:49 AM
Based on what you said it comes da yours combat unit would not be ready for effective combat without yours inovation?

Fact is that other frequencies which was used give no result, on this frequency that we worked we had resultes not only in stelt but also we had excelent tracking capabilities on other planes. That innovation was good but not most important, Key was excelnt training members of our unit.

You said that training was important. When our Army , your unit started preparations for the coming war with NATO which was announced during 1998?

Starting on January 1999 Command sent the order that all units must despise all war amd material reserves from storages, to move trops from army baraks to be secured because we had information abouth bombing and that will come soon. But I on self initiative satrteted despersing war and material reserves in starting of December 1998 and ended in First half of a January. I did that because I assumed that NATO whant wait MART mounth to start combat that will chose winter from military aspect it was logical to strike enegetical Facilities and to put us in very dificul position in which the Army and People would freezing. I thought it was logical and that our Military and State lidership head that on mind. Today its well known that the bombing should start in Octobar 1998. Yes, Its should start in Ocobar 1998, but it was prosponed, I will not go in that story ba Military and State lidership had exact information, In any case I expected that NATo attack us sooner then its done. But way is this important what I am telling you. When we dispersed War and material reserves , Colonel Lazaravic called me on January 20th 1999 to sart dispersing because he didn’t know that I did it. On this wat it come up that I done my order in one day. By the way on regular January plan of training and education, our 3rd division should traoind based on aparat AKORD(Long translation I will not translate) . based on the regulary plan our unit shoud start training in May and June 1999. Since we on our hand desprsed everything and others started to do it we started the training on February 1st until February 15th but other units didnd end dispersing until then we got another 15 days of training .

But, it means that yours unit had a chance to train well. And what abouth other units?

While other units where carring boxes we trained over a month before and after noon and night condicions, we competed between each of us whose gone shot down more imitation targets so in MARTH we whre in Top form. Beside of that we had time to create team spirith and to do analizes when and where we made mistakes. Others unfotunatly didn’t had a chanse to train that well. That way I think our unit because of training had excelent resultes during the war, not only technical innovation. Without well trained and educated troups technics and innovations means nothing.

What losses suffered yours division ,and what damage caused to NATO forces durinfi the bombing FRY?

3rd rocket division won the battle with NATO 2:0 and one hit was abolished. We take down F-117 and F-16 but they don’t recognize that we shot down B-2 who on May 20th fell 15 kilometers from our border in Croatia. We do not have peace of that plane to prove that we shoot him, but people from Croatia whith who I spoke, firefighters who came to slake forest, told me that in Spacvanske Sume fell plane big as they told me like a football stadium. On the other hand we didn’t had losses or injured soldiers.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 09:51 AM
How did you managed to save yours soldiers?

On first as I told our unit was well trained. Beside of that important was to create atmosphere where every soldier will know what is his asigment. Of cource without a Discipline, war task is inposible to do, and for me my attention was driven by a fear not to come in situation where I need to speak with parents, wifes and kids of mine soldiers.Our soldiers didn’t lost single hear from head consider the biggest success. Fact is that that during the 78 days of bombing we have been a targets for 23 times, it means that we had excellent metods and technics to trick them, to avoid its missiles. You know when you are missed once, twice or … it means that you had a luck, but if we are missed 23 times it means that we had defence system, and that system work perfectly.

From what system was made off?

We agreed that whole job must be done in 20 secundes. After 20s probability that enemy is gone find you increase, and based on our location and working radar he will send Antiradar missile which momently destroy technics and lives. Key was not to go in 21 secund that way documentary film head line is 21 Sekunda (21 secund).

How did you and you war comarads felt when you heard that Kumanovo Agrement was signed. Is Yugoslav Army especaly PVO could fight more with NATO forces?

Considering our unit, I was sure that where no mether how long war would last, to us nothing is going to happen. In any case during aggression its showed that NATO could not locate our positions. Nato could not engage moving targets only stationary targets that are not moving, like bridges, hospitsls, hayways, communication centers. War in FRY showed NATO weaknes, showed to us that military power of NATO was a Marketing at least considered they fighting machines. For this what Ieam telling is truth, testify the fact that NATO changed metods of fighting and some military hardwere. On the other hand on as bombing lasted more it was clear that everything is going on our hand. To world it become clear that war agaist FRY is not fighting for Albanian refuges but for American expansion, that Albanians on Kosovo and Metohija running away more from the bombs off Nato then from the our forces. We in the Army where aware that the NATO bombing was the final plan to Destroy SFR YUGOSLAVIA which secretaryis of the NATO signed in ROME 1981. On the other hand war in FRY and all what hapend on the teritory of former SFR YUGOSLAVIA was a warning to entire Europe that Nato can start wars not only in Africa and Asia but everywhere.

