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Alchemaic future.

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posted on May, 17 2005 @ 07:16 PM
Ok, well I thought I'd share my story with all of the great people here at ATS.
I started writing this for my English class, technicaly I still am but yeah.
Anyways its based 70 years in the future.

So, without further ado, here it is:

I was about to give up my search when I heard the transmutation.
It sounded like a-thousand metallic cats screeching.
I looked into the dilapidated alley way and went white, nearly passing out. An Alchemist stood in front of the wall staring at the fresh blood-shadow.
The Alchemist turned and looked at me and with a sick smile on his face turned and fled.
I walked into the alley feeling faint as I looked at what Alchemaic powers could do when in the wrong hands.
The stain of blood on the wall, the blood-shadow was all that was left of the now former Ms. Zabi.
I turned and ran through the darkened ruins of the ancient city, once known as San Francisco.
As I ran the memories of the previous day, my life began to flash by in my mind.
Dr. Zeril and I had been studying the old MagLev station that had been in use for a few yeas after the great Pacific upheaval.
As the memories began to fade back into my mind, the image of the blood-shadow shown bright in my mind-sight.
When I reached the old hotel that served as our base camp, I went straight to suit A5, my temporary room while we were in the city, and locked the door. As I stood there shaking, being witness to the gruesome event, I walked over to the bed and picked up the Jet-injector full of sleeping medicine, and used it.
I fell asleep within 5 minutes.
I found myself walking through a densely populated city, I looked around, the noise confusing me, than I realized that I was having a REM memory. As I watched the people hurrying about on their way to where ever they were going, the ground began to shake. People stopped and looked around seeming dazed at first, than horrified! The grand skyscrapers swayed in a near hypnotic rhythm. The ground began to crack and break, than there was nothing but screaming, as the buildings began to collapse!
I woke up sweating. I quickly grabbed the audio-visual memory recorder I kept next to my bed and pressed its cold uncaring shape against my temple. A few seconds later it beeped, stating that it had finished its preprogrammed duty.
I set it into its base to charge and download its new data into the memory matrix.
I looked at the optical dome clock and swore, it was only 05:00.
I decided to get up and do something cosnstructive.
I went into the bathroom and showered. As I was getting dressed the memory of the blood-shadow from the previous night flooded into my head. I grimaced and tried to put it out of my mind.
I finished getting dressed and went down to the dining hall of the old building that now served as our mess hall.
Dr. Zabil was sitting alone at a table eating an apple from the expeditions hydroponics module while he read the data-pad in his hand.
"Dr.," I said.
"Hmm? what? oh Rodai, your up early."
"Yes," I replied." Dr., there's something I have to talk to you about."
As I sat down, I try’d to think of the best way to tell Zabil. that I had seen his closest colleague die.
"Dr., while I was out last night I saw an Alchemist run into an alley." This in itself surprised Zabil, since 90% of Alchemists worked for the government rebuilding program, and we should have been informed that a state Alchemist was arriving.
"Dr.," I continued." I followed him into the alley and saw him…"
"What did you see Rodai?"
"I saw him transmute Dr. Habi into a blood-shadow."
Zabil went white as a ghost and was paralyzed from shock for a few moments.
"You…your sure it was her?" Zabil asked too shocked to show emotion.
"Yes," I replied." He ran when he saw me."
"Oh my, Rodai. Where was this? " Zabil asked.
"Between the old Chinese theatre and Department store in C-sector 22."
Zabil got up to walk out." Dr.," I said. "Are you going to be alright?"
"Yes, I’m going to take a walk and let it set in. Rodai, thank you for telling me now instead of later." Zabil walked out of the room. I could see the pain in his face even tho he tried to hide it.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 11:22 AM
I shifted nervously in my seat, unsure of what to do. Finally I decided to follow him. I grabbed my coat and followed Dr. Zabil.
I stepped out onto the horrid, grey streets of San Francisco and cursed as I felt the rain drop on my head. It stung a little and I quickly flicked up my hood in order to shelter myself from the acid rain - the gift we had gained from the selfishness of our forefathers.
As I had suspected, Zabil turned to walk toward the site where it had happened. I was still confused about the happenings of the previous day. Alchemists were extremely rare these days and any alchemist of the high skill a transmutation required would have been recruited by the government long ago for a tidy sum.
The neatness of the job also showed some outstanding skill of the only recently ressurected art of alchemy. I don't know much about it, but I know that transmutation (especially to blood shadows) can be an extremely messy business, but the Alchemist seemed to pull it off with an air of expertise and experience.
I rounded the final corner, following Zabil, into the alleyway in which I had stood less than twenty-four hours ago. He was there, on his knees in front of the horrific blood shadow, no more than a red, smeared angel on the wall - arms outstretched. Zabil was sobbing, ignoring the rain burning through his trousers. Really, I was unsure of what to do. How did I handle this? This wasn't just a death - it was murder. What do you say to someone? Should I have even let him know I was there?
Just then my train of thought was cut off. I heard a slight shuffle at the other end of the alleyway and my head snapped to, just in time to see a shadow of a figure slinking down the alleyway toward Zabil.
Without second thought, I launched myself down the alleyway. At that moment Zabil stood up and faced the slinking figure. A bright light flashed from somewhere and the next thing I knew I was lying on the ground trembling. Soon darkness claimed me and all was quiet.
A woman screamed. I looked around in the madness of the earthquake. There she was - hair as golden as the sun (which seemed very strange, since blondes had become exxtinct at least two decades ago) and brilliant blue eyes. She was crying, reaching out. She seemed to be looking at me. I was about to cry out to her, for reasons unknown to me, but I was cut off. She released a deathly shriek as a slab of concrete fell on her, finishing its hendred-storey plummet. Darkness again.


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