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Electricity Issues

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posted on May, 16 2005 @ 10:38 AM
What to google,where to look ?
I wonder,if anyone can help me.
Some years ago I had some really strange contact establishing
and even I still dont know,if it is alien or human,
I still see the power behind this method.
It really started within my pc.
Someone was taking over remotely and behind my back there was alot
going on on the pc,wether on or offline.
But thats not the point now.
Imagine finding out,that you are being watched somehow and that
your watcher is actually using your electrical appliances,to communicate with you.
Sure,it takes long to find out,that the occasional dimming of your lightbolbs can also be
used to give you messages.
It started,when I was installing programms or configuring devices like the modem etc.
I really didnt have a clue at that time and was really lost.
So reading down the optionslist,the light above my head would blink slightly at the best choice.
Coincedence ? Not at all.
Actually we got along very well for some time.
Some annoying parts ,like being greeted,when entering the loo to have a pee,
or the occasional blackouts,when I didnt comprehend.
The best part was without doubt the dualreading of books or some text on the pc.
The implanted textsequences in between the lines of some encarta material of private
messages could of course have been from human hackers.
But for the things,I cant make real sense about is that:
I could take a book of interest ,go anywhere in the house near some lightbolb
and my observer would know exactly,what word my eyes where striking.
Not even that,but even in advance.
The source would know,what sentence I would be reading next and if of gret importance,
the light would flicker or dimm.
In the beginning it was very much in secrecy and nobody beeing around would really notice,
but later,when I was alone, everything was very easy to pick up.
Ok,so far I believed the house had been hacked (electricity like).
Things got stranger,when I found out,that this kind of contact was actually not restricted to
my home.
When I went to a secondhand bookstore in town,I would have a first glimpse at those bought
books in a bar next door.
This bar has small tablelights and imagine,how confused I was,to find out,that even there
I was not alone.
Now I know,that my whereabouts didnt matter,aslong as there was some electricity source around.
I had much more weirder contact lateron,(even my own private tv-programm)
Again,after reading "MediaVirus",I understand the possibillities of hacking the tv-programm,
but what makes me wonder is the speed.
I actually believe,that my mind has been read,due to experiments,I dared to do with my watchers.
One day I was really annoyed and I wrote down:" There sure is someone watching over you too !"
(I hardly ever spoke to my observers,but wrote down my part of conversions)
So,when I wrote down this sentence,something strange happened:
The lightbolb in my office went mad :buzzing flickering wildly for some seconds.
Soon later I also found out,that really any electronical device could be used for contact.
If it is a toaster or fridge,tv or vcd,anything can be used,aslong ,as you find its location
through the electricity network...
But not only those knocks and bangs can call your attention.
One evening I was reading in a Edgar Cayce book about some religious numbers.
I think it was 22.06 (i have it in my files).So after reading about this numbers the radioalarmclock
switched on the radio without a reason.When I looked at the time...well it was 22.06 in the evening.
But not enough.While reading,I had a music cd in the vcdplayer and all of a sudden the music
stopped.When I checked,the pause funtion was engaged and the timer said...well you know...
22.06. 22 minutes and 06 seconds running time.
Another time I was reading a book by Feynmann called "the pleasure of finding things out"
There in the los alamos part the writer tells about,how he changed the safe combinations of
all the safes in his office sometime.The code was out of three two digit numbers I think.
The first was 18 I think.
Anyway,in our house there was a small cashbox with a numberlock (like in the movies)
Nobody knew the code and it has been locked since long.
I dont know,why I had this idea to check the number from the book,but iimagine my surprise,
when I entered the three numberes and the box sprang open...
There is much more involved,but I dont want to say more now.
People might not believe me and it might get too unbelievable.
I just like to know,if anyone can provide me with a link about this electricity thing.
How can someone pinpoint electricity to any point he wants?
Or am I the transmitter by electromagnetic ways,or microwaves or else.
I dont want to die in the dark.
Please enlighten me.

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 01:54 PM
While I'm not going there with other entities....some of the things you describe sound like the SLI phenomenon. For more info, Google on "SLI Phenomenon" or "Debbie the Slider CNN". Have fun.

meanwhile, I don't see the UFO connection, so moving to Paranormal.

