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A Day in the Army

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posted on May, 20 2005 @ 09:49 AM
This was from a story that I wrote for my English coursework, I have got an edning (two in fact) but I would rather that you good people here can carry the story along a conspiracy edge to the end. If anyone wants to read the two endings, I have one conspirayc one (my teacher had a go at me for this one) and a normal one, just U2U me.

Heres the story, feel free to add on!!

The grey overcast sky hung low in the isolated valley on the cool autumn afternoon. The surrounding mountain peaks had been masked by the heavy clouds for days. A deep rumble shook the ground, sending animals scurrying and startling birds from their roosts in the trees. The thunder-like rumbling from within the trees grew louder. The valley had never heard thunder like this. The rumbling intensified to a heavy roar. Fourteen British Challenger 2 Battle tanks rolled out from the cover of the trees and slowed to growling halt in front of a huge, gushing river

All fourteen tanks adjusted their turrets to face a far away castle on top of an enormous mountain side cliff. As the tanks unleashed living hell o their distant enemy, the unmistakeable sound of screeching RPG`s came from the woods behind the tanks, slamming into one of them and sending chunks of white hot metal through the air and ripping right into whatever they hit.

‘Quick lads, pile out’ a voice over the tanks comm. Shouted out.
All of the remaining tanks opened their hatches and the tanks crews piled out, firing blindly into the dark woods without any knowledge of who or where there enemy were. Again, the deathly screaming sound of the RPG`s sounded from the darkness, quickly getting ever closer until pounding into yet more tanks and men. One rocket had luckily hit a tank just below the turret, sending it spiralling 20ft into the air, and then coming back down, pile-driving into another tank, causing it to explode in a huge ball of fire.

After nearly an hour of furiously terrifying fighting, the enemy had seemed to disappear back into the woods, leaving the crews to tend to their wounded and make what basic repairs they could to their desecrated war machines.
Patrols had been set up around the camp and engineers had set up anti-tank and motion sensors in the woods so they would know if the elusive enemy dared to return.
One group of engineers were working on an extremely damaged tank when they heard the noise of bracken cracking in the woods and the faint sound of a gun being cocked. They all looked up slowly and just stared into the woods, half expecting a salvo of bullets to come ripping out. They stood there for a minute and heard nothing else.
‘Do you think that they will come back? I mean, if someone just blown MY castle up, I think I would be pretty annoyed’ said one of the younger engineers nervously.
‘I sincerely doubt it mate, remember those mines and motion sensors we set up? No ones getting with a 100 metres of this place without us knowing about it’
‘Yeah, I guess so, but what if they can like, er, swing through the trees?’ exclaimed the young engineer.
‘Oh, oh right, what like Bigfoot? Or maybe, aliens? Don’t be ridiculous, hand me that amp meter and shut the hel-‘
His sentence was cut short by a searing pain in his stomach; he looked to his mate in astonishment and fell to the ground dead, his stomach now just a hole. The young engineer hit the alarm button on his PDA and ran towards the middle of the camp, he didn’t get far, and a metal arrow in the back of his leg helped this.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 10:49 AM
One of the many Commanding officers stood inside of their Unorthodox, 'War Room'. He was labeling parts of the Forest, Most were borders where they could watch. Others were where they found signs of living. He examined every potential weakness, parts of the Forests where Attacks could happen and quite dangerously indeed. As he was marking down a particular location at the South-East bend something Vibrated at his side. He checked it and Saw the Alarm. As soon as he saw it he rushed out of the Tent and yelled, "Raise the Alarms, Now, Dammit!"

Just as the Alarms went of a Flurry of arrows swarmed the camp. Although most of the Soldiers were inside their tents, and those tents would refract the arrows, those caught outside were doomed. Several men Staggered as one with an Arrow through his eye swaggered through then fell to the ground as more pelted him. Thousands of them were coming until an Explosion rocked the Night. Several of the Challenger Class-2 Tanks had come online. One of the British officers leapt onto one and boarded the Gunner, just as they shot into the Forests, the Arrows stopped. It was silent, until they came.

Hundreds of Soldiers lined up across the Clearing. Unstrung their bows and crossbows, then they pulled out main weaponory. Simple Twelve-Gauge rifles. The battle had only just begun.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 11:26 AM
An eerie silence fell across the entire forest as the elusive enemy crept out of the trees, their faces painted in war colours like some kind of ancient tribe. Even with all their training and state of the art weaponary, the British soldiers gripped their weapons nervously, they had never came up against an enemy like this before.

A crack of a rifle went off in the distance and the enemy started to charge towards the terrified soldiers.

The terrified soldiers just stood in awe as the enemy fearlessy ran towards certain death.

‘What are you waiting for? Shoot them!!!’ screamed the Commanding officer.

The exact moment that they started to fire on the charging enemy, the tell tale sound of arrows whizzing through the air was followed by the dull thumps and screams as they entered the soldiers bodies.

The commanding officers couldn’t believe their eyes, a crack team of highly trained soldiers being defeated by barbaric savages. Though one thing was floating through their minds, where did the volley of arrows come from? All the while the arrows were raining onto the troops, the enemy were still running across the clearing.

