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UFOs In New Brunswick Canada

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posted on May, 18 2005 @ 08:04 PM
First of all, I would like to specify that I was previously a skeptic toward alien phenomena and would have a hard time believing this story if anyone else told it to me. After this happened, that changed.

I am a young man from Boiestown New Brunswick Canada and have a remarkable story to tell and a newspaper article to present, starting with the story. It happened March 26th at night, the night after people were talking about a star outside that would flash three or four colors and appeared to be spinning, but I never heard of it until Saturday. "Its' still out there", a friend said as he pointed it out to me. It's appearance was very strange and after staring at it for a while I noticed it move a little. I pointed it out to my friend and he noticed it. Inside the house was about ten more people so we showed them. It hardly moved but you could still tell it was moving. We decided to travel towards the object into the woods. There isnt many houses around this one, it is a pretty secluded area. Anyway, we walked out and began noticing little star like objects moving all around here and there. Really strange movements. Zooming back and forth and doing circles. Looking towards the object we were previously looking at minutes before it moved all the way to near the horizon. Suddenly another appeared over the horizon about 90 degrees from the first. Then another. Not only was there these weird colorful moving orbs, but the objects that looked like stars would be still, then suddenly shoot at rediculous speeds for a distance and then stop again or do some strange maneuver. We stared all night and sunrise was nearing. One light came direcly above us and seemed to be lowering because the light was getting brighter. We then noticed two more dimmer lights on each side of it forming a triangle. Sunrise was starting to come and the stars were disapearing. All that was left in the sky was three ufos including the one directly above us. One by one they became hard to see and disapeared, the last one seen was the one atop us. We looked around in the daylight for hours in the middle of some field a ways away from houses. By now some had left and there was only five of us left there. We would notice a flash going but it would only last for a second. I looked up in the sky and noticed a dark cloud above us. The funny thing was this cloud was really small and never even covered the small field and the sky was blue all around it. It was the strangest thing we have ever seen. It was really dark and grayish right up top of us but was really blue all around us. Anyway, I got sick of looking for the flashes and left. I didnt tell anyone what I had seen for fear of being considered nuts. Later that day, about 3:00 I went back to the field. My friends were still there and with a story to tell. They told me to take a look now.. That same dark cloud got even darker and the sky around just as blue. (im really sure it wasnt a cloud but its the closest I can compare it to.) I looked and saw about four flashes in five seconds. This time you could follow them with your eye but when they went near the dark cloud, which is where they were coming from or going to, they would disappear or cloak or somthing. At certain points you couls literally see hundreds of these things. Anyway, two of my friends standing there said that when it was just them two, the cloud came right over top of their head. They said it started to pull them up and they took off running towards the house. Back at the house they laughed their asses off at them running and sreaming a cloud was after them and a ufo was trying to abduct them. Personally, I couldnt really believe them either fully because I wasnt there and it seemed so far fetched (except the fact I witnessed the cloud follow us when we walked somewhere). Anyway, back to the five of us standing there watching the sky and all the flashes. There was definately more activity now than the previous night. I would guess there was at least 200 of these things around. Suddenly I looked over and spotted five flying saucers and pointed them out. They were there, just as plain as day and they definately werent anything that most people have ever seen. Their movements were so fluid and precise, it was amazing. They started in a circular motion, then as a sixth one joined them, their motion turned into an up down motion (when one was up, the two beside it were down). Later another saucer, alone this time, crossed the sky. When we went back to the house, the two guys who said they almost were abducted faces' were bright orange. We thought it might have been sun burnt but it went away in two hours. That night we took more peple back there to prove it, and sure enough they started coming from all around, about ten of them. After they come so close they would disapear, probably the cloud was still there but it wasnt really visable at night. After we went back to the house my two friend's faces were bright orange again. Also they were saying their colors in their eyes were screwed up.

I believe we have caught some attention by having a large group staring and pointing in the sky all night long. I honestly never believed in aliens or anything of that matter until now. I would have no reason to post this message for any other sort of reason than to see if anyone knows anything about this. What I am thinking is that it is not that hard to get their attention, but I am not sure if we just got lucky or what.

