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My own abduction

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posted on May, 23 2005 @ 11:45 AM
has your husband ever noticed anything unusual ?

you posted ;
I woke up and I was at a picnic of some sort, these strange men and woman basically raided the party and told evryone to go with them, we all lined up and we were brought into an abandoned hospital

were the other people involved strangers to you ? I'm wondering if you can somehow find one of them to share notes.
do you feel the hospital was on earth ? I'm wondering if maybe you can research some and go back, maybe it will trigger some memories for you.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 07:53 AM
Hello well i have had my own alien experiences
This happen about two years ago in the first week of December.
I was home alone after school then out of nowhere i just sorta passed out,
i saw a bright pupleish light. Then i woke up cuffed down to table nude.
I was really scared. then these things that sorta looked like people but had these smokey gray eyes started stareing at me an injecteed a needle into me and i passed out. Later that same week the same thing happen i tried bringing it up to my parents but they wont belive me what should i do?
Then earlier this year around my sis's b-day in January. I passed out again but have no memories of anything.
Will u please help me?

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 08:32 AM

Originally posted by sleeper

Originally posted by JayKew

Hi Sleeper.

You have proof as distinct from evidence ??

Care to share ??


Proof and evidence is the same thing, I think. I have proof, I have touched, seen, tasted, been on board ET ships----I didn't say you and others have proof-----that's not for me to give.

I can show you my stuff, my car, my house etc.

I can't show you my neighbors stuff----nor can I show you ETs stuff without permission----I don't own it, it’s not mine to show. All I and others that have experienced ET can do is tell our stories-----nothing else.

Proof or evidence of ET can only come from ET, not from those they entertained with their presents.

So post your 'evidence'. Talk is cheap, show us photos inside a UFO.

A story is a story, nothing more. I tell my daughter stories before she goes to bed.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 12:46 PM
Misty..thank you for coming forward with your story...that's a very compelling story...i think that some of your eno#ers are on dream other are real (when blood or bruses or some physicall evidence it's leave behind)..

For me it's been same too..i think i have been abducted, why? because like you when i encounter them looks like dream to me...they too have leave some marks (on the arm most of the times...a 3 already healed punction that form a triangle) or woke up with my shirt backwards (means the inside on the ouotside..and the outside on the inside) when the night before i remember exactly i put my shirt the right way for sleep. sometimesi have flashbacks..sometimes i see them on dreams..... You are not alone

I have see how they fly their ships (they do it mentally..they just put their hands on the deck that have a form of the hand and its conects directly to your toughts or your brain.)..they use a cloaking device to hide their ships to human eyes...and when they are caught without it it's because they wanted to be film not because they forgot to put the cloaking or something went wrong with that device....

i think most of the greys you saw were kind of robots that were doing some job (that´'s why they dont feel bad about what they are's a robot. and a job they are doing..a robot or android)...for me they look like that..yes they think and execute stuff but they behave not so autonomous...they do all and have tasks...from who or why..i dont know

My first encounter was in a ranch many years ago..and i was not alone..i was with some friends and was at night..and i saw this light bouncing in the sky, gold color...of course it was far...i told my friends and we even joke about it (hey call maussan we know i am from mexico) some minutes later we saw other small dots of light bouncing too..but much smaller than the first one...and one of them flight at high was just there bouncing and them boom and a flash..and saw the trail of light behind it....that's when we freak out kind of..and we then try not to pay attention anymore to that. Some minutes later the light in the ranch started to flicker...this means that the voltage they flick..we freak out...and then we saw it...the same shiny gold color light was just some 300 to 400 mts from us..above the trees bouncing like any ufo video you looks like it would come..but then it would bouce back...we got terrefie!! i mean...we were so scare! whe start to pack the things to go...but the ufo was just a few meters from the dirt road ..that we needed to we saw and we coulnt move form where we were..afraid that pssing close could make something or happen something.

We stay woke up the entiry night seeing this i said it shines light but ...doesnt shine the rest of the sorroundings (like a normal light bulb)...we stay up until 5:30 am...we got sleepy..we were tired..and sleep inside one of my friends car....then the su hit us in the face around 8 am...we saw and the ufo was not there...we were relief..but..that's how started for me...

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:36 PM
I know how you are feeling. I have written about my experiences and basically called every name in the book. As the years go by people are starting to see things as they are and the name calling is much less.

I believe you because of the way you are explaining/writing this is the way some beings go about there business.

