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Flying Boats Freight Lines

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posted on May, 17 2005 @ 06:08 AM
“Flying Boats Freight Lines”

The Movie

Scene One

The van careens wildly as it speeds along Airport Road, tires barely holding on the oiled red-clay surface. Nomad mutters to himself as he drives, barely in control. “That son-of-a-buck can’t disrespect me on the radio like that in front of the entire crew! I’ll show him I can get the Mail to the airport on time!” The van shudders violently as Nomad pushes it through another tight S-turn at 45 mph. “That’s if this piece-of-crap doesn’t fall apart around me!” he rants, as China Wall looms on his right, nearly 800 ft. straight down. With the hillside rising steeply to his left, Nomad has only about 30 ft. of roadway to work with. And he is running late. The whole situation suddenly becomes clear to him. There is no making it to the airport on time, ever. He has been set up to fail from the start. That bastard Fidel in Long Beach needed a scapegoat on the Island, and Nomad was it. It was a fait-accompli, a foregone conclusion, there was no way out. These thoughts are driven from his mind as the van’s nearly bald right front tire blows out on the rocky surface of another hairpin left turn. Nomad fights for control of the steering wheel as the van slides dangerously close to the edge. Then there’s no fighting anything anymore as the van jumps over the right shoulder of the road and begins to tumble down China Wall. With each roll, as Nomad is slammed, and crushed, and pummeled to death by the U.S. Mail, one turn of fate in the chain of events that has led to this disastrous moment is revealed. The final image is of hundreds of letters and packages falling and fluttering through the air around the wreckage at the bottom of the cliff.

Scene Two
The Funeral


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