In Fredericton New Brunswick's newspaper "The Daily Gleaner" for Tuesday, March 29th, second page it tells the story of a guy who caught UFOs on video tape in a place about an hour away from Boiestown the day before the rainbow star was first spotted. It had a picture in the paper. Its appearance was the same of the rainbow star that we seen as did it move around like it. It turns out, many others in NB had seen these sightings.

Here is the story exactly as it is write, quote:

Mystery UFO over Lincoln on videotape

The mysterious fireball that lit up the New Brunswick sky last Wednsday was videotaped by Lincoln resident Yancy Munford.

"We've got it on tape and what a sight" he said Monday. "It is a complete ball.

"When you zoom in and zoom away you can see the fire. You can see the trail and the smoke behind it."

Munford and his fiance Veronica were driving home in Lincoln Wednsday evening around 8:30 p.m. when they saw somthing in the sky. He keeps his video camera in his van and he parked near the Ooromocto overpass and they taped what looked like a fireball for at least five minutes.

"This thing hovered for minutes and minutes," said Munford. "We sat there and filmed it."

The fireball was also in Moncton and Digby, N.S. (Nova Scotia) and scientists have specualted that it could be a meteor or peice of space junk burning up on re-entry.

"At first we thought it had to be a comet," said Munford.

Now he wonders if it is a new kind of flare being tested by the military. Flares are often seen floating over CFB Gagetown at night. But he said normal flares burn on the way up. But this object just appeared in the sky.

"I have never seen a flare like that," he said.

In the videotape, which he brought to the Daily Gleaner Monday evening, the object appears to be round and rotating and covering with red and orange fire. There is a definite texture to the object visable on the video.

Munford said he could not see any peices coming off it.

He also said there was more than just one of the objects in the sky.

"There were three of them," he said.

Munford said if anyone from the university of New Brunswick's astronomy department wanted to see his video they were welcome to do so.

Munford was not the only person who saw the fireball Wednsday evening.

Claude and Dianne Gallant of Oromocto also spotted the mysterious object as they were driving through Lincoln on the way home from Fredericton.

"we were driving and watching it," said Dianne Gallant. "I said it must be a plane with a big light because it was moving really slow."

At first it was about the size of an orange street light and then they too thought it might be a flare from CFB Gagetown. But she said her husband used to be in the military and he did not think it was a flare.

Eventually it got even bigger. She said it was the size of a full moon and it was obviously round and rotating and on fire.

"I said boy, it is pretty big," she said. "It wasn't moving as fast as we were because we were getting closer to it."

Claude Gallant said he has seen meteors before and this fireball was not streaking across the sky.

"It was kind of bizarre," he said. "To me it kind of looked like it was almost stationary."

So what was it?

"To tell you the truth I have no idea," he said. "I know it wasn't a plane."

"It was a really amazing sight."

The Gallants bumped into Yancy Munford when they stopped for coffee at the Tim Hortons in Oromocto where he was showing people his newly-shot videotape of the fireball.

Claude Gallant said he got a chance to look at the tape.

"When he zoomed in on it, it looked really strange," he said. "It looked like a round ball that was turning and on fire."

Dianne Gallant said it looked like a miniature sun.

"You could actually see fire around this round thing and it was turning," she said. "It was darker in spots." Endquote.

This described to me the near exact same thing we seen at first, just much larger because he was closer. It was also the same in describing how more began appearing. Would anyone have any explanations for these ?

Now, after this had happened, I began to research into UFO and Alien phenomenon websites and I bought several books on the topic. One of the books was a new Budd Hopkins novel called "Sight Unseen". In it it tells of creatures he calls "walk in aliens" or aliens in human disguise. There were supposably numerous accounts of these creatures. They almost always wear outrageous clothing as if trying to be noticed and people always get strange feelings from them. Usually people see them walking down the road in one spot and suddenly appear in another in which it would be impossible to cover that distance in that amount of time. Some have talked to them, usually abductees and have noticed their lack of emotion and little knowlege of society.

