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Do you believe a word about any Dulce story?

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 10:06 AM
There are things about the Dulce story that are very interesting and others that seem overboard. We currently live in a time that our own scientist can do genertic experiments that could match or surpass those poor creatures that are mentioned in the report. It is widely accepted that the Greys are very interested in human blood for whatever reason. Cattle and human mutilations are always bloodless. Even the new Spielberg movie, 'War of the Worlds' touches on the subject. Perhaps there is a joint base somewhere in that area and prehaps there was an incident that occured where Greys and humans fought each other. Like so many other stories such as MJ12, you have to try and read between the lines. There is enough truth buried in the stories to make them worth investigating but enough fake info to throw us off as well. It is almost like someone wants us to know the truth but they are playing a game with us. Sorta like less give them just enough information to perk their interest and then cover it all up within a bunch of lies and fantasy so only the really serious investigator will give it more than a glance. I believe there is a joint base and I believe that something happened there. But beyond that I cannot get too excited about the Dulce report.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 10:41 AM
I will repeat...
I have been there, ufo hunting on several ocassions... did I see everything... no... it is a huge area...
but i didn't see anything either...other than army green storage tanks (later found out they are natural gas storage tanks...)
why they are green, I can only suspect that they are green to not be an eyesore, of an otherwise beautiful place.

Yes, I was suspicious...
Yes there is a continental divide in the area that could very well hide a cavern... Geologically speaking it is very possible... and there are an abundance of caverns in the mountain chain... why aren't there any known caverns here?
are they hiding the caverns due to them being occupied?

these and many more questions surround me as I went in search of any sign of unusual activity...

I saw much unusual activity ... everywhere but dulce...

Los alamos... interesting lights in the sky... and unusual readings on the geiger meter...
Cuba... interesting area...spooky...
the very big array antenna farm... most desolate place in the country... had some wierd radio interferance... and Datil mountain range is close... have you heard the rumors about Datil?

White sands... (the location of the infamous ufo/missle crash video, that is so astounding) really cool stealth overflights... and the missle range backroad, is no mans land truly... Lots of miles behind those fences...

In short... I have had great experiences from my trips thru the area...(relatively speaking) but none at Dulce.... always a letdown...

I think I even once saw a cattle grabber ufo... (see thread)
but it wasn't very close to dulce...

Now just over the colorado border... you have one of the biggest hotspots...
the entire valley between the mountain ranges (most of south central colorado) is a great place to go UFO spotting... but nothing really known as far as bases...

Dulce has some of the best "info" but least documentation...
lots of rumors and stories... but NO hard sources...
stories of eyewitnesses, become questioned when the said person didn't exist... and meetings that took place, are questioned when the location for the meeting doesn't exist...

much like a well contructed movie plot, that has holes in the plot line if you look for them closely...

in short: it could be a fabrication totally... or it could be the most disinfoed black project base there is..

whatever it is, IMO it isn't a government base, there are NO signs of it...

maybe a black project underground lab run by roque CIA agents, under the front name of "squirrleys cashew farm"

If looking for a secret base, look to an area just south and west of flagstaff... I have seen many wierd sky objects there...

I would love to see a verified existing whistleblower come out with info... but So far, It is suspect due to the people...

If you want to prove the rumors, then get some verifiable info on the witnesses (the ones you listed), and that they are who they say they are, and they have answers that fit...

good luck with this one... but one pointer... don't quote the lacerta files, since they are highly suspect, and most wont consider them good evidence...

It doesn't take long to get to dulce from anywhere in the country (10-25 hours drive)... pack a bag, buy some gas, and get to roadtripping... the town of dulce has a few hotels, and they are cheap... but for the whole experience, go camping...

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 10:57 AM

Originally posted by jacquio999
thats what makes it so believable, that its so unbelievable

Uh, no.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 02:54 PM
Dallas says:

I'm not exactly sure what circles your [sic] circling around and who's [sic] relative you may be however, I ask..can you give the english version of words as to what your saying that a layman like me can understand, mayhaps answer?

My apologies, Dallas, I did not mean to talk over your head. But I believe our colleague Sigung explained it perfectly: if you trust a person that you designate as 'untrustworthy' because he agrees with you, that probably strains your credibility.

It would be like me saying that Joe Blow is a pathological liar and can't be trusted -- until one day he says "Off_the_Street is really a cool dude." Now all of a sudden he's a trustworthy person, right?


posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 01:57 AM
it's NOT, JUST, the story ! and there are lots more ...[ not a reason to believe , in and of itself either.]

but taken as a whole. we've been lied to .

about what ?

about the archeological record ! [ it's directly related to beings , who lived underground along time ago ] this is star trek weird

check out the bloody anomalies , there are lots . too many to list , but they all have a cpl things in common .

