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Does anyone have any info on Ye Ancient & Secret Order Of The Quiet Birdmen?

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 03:36 PM
just looking for a jerry L church that was in the qb group out of anchorage

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Here is what I know about QB's

There is no real attachment to the military, most are private pilots with no further ratings. They are wanna bee's. They fly 140's, tri pacers or cubs or flew them at one time.

They lost their medicals in mid life not having been in the right seat in years. They will not admit young men as members who are interesting fellows, good pilots, young family men with careers in the aircraft or airline industry. Finding one reason or another to disallow their acceptance; thereby keeping this organization to a clique of elderly fat men who do not fly anymore. Most of the hangars are dying off or sued for slander when they decide a good man who is a stalwart, decent man is not a "good" fellow.

They not only kiss waitresses asses they harass them to the point where restaurants request that they take their business elsewhere. They seem to be relegated to bad restaurants or hotels where the food is not particularly appealing.

Another reason clubs and restaurants do not want them is that they show pornographic movies and videos. They are known to promote prostitution. So try to find a waitress who wants to work in that. I have often hired gay men but unfortunately that brings out their other side. Believe me there are a whole lot of closet cuddlers in this group. More than these old goofs would admit to.

They do not help fallen fliers. They do make a big deal about funerals and deaths probably because that means one less old guy to laugh at bad jokes or buy their magazine. They do not promote philanthropy as EAA or our 99's so often do. There is no single charity that benefits from the QB organization.

Back in the day when Jimmy Dolittle and others were still walking this earth this organization purveyed honesty and integrity. Members were retired military and others who led interesting and exciting lives. They were stalwart men who commanded respect just by strolling into a room. They are no longer of this ilk and have not been so for the last 15 years at the least. Today they waddle in and cannot bend over to tie their shoes. They snicker at jokes especially those derogatory to women and they look down their noses at kiwi's (those who do not fly) even though most of them have not flown in years.

As long as the gone west list remains longer than the new members list this little secret club won't last much longer.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 02:03 PM
I thought this might be about the very early secret society of Augery. Those who studied the flight patterns, migrations, and diseases of birds in order to make their prophesies.

I have often wondered if these Augers purposely infected birds to spread disease to certain areas. Bird flu is very, very old. As a matter of fact the word "flu" came into use as a shortened version of "disease by supernatural inFLUences" (i.e. demons? gods?). So maybe they made these things happen.

Since Augers determine signs and omens by the birds, perhaps the phoenix and the double headed eagle are somehow related to them. IDK; just a curious thought.

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posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 12:44 PM
The decal of the wings with the 'QB' in the center have always been on all of my father's vehicles. I had assumed it was something to do with the paratroopers, until last year when the daughter of his best friend happened to mention how they were "Quiet Birdmen".

That is how I happened upon you. Great site.

Now I am researching information on my father and would love to hear from some Quiet Birdmen that knew him.
I am sure he was quite memorable. He was often larger than life and eventually died while in office in 1984, in Westchester County. I know he flew out of tetterboro and then westchester. How would I go about finding a 'Hangar' he would have belonged to so I could talk to old timers there?

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