When I read this I never thought to much of it, it didnt stick out or anything. However, around three weeks ago me and two other friends passed a man walking in our small town at 1:00 a.m. His back was facing us and he was wearing odd clothing that seemed to have reflectors or somthing on his clothes and he seemed to be hiding his face when I looked back. How weird we thought. Twenty minutes later we were coming from the direction we just came from and he was about a mile or two closer to us, but was walking the opposite direction with his back facing us again. It might be possible he was a human, but it was so odd seeming. My friend said "Its that strange guy again" and thats when it hit me what it could be because I am telling you, this guy was weird. Right after we passed him I was pleading that my friend turn around and see who that was. He said why and I said "you might just be surprised what you will find, trust me he will be gone" (even though I wasnt for sure) and they just laughed but turned around for me. But thats the thing with the walk in aliens, they just disappear and reappear. It was about 5-10 seconds after we just passed him and were out of his sight that we turned the car around. He was gone. There are no houses within like 1/2 a mile of the vicinity. Either he was an alien, or some really strange human who took off in the woods for no reason. This is when I began to break to my friends all my knowlege I have been researching for they have become curious about how I knew he would be gone. It was hard for them not to believe because they have seen somthing odd with their very own eyes and had listened to eight different people including me swear to seeing multiple UFOs and two almost being abducted. Although, I read that most people dont remember their abductions so maybe my friends were abducted and just dont remember it. There has to be some explanation for the orange skin that would come and go every time we went around the ufos and the strage sense of colors they got. I know my two friends (the two who were abducted) wouldnt make this up and publically humiliate themselves for no reason. They are the joking type but dont joke around about the event and everyone thinks they are nuts. It just isnt them to come out and say somthing like this. I really cant look past all these events. What is this world coming to?

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

posted on May, 18 2005 @ 08:17 PM
Interesting story, but the link does not work. Check the url again
A couple of spaces here and there wouldn't hurt either, since it's a little heavy to read so much text.

posted on May, 18 2005 @ 08:29 PM
Here are the links you need.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

I think you may have to be a subscriber.

Conservotrons hold sway in N.B.
News Item: A number of UFO sightings are reported around New Brunswick.
Date: 04/01/05 | TT Guest Commentaries

UFO explanation may be local
The mystery of the large, orange fireball hovering over Oromocto last Wednesday may be solved.
Date: 03/30/05 | DG Provincial News

Mystery UFO over Lincoln on videotape
The mysterious fireball that lit up the New Brunswick night sky last Wednesday was videotaped by Lincoln resident Yancy Munford.
Date: 03/29/05 | DG Greater Fredericton

Was flaming UFO a meteor?
Two more fireball sightings are being reported in the Maritimes, including one from Metro Moncton on Wednesday night.
Date: 03/25/05 | TT Atlantic Canada

Flaming UFO sighted over N.B.
Marilyn Ingram has never seen a UFO but that doesn't stop her from thinking there might be other life forms in this great big universe.
Date: 03/24/05 | TT Provincial News

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 09:51 PM
Is there any other cases in history in which the humans contacted the aliens?
I realized when posting on another forum that even UFO researchers and believers dont believe me for the reason that I said "we seemed to have contacted them".
No matter who we tell the story to, they just cant believe it. This I found out is an abnormal occurrance.
We looked at the sky for an hour or two before things started shooting around. we looked at the sky all night until morning watching them, and after sleeping for a few hours came back to find two of them still standing there with a story of being almost abducted, then the flying saucers flew by.
I really just cant believe this event but am scared to do it again after reading some abduction procedures. I think I could do it again though with a few people.
Anyway, if this interests you, try it sometime. Get a group of people, in the middle of nowhere or place with minimal light pollution.
Watch the sky all night and point out to everyone else when you see somthing, whether it be a satelite or whatever. If I am correct, things should begin happening.

What could be the reason they would decide to show themselves to a group of people looking at the sky and to focus their attention on them all night, and the next day, have a huge fleet of UFOs hidden under a small dark cloud in the middle of a clear sky?
And then possibly have abducted two of them. Then show themselves in saucer form. (the fleet of UFOs were pin point flashes of light shooting in and out of the cloud and there were hundreds of them).

Maybe the aliens think its safe to do this stuff since most humans will think the abductees are crazy and not believe them. There has to be some reason the world doesnt know about this stuff and how real it is.

posted on Jan, 15 2014 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by Destin

WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!

What an awesome story!! I'm sure you have learned a lot more about what you observed since the time you posted this story.

I'm giving your thread a bump because more people need to see this.

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