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Wolrd War Three Scenario - Possible?

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posted on May, 31 2005 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by BillHicksRules

As a matter of interest do you know how connected to Philby and Angleton, Golitsyn was?



Philby was the name of one of the double agents Golitsyn identified as a group of 5 agents who worked in England for the KGB. Is that the Philby you are talking about?

Angleton was one of Golitsyn's interrogators as he defected to the US. Angleton was also one of the few people in the CIA who believed Golitsyn, even though Golitsyn proved beyond a doubt who he was and gave more than enough evidence to confirm his claims.

Here is a link with a bit of the story behind Golitsyn's defection.

There were other defectors after Golitsyn who have pretty much corroborated what Golitsyn has been saying since his defection to the US/West. One other defector of importance is Ion Pacepa. Here is a link with some information about this former Russian high ranking military espionage service chief in Romania who defected to the US in 1979.

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posted on May, 31 2005 @ 05:59 PM
Well, here is where I'm at with all this -

The Russian/Chinese alliance is so strong NOW, a flash point between North Korea and the US may not be needed. A “shock and awe” preemptive strike on the US from Russia/China BEFORE the US is forced to mobilize its troops in Asia to contain an escalation of the North Korea situation is possible.

* UNKNOWN TRIGGER - North Korea flash point or a preemptive attack on US

* Russia/China attack US homeland and interests – Asia and US at war.

* Russian Leaders instantly secure Middle East peace between all Arab states including Israel and the Palestinians in the form of a treaty of non aggression during their joint Russian/Chinese invasion of the US – This secures the Russian/Chinese interests in the Middle East, specifically oil, and prevents war from breaking out there.

* Russian Leaders rally world support in their war against the US “Police Regime”. The Europeans choose to follow and stand down during the US invasion to prevent Russian/Chinese aggression toward them. And the whole world follows.

* Israel becomes venerable as democracies fall, knowing how hated they are by their Arab neighbors now supported by the Russian/Chinese alliance. Forced to use a preemptive nuclear deterrent to prevent invasion, Israel uses nuclear weapons to take out Iran’s nuclear sites.

* Russia and China respond to Israel’s first strike by carpet bombing Israel with over 30 nuclear bombs, completely destroying every inch of the country in a disaster unlike anything ever see on earth. Russian Leaders will take power over the world by destroying the Israel; announcing that they are God in this world.

* The war will not end, but the Russia alliance will declare an end to the current global economy and political system lead by US democracy, the Russian alliance will force a “global regime change” by imposing a New World Order; a new form of identification, currency and social structure.

* The Chinese planned from the beginning, to use Russia to get control. In the end, China will turn on Russia and try to become rulers over all.

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 06:07 PM

Indeed, the idea of holding the exercises came from the Russian side. And the importance with which the Kremlin regards them was reflected in the fact that Baluyevsky's first trip abroad after taking up his current position in July was to finalize them.

In Beijing, the Russian general said developing a strategic cooperative partnership with China was one of Russia's priorities. He told his Chinese counterpart Liang Guanglie during a meeting Thursday Russia was willing to work with China to strengthen bilateral ties, the official China Daily reported.

The exercises would be on a considerably larger scale than simple anti-terrorist coordination. They would reportedly involve the Russian and Chinese armies, navies and air forces as well as submarines. Russia would dispatch an airborne company, long-range aircraft and frontline fighters, a marine unit and a group of warships of the Pacific Fleet.

Sources say, Russia and China have formally joined hands to stop expanding American and European military as well as economic global influences.

The strategic partnership can be very significant in providing a combined counter effect to the only Super Power of the world - America.

The partnership between China and Russia actually started last year just after the start of the Iraq war. The two countries came close to each other in terms of supporting each other. Russia now provides significant amount of China's energy needs. China now provides financial guarantee and loan to Russia without announcing the same explicitly.

Russian and Chinese military are having secret joint sessions to create the strategy of self defense in case of any invasion from other countries.

There is more out there-

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 03:26 AM

Have you read "Travels with Dr Death" by Ron Rosenbaum?

If not I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

It is a collection of essays by Rosenbaum on subjects such as Nixon, Oswald and nuclear weapons to name a few.

His essay on Angleton and the Mole Hunt is, I would say a must read for anyone with an interest in this subject.

Both eBay and Amazon have several copies of this book available.

I really hope you pick one up. I think you will enjoy it.



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