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Austrialia Sighting

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posted on May, 16 2005 @ 07:32 AM
I wanted to shake some sense into the poor earth creature who
was saying 'take me, take me'. I guess the painful experiements
performed against the will of kidnapped earthlings turns some
folks on or something ...

Oh .. and this isn't a very convincing sighting. It may have happened,
but it just has a strange atmosphere feeling to it.



UFOs spotted over Melbourne
Herald Sun

If witnesses to the strange phenomenon seen on Friday night are
to be believed ... alien spaceships.

The mystery developed at 10.30pm when about a dozen of the
orange lights were seen hovering over Ferntree Gully.

Tim Webster, 23, of Upwey, admits he was looking forward to
an alien abduction as he photographed the lights on his

"I was really hoping they were going to land. I was like,
'Take me! Take me!' Seriously, the galaxy is too big for us
to be alone.

The shaky video shows a dozen pricks of light forming shapes
such as diamonds, lines, characters and what looks like the
Southern Cross.

The lights were visible for 10 minutes before flying in different
directions and vanishing, Mr Wilson said.

More at the site -

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posted on May, 16 2005 @ 08:13 AM
Well, i'm going with this theory. Current solar activity, ATSNN thread and here's a link to a very unusual solar event.


posted on May, 16 2005 @ 10:31 AM
Yep. Solar activity could explain their 'sighting'. It's a flimsy
sighting. But what got me was the attitude ... 'take me take me'.
Hello? I guess they LIKE painful anal probes and strange physical
experiments being run on them without pain killers by strange
little demon looking E.T.'s.

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 10:59 AM
If it's not very convincing then why bring it up?
Why do you think all of the anal probe stories and the like are true? Is it just because alot of people tell the story?
Fear is a straaange emotion. Some people live their lives based on what they fear.
My grandparents were born in the 1880's. I know that seems like a long time ago for most of you.
I remember as a kid laughing, when they told us that it was the common thought that if someone went too fast in a car, which were new things back then, their face and necks would be streched and damaged by the force of the wind.
I'm retired military. You'd be suprised how many people claim to have been in battles and places that I have been.
The stories they tell would be very convincing if not for the fact that I WAS THERE and I know that things didn't happen the way they describe.
Some of these folks, I think, have actually convinced themselves that THEY WERE THERE somehow.
Case in point is Somolia in 1993. I was there with 160th SOAR(ABN). It is amazing to me how many people claim to have been there.
They saw the movie. But while the movie was sort of the way it happened. There were things in the movie that were done just for the movie.
Just because someone tells a factual convincing story, doesn't make the story true.

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