You didn’t answered my question . Is Yugoslav Army especaly PVO could fight more with NATO forces?

We during the 90s even our resources whre weakend because of sanctions and collapse of the country had powerfull Army. It was shown During the war 1999.I can confirm that in the tactical units PVO and Radar units which I belonged there where mood to continue resistance. And that is whery important because war was not in full scale on land this units where defenders of the country. No mether how technologycly and tchnicly NATO was superior we whre aware that we sucesed to trick, them to play them.

From the Interwiev Zoltan Dani to Magazine PECAT

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 10:04 AM
You stated that after the war you got a task to write report which is classified as top secret. There is rumors that after a year 2000 report was given to NATO officers whos where interested technical inprovments in defence system of our country?

All commanders of basic units whre assigned to write report what di they do during the war.In report I explainedhow did we do in war, Logicly those reports whre classified as tmilitary secret. Those reports represent the experience that we gained during the war and they are crucial for the development of the army. When a Japanese news reporter come to Serbia in year 2004 to speak with me (I was retired), before that he went to General Head Quarters to look at the report to be more prepared for the interview. They told him such report does not exist, and there is no technical innovation.

Meanwile, you told the media that you recived million $ offerds from world to go and give them all you have learned in the army , skill and knowing how to fight war?

Write after the war severall representatives from contries all over the world. I can not say which all the countries whre interested in my services, because I will have a loot of problems, but I will mention Iraq, rather, Saddam Hussain, whre willing to pay me 3 000 000 $ to spend a one year in Iraq, to train they crews,because they new that Agression on they country is prepared, he wanted to forme a capabe team,-for every plane shot down during aggression he offered 1 000 000 $.

Why you didn’t accepted that offfer?You didn’t think to share yours informationand inventions to countries that also where the target of American Imperialism?

Then I was still in the Military service and I could not go to Iraq. They retired me in 2004. That would be a treason and deserter iff I left. I advised them to contact our military and political leadership on this subject. Iff they deceded to send me to Iraq I would go withour off money compesation , anly military salary.

And if any case you stayed in the Army, iff Army is interested in your services, would be a treason, iff you refuse to give yours knoladge and skills to NATO with whom outr army is cooperating?

For the Western Alliance I Wouldn’t work never.Lets be onest after the 5th October 2000 in our General Head Quorters there whre 10-15 Nato officers and they had all access. I am sure that they read all reports from the war, that was the most pricless. Based on those reports they could found out the efectivness of theys combat actions. That was veary important to them because they where preparing the aggression on Iraq. Expecialy they wanted to find our how did our 120 000 soldiers from active and reserve where able after Kumanovo Agrement to go out from Kosovo and Metohija when they whre conviced that the positions of our Army whre destroyed. I suupose that’s how they fount mine report.

Is anyone in our military leadership try to oppose the NAto s wish to look at our military secrets?

Off cource thre whre a lot of officesrs who where against off that. But after the 5th October and replacement off political leadership those officers where removed from command or retired or sent to some secondary tasks in logistics in places whre they can not influence in cooperatin with NATO. They sent me after 1999 in logistical units whre I worked aspirant and in year 2004 they retired me.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 10:07 AM
You and yours military colegues accepted on that? Whould you accept on requaste off the Government and in the name of the higher Euro Atlantic goals to publicly deny yours tehnical innovations and that you where shootingdown the invisible planes?

After the October 5th 2000 one man from DOS(political party) showed me the agenda that our authority recived. In that AGENDA whee specificly written the task that new democratic authorities need to accomplish in next 10 years. Destruction of military potentials and remaining resources was main task.To do that representatives off DOS recived milions of US dollars in cash. But no meather wath happened and denying the technical inprovemnt by Army. I have aragment with peole who will help to formulate scientificl statement wath was the technical improvement.

Which is yours opinion off the Army reforms after the October 5th ?

Development of the army goes in the direction that is not favorable to us in the future. Mine state is that we should develop PVO ass we planed early, not like now as they speak that when we are in NATO we will be secured by NATO and that budget will be smaller than now and remaing money will be sent in industry development. That concept will not work.

Looks like that you regret because of the retirement?

Allmost 50% off the officers in past 10 years where retired. On some way I am happy, because iff they let me to develop myself in command structure sooner or later I will be in the conflict with political leadership and thaen they will retire me or removed me on some other way.

Is that fear of the new political leadership so high from the army, from the officers in it?
Off course its existed. That new even people from other side of the Atlantic, so they started complet destruction of the army. That is cthe best way to calm the people to feel helpless, to say its done, there is nothing more we can do. By stron Army and hounorable officers in it our country will never happened this.