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 08:20 AM
Thanks for the links.
Unfortunately my pc blow up 10 minutes after I posted the first post.
Coincedence ???
You bet...
The powersupply exploded with smoke and lightenings.
Probably someone was not very amused.
Still I know the possibillities of pinpointing electricity and mediamanipulations.
Probably I was a testsubject quite long,for I never let the secret out
till now...

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 01:57 PM
Well, seems you found another...try going further on those topics in searches, and I think you'll at least feel vindicated in knowing you aren't alone....

Thankfully, never had too many problems with the PCs...just handhelds...

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 08:30 PM
From what I understand of this type of stuff ( which you might have guess is quit limited) I think it would be very hard for a person outside of you house to be controling the electrical energy going through your house. To think that a single person could control an entire house full of energy seems improbable but not impossible. But an idea that I had was maybe it was more than one person doing this to you? I know that sounds dumb but I will post if I think of anything else.

posted on May, 19 2005 @ 09:46 PM
Hi all,
Thanks for the links.Thats a good start.
The thing is ,that I am 100% sure ,that it wasnt me,who made the electricity react.
If you have a "conversation" with your lightbolb,sort of giving questions and wait for
the response of the light,that sounds different to me,than walking under some temporarly
disfunction streetlamp.
Dont get me wrong,firstly it took some months for me to recognize the slightly blinking
of the headlight ,when using the pc.
Then again,what could it be?
My subconciences ? Or rather someone(thing) logging on to my electric field (inc. brain) ?
In many situations I saw the usal human possibillities of surveilance,like a neighbour opp-
osite my house changing his sat dish for a strange antenna with 4 vertical sticks in each
corner (x-cuse my english,i m foreign).As the pc was standing in front a window...yes
my desktop could have been seen in the neighbourhood.
But leave alone the misterious helping hackers,too much unexplainable stuff happened.
I made many tests (as far as I could) and unless the human intruders have mindreading
abillities and are able to use your "eye-cam" I doubt,them beeing more than watchers
of the show.
You know the noise your tv does at times,sort of some electrical discharge ?
Of course it happens many times,but it sure can be triggert remotely.
Could it be,that someone is using my SLI thingy remotely ?
Looks like.
The strangest experience I had,was even announced on radio:
"Today there will be lightly winds and storms...but tomorrow there will be a big thunder-
storm all over the city..." That made me actually already verry frightened.
The next morning I was watching Johnny Darco on vcd,when the lightening struck
near the house .
The moment that happened,I had the feeling of a snake having hatched in my
stomache area and moving around fast in circles and eights.
That was a feeling of something not belonging to you alive being inside your body.
I got electric shocks from handy and tv-remote control.
It was a time of being one with all.
The hardest was the sounds.Cars,birds,dogs,people,everything had a meaning,
was used as a communication source.
Imagine,I believe that even yourself (anyone) can be used against your will.
Remote controlled.
But I tell you another thing.Also I think,many people wouldnt have handled it
and would have ended up in a mentalhome,
still I miss the action here in another country.
Can you imagine using your favourite movie as a source of communication?
When the spoken words from the actors change and you get involved in
the movie.Incredible.That was like interactive tv.
So convincing,they must have a massive database of every single spoken word of
an actor from all movies,so that they can change the script
with the speed of thought.
Ok,now you can give your input.I know,you will probably not believe me
and that is ok,as it is meant to be hidden.
The impact will come,when the media in other countries will be infected.
I dont want to earn more disrespect here,thats why I dont write about the
manipulated tv programm,I received,sort like a testsubject.
Lets wait and see,for what this technology will eventually be used.

And now a message to my teacher: I miss you ! Please come back.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 07:47 PM
Hello. I've heard of people dimming lights just by walking near them. I know of a woman who clams to put out street lights when she walks under them. Maybe this is happening to you. I sometimes have a problem with magnetics or electrical currents....haven't discovered the real reason or cause.....your problem does sounds different, yet simular...

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