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New CPU's, what will they be like ?

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posted on Sep, 5 2002 @ 02:53 PM
Anyone have any info on the next generation of CPU's ? What's after the Pentium 4 ?

posted on Sep, 5 2002 @ 09:54 PM
of course pentium 5

and finally to quantum computing

posted on Sep, 7 2002 @ 07:04 PM
i've been reading about AMD's next cpu: the Opteron.

posted on Sep, 8 2002 @ 12:09 AM
we will return to punching holes after the P5, but on nanoscopic scale, after that, biological systems that will rival human brain, some other thing i dont know, and after...
1000 Trillion Terabytes

posted on Sep, 8 2002 @ 12:24 AM
Quantum computer will make huge changes in our way of life.
with current supercomputer, it takes 14 billion years to solve 266 bit calculations, and just a few minutes with quantum computer

posted on Sep, 8 2002 @ 05:16 AM
The next generation of cpu's will probably see the light of day by the end of this year or by Q1 of 2003.

1) Clawhammer/Athlon 8th Generation - Next Generation chip to replace the AMD Athlon XP for home/office/gaming computers.
2) Opteron - Next Generation CPU for the Server Market. To compete with Intel's Xeon CPU.

1) Will be releasing new faster versions of their popular P4 CPU. Clocked @ 3066Mhz (3.06GHZ), 3333Mhz (3.33GHZ), and 3600Mhz (3.6GHZ). Expect the 3.06GHZ version by the end of this year. The 3.33GHZ and 3.6GHZ versions are expected to be released in Q1 2003.

[Edited on 9-9-2002 by Ocelot]

posted on Sep, 10 2002 @ 05:19 PM
3.06 ghz?

man this is going fast...

like in my math homework
"write what price would be these items:
A Tandy computer"

"Right awnser: 1250$"
are you kidding me?

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