Did you feal that yours life and life of yours family was in danger after the 2000?

There where talks abouth threats. Therefore I started this bussines and to devlop backery production. To save my family

Did you have problems with foreigh secret services?

10 days after my retirement I was visited by American News crew from Assosiated Press, which works with US secret service CIA, they came to see am I realy retired, or I started to do TERRORISM. Because CIA is afraid to former officers top trained to start terosrist actions, since there is a big danger that they strike US soil. They came not unounced and entered in yard at my house in Skorenovac where we live and They found me dreast in backery suit all in the Flour. When they relised that man who shoot down F-117 is backer they pulled cameras and tapped me made interview with me. It was very important to them to show me to they superiors as a happy backer and that I have nothing to do with the Army.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 10:09 AM
Therefore a lot of patriots object you ? Hero of the war who shoot down F-117 suddenly back down , surrenders, left the Military and become “happy backer” Seams degradeting?

In soul I am completely a soldier. I sleep on the work. And then when we made result world known someone took it from mine hand. I was bitter then. Its like you win the gold medal for in some sport beat the world record, and because off that you been kicked out.Wait that is whorse in sport you represent the country and have a personal pleasure, and in the military you are from conviction that you defent yhe country and people. And then suddenly someone deny that you defended the country. What should we do?To sitt and talk that we cant do nothing to defend the country. After I was sent in logistical I had Health problems with hearth, doctor told me that for mine health is the best leave the the military, I will never conciliate with the shame afrter all I have done for the defence of the country I was punished and transferred down. That when I decided to go back family and to start over again.

If I understand you don’t want to go back in active military service? You don’t see your self as a teacher on Military Academy?

I don’t want to back in active service. And I am sure that active political leadership would never ask me that, Based on support from the abroad they will rule this country for a long time. And condicion in the Military academy best is shown is that they motivate the pilots like this: best candidate in rang will get the chance to train directly in USA in some base with theirs planes. And to our future pilots that is the dream because there is no fuell here to fly. Our army on these way made executors to fight war for the Americans. I was never called to teach on Military academy to speek with the candidates abouth the experience from the 1999 and succese of the 3rd division who shoot down US planes. On countrary our pilots trains on those planes in USA. To become a part of US Army. Only I feal obligate to speak abouth the greath team that defended this country during Nato bombing. That is mine obligate to the people.People was giving money for the decades to train us and educate for the defence of the fatherland. And that way I responded positively to yours request for the interview and request of Željka Mirkovića to made Documentary 21 secundes which speak abouth the unit that I commanded.

Do you afraid that you might be prosecuted for the participation in the defence off the country, as they do now with yours coleuges from ground units ?
I am not afraid of that because iff there whre any even the slightest posility for the chardge they would do it a long time ago, maybe thay present it as the act of terrorism. However there is no ground for that.

Do you thing that tha trials in Hague will demorilise future generation of the officers?

Might will.

Since you don’t want to back in the Military is there a possibility to start political life and to help this counry on that way?

I had offers to start with the politics. Some political structures here in Kovin wanted to see me as a president of the municipality. But in mine 10 years plan such activity doesn’t exist. I councure that its possible to yield in politic, but that will done next generations. Mine generation no meather how much we do in politic we could not change situation, because foreiners give a lot of money to the politicians in power, they will not allow anyone to crash this system …………..

Several sentences are political one and its not very important

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 11:04 AM
Thats an impressive display of copyright infringement there...

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:55 PM

Originally posted by RichardPrice
Thats an impressive display of copyright infringement there...

I read interview in newspaper, and they put it on the site page, I just translated (with grammar errors)

[edit on 5-8-2009 by alzir86]

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by alzir86

Originally posted by RichardPrice
Thats an impressive display of copyright infringement there...

I read interview in newspaper, and they put it on the site page, I just translated (with grammar errors)

[edit on 5-8-2009 by alzir86]

What you did was create a derivitive work - unless you have the permission of the original publishers, its still copyright infringement.

posted on Feb, 4 2010 @ 03:01 PM
Part of the Interview with Djordje Anicic, deputy comander of third division of 250 rocket brigade of Yugoslav Army, translated in English.

He explains what hapend with B-2.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by alzir86

He explains and also names the B-2 as Spirit of Missouri. Spirit of Missouri is still active in the inventory. How does the Lt. Colonel explain that ALL B-2s are covered by the then START treaty and inspected on-site in the US under that treaty? Do you really think that the Russian inspectors would somehow not notice a missing B-2 out of the declared inventory? All the B-2s are accounted for, images are available on the web of all serials post 1999. The only loss was Spirit of Kansas during 2008 which was captured on camera.

Spirit of Missouri photographed in 2009.


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