Humans just don't understand how things are and when you try to explain it is very difficult because you are dealing with a species that believes they are ? The human race is considered a stupid species and is studied because it has some intelligence.... plain and simple.

They take the eggs and sperm because they are creating new species and maybe one day the human race will be intelligent enough to accept these creations because they are apart of them. As much as people do not want to hear this they are our Creator's (plural yes not one God)... The Elder's

As far as the MRI to locate where the Grey's place the tracking device I was told a very long time ago that it was smaller then anything any human could ever imagine and we would need to use our most sophisicated equipment to locate it, I was told we would have to look long and hard and still wouldn't be sure but they did say it could be located. Also the magnification has to be very large in number and it is located in the back of the head in the middle of the lower left lobe.

My best suggestion is keep a journal, I never did but I am different from you and people that have had abductions says this is a good thing to do.

One last thing and I really don't mean to scare you or upset you but what I say here is for others also if it pertains.

People say just tell it to go away in the name of Jesus Christ and it stops but they are kidding themselves. If and when these beings want you they will take you no matter what. They will just put you out or get you later there is no stopping it they will just not let you remember. (which might be a good thing)

What is nice about ATS is the fact that you can come here and talk to us.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 07:03 PM

from sleeper:
Proof and evidence is the same thing, I think., I think not. I'm a little surprised you said that!!

Proof can only show truth and cannot exist without evidence.

Evidence doesn't always show truth and can exist without proof.

Or am I completely wrong?

You have evidence of your "adventures" but cannot prove them.

And MysticalZoe, your story is indeed quite amazing. There will be many here who will share similar tales and much information available for you.

I wish you all the best and hope your learn to understand your adventures.

posted on Jun, 3 2007 @ 07:39 PM
If you are 100% sure that you want the aliens out of your life, try prayer.

I've read about multiple abductees who learned to resist the forces of negative or malicious ETs by using such mental processes as prayer or meditation.

The theory is, that they draw superiority from humans by having an advanced mind and altered state of being. Prayer/Meditation is supposed to counter the negative effects of their minds with positive effects from your mind. The mentally stronger you are, the more power you weild.

If you do try this and it doesn't work, I apologize in advance.

posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 12:45 AM
As a fellow and former abductee I just want to applaud you for coming forward and to let you know that your story sounds very, very authentic IMO. There is a certain level of detail and consistency that you just can't derive from simple dreams, or even lucid dreams for that matter.

I did the same thing as you - I posted my experience when I first stumbled on ATS back in January and many people were intrigued and interested but most wanted proof otherwise my experience was explained off as something that could have been "imagined". Though I did connect with several people here who gave genuine concern and insight and that was worth all of the doubters. I was not abducted by Grays but I can tell you this much, if you have been chosen by them, to my understanding, it is not random and has been something in the works for a while. Ultimately, from what I have heard, you do have the say over whether or not the abductions will continue. You just have to realize this and let them know the next time you are there... telepathically let them know that you no longer want to be taken.

good luck!

posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 02:23 AM
Jessica - Let me congratulate you on your decision to post on ATS. I have been following your thread since you started but the only reason I didn't write was because I'am not an authority on these issues. I have dropped by for two things :

1. Do you recollect the tastes and smells from your abductions? This will be very relevant for proving whether there is some possibility of your brain showing you dreams to fit into your mental state ( I'am mentioning this as I see a lot of people asking you time and again). There is a definite corelation between the sense of smell and taste which differentiate the experiences in the dreams to the real life experiences( for ex. somnaambulism)

2. I strongly believe that there are aliens out there which are much more advanced then we are and they are definately interested in us. There is a lot to be explored by science and anything which science cannot prove at this point in time,meets with a lot of sceptism.This certainly does not mean that these phenomenon don't exist.

Take care.


posted on Jun, 7 2007 @ 01:58 PM
Jessica you are not alone...
I wonder if the've started talking to you yet...
anyways you may be tested so be ready for anything...
These people, some like to be called star people, are the angles and demons from the bible, The Greek gods etc, complete with those powers.
Checkout my profile for more...

posted on Jun, 7 2007 @ 02:41 PM
mysticalzoe may i ask you a few thing's ?

Ok so have you ever seen a white light during your experiances i mean like bleach white. Im talking about your walls your bed sheet's your tv your wardrobe's ? All going this same bleach white ?

And second did you hear a high pitch tone almost like a whistle with some paralysis involved almost like the tone causes it ? i am very curious about these two thing's

Any answers you can give i would be most gratefull for them.


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