A. they don't fit the nice neat story we've been given as to the history of the planet. why ? why don't they fit , and why isn't it talked about ? [ egos' ? ]

B. smithsonian and others, either refuse to admit [ deny ] there were items/markings/bodies etc but hid them, destroyed them...whatever. why ? what are they afraid of ?

C. they're not taught in schools [ not recognized ] why ? what are they afraid of ? [ and I'm not talking about bloody stonehenge or the other " accepted " well known weird things of the world ]

luckily , there is enuf evidence left to piece together an outline...but I'll let the reader do that on his own.

if you bother to look at the sum total , of all the anomalies and how they're mostly ignored , and what those artifacts say about our history there is no doubt [ in my mind ] that we've been sold a pig in a poke and that there has been a successful effort to suppress [ out of fear of ridicule ? ] most of these anomalies to keep them in a special weird status that people avoid. or just don't give much thought to [ the desired effect I'm afraid ]

I hope that was clear...


posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 03:25 AM
i don't know, why would someone write all those lies?

and yeah, that's what's wrong with people, something that sounds so unbelievable and like a movie.. it's just not true to them. I'm not saying i believe all that, you just get too many doubts on your mind, and you'll never find the truth, living your existence without knowing the truth.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 09:33 AM
ever read the book andromeda strain my micahel crichton... read it, its like the dulce files copied everything from it. Basically the parts about the underground base, the levels, and the tech inside

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 10:02 AM
I should point out, that the idea of subterranean bases and labs are hardly unrealistic. Indeed, we'd be remiss if we DIDN'T have such things... And we do even have a few public ones, such as NORAD offering tours...

But, there would be, with only a little digging, some history and a paper trail that would substantiate it, IF it was there. Area 51 is a good example of a secret base, but that with digging, one can find more on. The downside of course, is that we KNOW Area 51 is there because it can be physically seen. Still, even with an underground base, there are surface signs of it's existance....and we don't see that with Dulce. Sure, personnel and equipment, waste, etc. could be shuttled through an underground rail system, etc., but we'd need much more to go on than what we currently have....the testimony of largely unreliable witnesses.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 06:55 PM

Originally posted by Dulcimer
That many aliens at the base yet we cant find proof of a single one in the flesh in the outside world?
Do you really believe this banter?

I neither believe nor disbelieve this story, I'm indifferent to it. Wasn't John Lear the first person to discuss this in 1987? Frankly it is entertaining whether it's true or not. However, if you don't already know this, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 01:30 AM
you couldn't PAY me to go there and look around


posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:18 PM
I lived in Dulce for many years and patrolled that entire area on both ATVs and in Helicopters.. I never saw anything out of the ordinary there as far as anything that would be evidence of any kind of base.

I am a skeptic of the Government and the lies it tells but as for something being hidden up there....... I would have to say look elsewhere.

Now if you are looking for some HUGE elk and Mule deer. you will find plenty of them there.

I have seen that there are a few others on here that have lived there or currently live there.

It is a very small community and things out of the ordinary would really stick out. There is only one traffic light in the town and it is only on for a few hours of the day. There is a small best western there as well but pretty much not much else to see if you are looking for evidence.

Now I have heard of many UFO sightings and actually saw origional Polaroid pictures that were taken of the cattle mutilations. So is there ufo activity? Yes but then again there is so much of that in the south west areas that it is not that much out of the ordinary.

But as for a base.....if it exists there are no trails in or out of it or myself or co workers would have seen them.

If it has been underground for hundreds of years and doesn't need support from above ground. Big supply trucks going up that mountain would definately be noticed. The only road going up the back of that mountain is all dirt road and you pretty much need a good truck or 4wd to get through it especially in winter months. So a supply truck would stick out like a sore thumb.

If you want to explore up there get a Guide from the local game and fish and for a sum they will gladly take you all over that mountain....

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by Dulcimer
You know, i want to believe but when I read stuff like this i just have to laugh.

Why do you want to believe? Shades of the "X-FILES"! Even if you've been coming here a short while you must have realized that in this forum, like any other forum that exists mainly because questionable claims are the order of the day, there is a "battle" going on, us vs. them. Them is the believers that do not require any evidence. Us is the critical thinkers that require evidence otherwise we are dealing with hearsay. The more outrageous the posts, the higher the "temperature" involved in the heat of the "battle".

Come over to our side and stop believing, it leads nowhere.

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