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prophetmike for BTS Councilperson!

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posted on May, 20 2005 @ 06:43 PM
Yes, that's right, your local prophet is trying to make it happen! I may not be the most popular, I may not have an impressive post count... but I HAVE been around these parts for a while now... and I've seen the massive changes this place has undergone in my time here.

I've been around before BTS existed and I've seen it grow. I feel that I have what it takes to maintain and hold down control around here. I want to make BTS equal to ATS. All of ATS' features should be implemented here as well. I will not let BTS get left behind!

I have fought for ages to have the BTS logo on the top header direct to, but nooooooo... it's STILL directs to I will stand for this no longer!

I will take the reigns and lead BTS into a future that is good, and will be a different, less pressured and more friendly atmosphere than what it currently is. There already is a multitude of things to talk about, but I feel there is more... and what is that "more"?

I feel it is up to the people to make that claim. My job would to be to consider and try to have it implemented. My promise is to listen to the people, and give them what they want. It is the people who make this board tick... and without them, it would be NOTHING.

Thank you, and please consider voting for me as BTS councilperson.

If you DO vote for me.. feel free to use this "vote for prophetmike" button in your sig to spread the word!


[edit on 5/20/05 by prophetmike]


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