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Ancient Alien Visitations...

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posted on May, 17 2005 @ 09:51 AM
The History channel ran a show last night (probably not the first time it's run) on evidence of alien visitation in history... going back as far as 3500 years ago. What's compelling about the various stories and evidence they show is that many people drew similar depictions of aliens and their craft while having no knowledge that other, similar drawings or accounts existed.

Unlike today's internet-sped exchange of information where it's hard to put credibility into "me-too" reports that may just be copy-cat exhortations of known stories, the ancient reports have a tremendous amount of credibility. So many independent and isolated sources telling similar stories has to say more than "oh, there were kooks back then, too..."

If those people were fabricating their stories, why did the aliens all look so similar to the depictions others made at various points in history?

If they were only seeking attention, why were their accounts told only in journals that they did not share with others?

How do you debunk millenia-old witnesses whose stories were corroborated by historians with whom they never had contact and told similar stories hundreds of years before and and after them in geographical locations where no knowledge had passed between sources?

More interestingly, why is it that back in the 1970's and earlier, UFO sightings accounted more brazen, open visitation by alleged alien visitors... nowadays, a mere glimpse of a strange light is as close to a close encounter as we hear of. Could our technology be presenting a hindrance to possible extraterrestrial visitation?

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 10:40 AM
Despite the money grabbing books by Eric Von Dych et al, i do believe there is ample evidence that we have been visited in the past. The Bible is full of references. Also if you look at old paintings you will see refrences to to crop circles and funny things in the sky. Also i find it odd that that the Atezcs, Eyptians and the Far East had the same type of pyramid structures, not discounting ALLEGED white pyramid in China (which i have to take with a pinch of salt) Tungeska has never been enitely explained either. It would be sheer arrogance to say that we have NOT been visited at some point in the past. After all the human race has only been around in the blink of an eye from a geological point of view! (Putting aside claims that the human race were implanted by ailens in the first place).

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by Centrist
...nowadays, a mere glimpse of a strange light is as close to a close encounter as we hear of. Could our technology be presenting a hindrance to possible extraterrestrial visitation?

Maybe we're using our technology to prevent contact. The more I read on UFO encounters the more I'm convinced that any 'coverup' is to protect us.

There's more and more reports of mitilary interceptions, or at least military presence in areas of sightings. The bulk of (believable) sightings sound more and more like 'overflights' probing reactions and defenses, than alien tourists.

I've never bought the panic theory for govt. cover-up, I'm sure the public could come to terms with an alien presence ...unless there's a real reason to panic.

Or maybe it's all just swampgas.

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 11:52 AM
I think that's a pretty fair analysis and tend to think along the same lines. One of Norad's supposed responsibilities is to track every piece of space debris. What I've always wondered is, for the most part, why... other than the big stuff that has a remote chance of hitting the earth upon reentry, what do they plan to do if a little piece of junk decides to burn up in the upper atmosphere? Hmmm.... anything big is pretty well tracked as it is, so we known when it's going to drop (not that we can do too much about that stuff either).

Ok, Norad also has the responsibility of tracking all objects entering into restricted airspace. Anyone who lives near DC knows that last week they tracked a small plane until it got to within 3 miles of the white house. Hmm again... why let it get so close? A small plane moving at 80 knots gets 27 miles into some of the most restricted airspace there is? I guess I'm glad it wasn't anything more sinister than a couple of guy on the way to an airshow... (guys who apparently didn't listen to the radio and thought a quick fly-by of the white house was going to be fun... how many times do I need to say HMMM....)

This part I should take to another forum... but I'm starting to wonder where Norad's attention is truly directed? Is the number of reported sightings going down because Norad is tracking what's coming through the upper atmosphere and scrambling whatever we have to intercept it before people on the ground can take a good look? Have we developed technology that can at least impede the free motion of alien spacecraft in our airspace? Are we aligned with an alien faction that is keeping all others away? Sure.. this can get more and more ridiculous, but there's a lot that's unexplained here.

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 05:08 PM
Who says they don't still come in close ? In Oct.'02 My two friends and I had a Bright Ball about the size of a beach ball come in very close to us aprx. 50 yards .

You say 50 yards , well that may not seem like its in your face , but trust me that was way to close for comfort!

I can see from my own experiance how ancient peoples may have thought they were seeing Angels or Gods .

posted on May, 18 2005 @ 09:47 AM
What I find hilarious is that one of the commentators on the History channel program was some SETI/Planetary society guy who chalked every instance of a historic record that indicated possible alien visitation up to either "fantasty" or "prehistoric science fiction".

What he completely ignored was the nearly impossible similarity between independent sources separated by thousands and miles and hundreds of years that drew similar pictures and gave similar descriptions of the the occupants of these ancient flying machines.

As for more recent sightings, I don't dispute that there have been some of merit, but it's been a while since we saw unidentified objects chased by the Air Force over DC, the Hudson river, or the like... so, either our technology is improving for keeping visitors out of view, general concealment is improving, or there really just aren't the type of blatant visititations going on (if any, for that matter) as many of the believers would like us to think...

hmm... the fewer answers we get, the more questions we have...

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