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How Does David Blaine Levitate? Do You Know?

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:26 AM
my 2 c
I once met one of these guys in real life he was Blaine like
on the point of the kinetic energy someone posted

with the coin trick from the hand I cud physically feel my hand heating up
also i cud feel him tugging at my hand but he was not touching me

He cud also apply static to the hair on my arms without touching me
and he cud levitate small objects

I dont believe in magic
But if u experience this in real life in a stage not setup u kinda get the idea that something strange is going on lol

He cud levitate but wud vomit afterwards and u can take ur hand and move it under his shoes it was messed up!

One thing im pretty sure of somehow they learn to generate kinetic energy to help them do there tricks

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