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Exopolitics and "First Contact" -- interesting spin on MJ-12 papers

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 09:36 AM
Ok.. first, here's a link to the author's story.

Research Paper on "First Contact"

What makes this interesting to me is that the author, Michael Salla, spent 5 years with "an academic appointment" at American University's School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace. Having attended grad school at AU and worked in various capacities in D.C. for going on 15 years, I've learned one thing... that academic appointments at that "school" are generally waypoints for foreign intelligence officers. Of course, there is no evidence to back up my assertion of this noteworthy aspect of the author's background, but it factors in to the reasons why I find this work interesting...

What's most compelling about this story is that it analyzes quite a bit of previously debunked information and documents, such as the MJ-12 papers, and puts them in a greater context.

Having been a "researcher" since the MJ-12 papers were fresh, I think the correct and widely agreed perspective is that these papers are not authentic. I think the less common, but rather intriguing notion is that despite the actual documents being a hoax, they were a very well perpetrated hoax by someone with tremendous access and inside knowledge. If they were created by the average attention seeker off the street, they would have come forward at some point to defend the documents or the documents themselves would have been much more conspicuously fallacious.

This leads to a reasonably hypothesis of the documents, despite not being what they claim to be, the product of an attempt to persuade, or at least intimate, that the government became aware of extraterrestrials in the 1940's and made first contact in the 1950's. See this account of Eisenhower's secret meeting for further information.

Dr. Salla has boiled this down into a rather logical and rational conclusion that the MJ-12 documents, at least in part, were meant to prime us for disclosure, rather than be the smoking gun of disclosure.

Has anyone looked into these papers? What additional comments/support do people have? What are the general opinions on this work?


posted on May, 20 2005 @ 01:54 PM
Well this is interesting, about 12 hours ago I wrote a reply to you, and then lost it in a weather-related brief power outage.

I read the kinda long article you reference but I cannot say it made a big impression. I know a fair amount about subjects relating to both UFOs and NWO, but I only find the first of any real interest.

To me the big NWO concept is rather overblown. There is certainly a public, very overt attempt to create something along these lines but that is all I really see. Sort of as almost a side-effect, my lifelong study of humanity and both it's abilities and it's problems have lead me to be very disbelieving when it comes to the basic Illuminati concept.

Simply put, we are not that good, we cannot really control all that much. We can profit from others, we can influence and even force, but real control is an illusion and always, always, has been.

The difference between people with real power, and those without it, can easily be measured by your deep understanding, or lack thereof, of the statement above.

Far too much of what is called 'data' in NWO circles is just a wierd form of cleb watching to me.



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