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A brief Spanish military history

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posted on May, 21 2005 @ 05:29 AM
Some people still continue to behave arrogantly towards France and think that other countries encountered only a few losses. So they should be shown the lists of other countries’ losses.

Below is a brief Spanish military history.

The Punic Wars
Spain is conquered firstly by Hannibal and later by the Romans.

Germanic conquest
After the fall of Rome, a Germanic tribe of Wisigots conquers Spain.

Arabian conquest (8th century)
Arabs conquer almost all of Spain. It took the Spanish over seven centuries to get all of their territory back. But they didn’t do that alone. The Knights Templar and the Hospitallers help them.

The Thirty Years War
Spain is defeated by France.

Napoleonic Wars
France conquers Spain and loses its authority over Spain because France is defeated by the anti-French coalition.

World War II
Spain avoids occupation by collaboration with the 3rd Reich.

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