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I know a truthful fact prediction

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 03:20 PM
I know that a secret society has an agenda to corrupt us,
that they use wars and politics and entertainment against us.

Skepticism exists, but the truth is right in front of you. Can you see it in you?

They control and feed on fear, but they wont win. They never do. They may take some with them, but we always keep on going and makes us stronger.

You can find plenty of evidence of an Illuminatti, New World Order. If you believe then you will know they plan destruction. It is not just them,
more of them included serpents. (Will not take this too far, you will understand one day about the last line) They know who they are.

This prediction is very well a fact, you just cant see it yet. The prediction is based on more war and hate crimes and very well some destruction.

Im not predicting exact times, but im telling of fact on what will come. Do you believe you will be saved one day from these corrupters?

Get the knowledge and find more you can hold. You have to find in your heart whats the truth.

Many books and documents have evidence but not scientific. Many places exist unknowable ancient tombs and undergrounds that are hidden from your own government for safe keeping.

They are for themselves for personal gain. Not all secrets can exist forever. The world will be changed from the corrupters and life will change as you know it now.

Take for example -

Giza - Egypt Government Secret

Back in the 90's a man by the name of Rudolf Gantenbrink, after doing extensive computer work on the Khufu's pyramid, which concluded that the theories beinh the shaft were not correct, requested and was granted permission to send a camera equipped and sensing robot into the shafts. His work known as the Upuaut Project, which took several years and was abruptly concluded by Dr. Zahi Hawass the director of Giza's Pyramid excavations and secretary General of head of Egypt's antiquities department, the Supreme Council of Antiquities, upon his finding a limestone slab with copper bands at the end of one shaft.

His story begins here at his website: and his removal is pursued by the Guardian newspaper with the SCA, in the following two links. In order to follow the story all three links should be viewed in the order I provide.

A year or two later a visitor to the pyramids, Nigel Skinner-Simpson noticed a sealed off downward shaft at the outside of the causeway and decided to pursue same. His rsearch led him to a book; The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid" written by H. Spencer Lewis who spoke of having seen underground tunnels, more subterranean levels, huge sarcophagi and their relation to the Sphinx. As well both Lewis and another authour from 1927/28 presented drawings of the Sphinx and what lies below.

Quote: The discovery surfaced again when John Anthony West, an attendee and presenter at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) conference held at Virginia beach in August 1998, gave a report on a presentation by Dr Hawass at the same conference. West reported that Dr Hawass had recently excavated a deep shaft found under the causeway midway between the Khafre pyramid and the Sphinx. The shaft was over a hundred feet deep, and opened into a kind of pillared chamber. In the middle there was a huge sarcophagus half submerged in water. By its style, Hawass placed the sarcophagus in the Saite Period (around 600 BC) and thought that the whole complex was reminiscent of the description given by Herodotus for the supposed tomb of Khufu. Hawass did not think it was Khufu's tomb but he did believe it might be a (or the) Tomb of Osiris, and in some way connected at least symbolically with the Oseirion at Abydos.

The public is not allowed access to these areas, and enter again Dr. Hawass to blur the issue. The full piece is here:

The Egyptian authorities now have information showing a direct correlation of the Sphinx to all the pyramids, as well chambers and tunnels supposedly added to the site during the 26th dynasty, (Khufu was the 4th). But are not willing to share it with the general public.

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