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 11:47 AM
Several of the tanks moved through the Small Village and aimed at those charging, with each shot it brought a thunderous clap across the Clearing. Each shot bodies would be blasted into the air. The Convoy jeeeps were shooting across the valley, those firing One-Hundred calibur Machine Gun Turrets at those coming, yet, everyone on the ground was easily being destroyed. As the Convoy keep rushed through a Savage leapt up atop of it and ripped the throats of all but one, who blasted him into oblivion. Soon he took atop their Chamber Gun, his only intent to destroy those Supply Garrisons. Until an arrow fell him, too.

As the tanks crossed the Now-battlefield it was one of the Only provisioned forces, until the Barbarics started fleeing. The Commander let out a deep breath, then shouting through the Intercom. "I Need One hundred Able-Bodied soldiers to stand guard, And all other Able-Bodied soldiers will need to lift the Wounded. Check everyone. Make sure you know who is Alive, Healthy, Wounded or dead. All Doctors attain to serious Injuries and all Medics attend to minor injuries, Now, Dammit!"

posted on Jul, 8 2005 @ 12:48 PM
As all the troops carried out their orders, the commanding officer slumped down in a chair and put his head in his hands. This mission was supposed to be a simple search and destroy mission. In and out. But it had turned into a bloodbath, half of his troops had been wiped out and a further quarter of the troops had been wounded and were in no condition to fight. He got up and started to pace around the tent, wondering what the castle he had destroyed had contained and why it was a great threat to his country. Before he had time to contemplate the thought any longer, the SAS team that had been assigned to him wondered into his tent, bloody and with two of the team with missing limbs.
‘Sir, we have found the source of the enemy, an old temple situated on the top of a small volcano. They were literally pouring out, like ants. They will be here within the hour.’
‘Dear God, how many?’
‘Two, maybe three thousand’
‘But, but, how?’
‘Sir, there is more to it than you think, delta one, bring in the specimen’
A grizzled SAS operative walked into the tent with some kind of body rolled in a cloth over his shoulder. He dumped it down on the table and unrolled it.
‘Oh my God, Where did you find this?’
The body was of a creature not from this world, small, about 3 feet in height, grey skin and big black bulbous eyes. The top part of its head was a mess of blood and bone.
‘We were nearing the temple when we were ambushed by the enemy. From the air. They were on a small silver, floating, platform- no bigger than a regular Transit van. They fired at us but we managed to take the craft down. Once we were sure the enemy were neutralised we inspected the wreckage and found this body.’
The commanding officer just sat in his chair, obviously shocked with what they had found. He had heard stories of aliens, yet he had never believed them. As he slowly got up, he walked unto the table and ran a finger down the creatures arm. It felt normal, not slimy as he had imagined.
‘Was there anything else in the wreckage that looked out of place?’
‘One thing sir, this’
The SAS operative reached into his bergan and pulled out a small glass box, it emitted a strange humming noise and had a weird blue substance inside. As the officer took it in his hands, it felt warm and soft to the touch, like foam. Yet it was glass.
‘Right then, I’m going to call in an evac and get the hell out of here’
‘Impossible sir, the enemy will be here soon, the choppers won’t stand a chance. I suggest using our new toy to get out of here.’
‘New toy?’
‘Why yes sir, come and look at this.’
The commanding officer followed his operatives outside and nearly fainted with what he saw. In the middle of the camp was a sliver colured disk, floating a few feet from the ground. Soldiers were abandoning their posts and looking in amazement at it.
‘When you were a kid sir, did you ever watch any alien movies? I know I did and I had always been fascinated by the ships. Well now, ive got one. On the way back, we saw something strange in a clearing, we fired on the beings walking around outside it, and well, the rest is a bit of a blur, but we ran over, cleared the area and kinda jumped in. We were in a kind of trance, I was terrified, yet I still got in it. Its actually easy to fly, easier than you would think.’
The officer was left where he stood as his troops walked over to the craft. Just wanting to get out of this place, he went back to his tent to make a cup of tea when he noticed that the small glass like box had turned red and was humming loudly. As he went over to it, it started to move, the last thing the officer remembers is the box opening and then a flash of light.

The entire clearing was bathed in a white light then a shockwave lifted everyone off their feet.

On a hill top a few miles away, a man dressed in strange tribal clothes was clutching a detonator, his mission was accomplished, he had prevented the world from learning the secret of his birth place. He turned away from the carnage he had just unleashed and cam face to face with a fully cammed up SAS operative.
‘Hey, hows it going?’
That was the last thing the man heard as a bullet entered his head.
‘This is SAS group bravo, the diversion team has been destroyed, asking permission to use galactic force to destroy the reptilian threat. Oh, and one more thing, the diversion team managed to kill a Grey, what should we do?’
‘Well done bravo, we are ready to touch down and let the Greys know that we are back, thank you in completing our objective, they defeated us with the help of the Ancient Egyptians, but with your help we have finally had the chance we deserve, we will now need further help in identifying their base.’
‘Roger, on our way now.’


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