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Believe in Aliens and God?

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posted on May, 20 2005 @ 11:38 PM
Here is my theory on the nature of things to do with god and aliens.

I believe that the god they talk about in the bible is indeed aliens, but I think there is a comforting non-earthly energy source that people on Earth can tap into by believing more than the physical.
When we humans can finally break the system of reincarnation or system of slavery to our souls due to aliens, their "souls" return to the creational source.
I visualize this creational source as god in the way that we are cells living inside his body. We are limited to the things we can think for we are only a small part to his complex being. The bigger things are, or the larger the macrocosm, the more inteligent and able to comprehend the universe the beings are. That is really what dimensions are, just being able to connect to somthing larger than what you see.
You look through a microscope, and see another dimension, accessable through phsical means, just like our well aquainted 3 dimensions we already have.
The 4th dimension and 5th and 6th may be possible for us to access, but I doubt the process is through physical means because you would never be large enough. But even if you were, I believe the beings that live in the far up dimensions live by thought processess as best as we could describe it. Their existence is not physical.
Nor are humans fully physical naturally, for they are being deprived of a whole dimension. This makes us nearly fully physical but also intelligent beings, which could only be acheived through slavery since natural 3 dimensional, like animals are not intelligent.
That is why we are special. We were originally meant to live on both 3rd and 4th dimensions, since the greys from the 4th dimension cross breeded with mammals from the 3rd dimension. Like how we observe the microscopic world, or what I call the 2nd dimension, the greys observe us from the 4th, but can also enter the 3rd since it is not a size difference issue really. Like when the chemists and anciants used to dream of seeing the microscopic world before their eyes, I believe they did. Example: The guy who dreamed of the Benzene Ring, and the little molecules coming together.
I believe the grey alien is really a super intelligent, non-physical being who becomes a grey alien when entering our dimension. A costume they put on to make some sense to us as to whats going on.
Genetic manipulation is whats going on to make beings more grey alien and less human for another world possibly or to exterminate us since we are ruining the 3D world like an infectious disease. Or maybe thats what they created us to do.

So basically, if we have people in the 4th dimension, (like the greys) than we are very vulnerable since we wouldnt be able to notice their behind the scenes work.
That is why you can go where you want to, when your astral body comes out, it is your spirituality and is much larger than your physical.
Many people say that the US Government is studying how to astral travel anytime, anywhere to serve as spies. I believe they may have learned how to do it through alien trade.
Theres only been a few people who could astral travel or remote view without doing it in their sleep (when they are vulnerable for astral entities to influence).
Edgar Cayce was one, who claimed to be able to see multiple generations of his reincarnations at one time, and also claimed to be a time traveller. He was the sleeping prophet and could foretell future events by entering the astral plane.
This could explain how we cant conceive how time works with god (or the greys). And also how one minute to him is like 2000 years to us, or somthing like that.
The more dimensions we rise, the closer to god we get. However, our race is doomed since we do not operate in a world very close to God (the real one).
Due to the enslavement behind the scenes from beings that are closer to god, but by closer to god I mean they can comprehend what he is more. However, God favours us since we are a 3D/4D creature that has no need to destroy, but would rather obey the intergalactic laws, unlike the greys and reptillians and a few other 4D creatures.
Even though we were created by the greys for slavery, planet Earth's mammal genes gave us a certain innocence along with strong instincts and emotions.
This seems the logical way of looking at it to me since theres no "who created who". We cant comprehend how large the macrocosms (or dimensions) can go to comprehend God nor do we know if they go forever or stop where the real God is.

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 11:55 PM
Indeed you mght consider a little more research. God is most known as ' I am '. Your trying to suggest an Alien enity - you may be right but it doesn't take fifty lines of writing, just the basic point and back-up.


posted on May, 21 2005 @ 12:13 AM
In Ancient Hebrew text, the original word for god was Eliyou. It has been proven that a better interpretation for the word is Gods rather than God. This was before the bible was interpreted numerous times before finally reaching the known english bible of today.

This is just one more thing that shows me how religion is twisted so you never know what exactly happened and what was meant to go in the bible.


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