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your perfect hero senario

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posted on May, 16 2005 @ 04:20 AM
Everybodys going to die sometime?

so how do you fancy going out of this world?......blaze of glory...or quietley in your sleep?

my perfect hero senario would be as follows.......

im in a bar having a quite drink when a huge giant of a man comes in and starts throwing his weight around.....he knocks a few people out of the way to get to the bar and then pushes me.......i say...(in very deep dark steven segal style voice)...."carefull".....he replies...."what did you say?"........i say...."you heard me welp"....

(at this point the whole pub goes quiet and takes a breath......did he really say that to the big guy????)

Big bloke then spins round and hits me in the face full force.....i fly across the room and smash through some tables n stuff........

(crowd thinks im down and out for the count...possibly dead???)

i then climb casually from the wreckage......and wipe some blood from the corner of my mouth...(totally un-nerved)......."i think you have a date with death outside welp"........(i say that)

we leave the bar and the crowd follows......i then spin round and whack big guy so hard he does one of those slow motion slyvester stallone rocky style head shake things where blood flys from his mouth and he makes this noise...."wwwwwuuuuuuurrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

as he drops to his knees a really tall helmeted figure with a cloak emerges from the shadows and says in that mortal combat voice......"finish him!!"

i raise my fist high in the hair whilst stood above him.....then lightning hits my fist from the sky......and my fist glows blue with sparks n stuff......i smash big guy (whilst doing a warlord type AAARRGHHHHH!!!! noise)......and as i hit him he actually EXPLODES!!!...into millions of pieces!

then i walk casually through the stunned crowd back to the bar and have a pint of guiness.

now is that cool or what?....either way i bet no one would ever start a fight with me again in the pub.

shortly i will be getting help for my over active a very secure place...but before that.....what is your perfect (im well hard and cool) hero senario? going for a lie down.

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 05:03 AM
oh so i don't have to die?

let it begin

on secret ninja mission, it's comprimised when a huge cyborg rips through a wall and with a grenade launcher pops a few at me, being ninjirfic, I quickly do a spin and reverse his grenades, and splode his metal body into scrap metal. Alarms go off, full ninja assualt begins.

I know I must leave, I begin to run down the halls and then rival ninjas appear, the first two that I encounter I perform a Kuji-In move and hit the first one in the chest, causing his heart to seize up. 2nd Ninja I quickly kick in the throat he falls over gasping, I then snap his neck.

6, ninja appear at the exit, I throw 5 shurikens at once kills 5, I quickly reach for my xbow and fire a bolt, this ninja catches the said bolt and snaps it.


Ninjitsu ensues, he does a dragon kick and catches me in the chest but I grab his foot and throw him into the wall, he does a back flip to his feet, whips out a ninjito he attempts to plunge it into my body, i catch it with my palms and shatter his blade. I then grab the handle of his sword and pluge the shattered sword into his skull giving him a unicorn horn.

I do a ninja flip out the front door and run into the woods, JUST as blackhawk helicopters start flying over head and troops on ropes sliding down.

luckily i had hidden my Ninja motorcyle in the woods, I hope on it and start running troops over, doing bad ass free style tricks off their foreheads.

THEN a stealth bomber appears and it drops a nuke on me, the sky is solid white for 15 seconds then a massive fireball rises in the sky, almost like a nuclear sun.


The ninja has absorbed the entire might of the nuclear blast, then aliens appear, i throw a shuriken and blow up their ship it crashes and the survivors get out and they are alien ninjas who wish to battle.

First one comes at me with a judo chop, i catch his forearm and snap it in half then i proceed to beat him with his broken limb while saying STOP HITTING YOURSELF!

I rip his head off and throw it at another alien ninja making both skulls shatter upon impact.

Last alien I power bomb off the empire state building he explodes into alien meat chunks....

Then out of no where Neo appears, and starts firing his machine guns at me I dodge his bullets and laugh at him

Then he throws his gun down and gives me a gay hand motion like BRING IT SON!

So I flick my head to the side popping my neck, and say HMPF! NOW YOU DIE!

He rushes towards me and assaults me with a full force fist attack instead of dodging them i start deflecting every single blow, I do a black flip kick and catch him right under the chin, he flies 150ft into the air crashing into the empire state building.

He attempts to go Keanu, and does some ninja flying at me, spears me in the gut and slams me into the street causing a 75 foot deep crater, I get up and spit out some blood. I begin to channel energy, then I do a 500 ft ninja leap in the air, and launch down a rain of 10,000 shurikens, he goes into matrix dodge, I come flying back down to earth and land 2 feet from him, he then stands back up straight and I do the cou de gra (sP?) and with berserker might I slam both of my palms onto the side of his head and say DODGE THIS

His head explodes into a wet red mist

and then I do a (ninja vanish)

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 12:05 PM
right on dude....thats some major heroic action.....nice.

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 01:25 PM
my word that was an amazing story there

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 04:01 PM
During a flight in a small passenger jet the cockpit gets blown out and the flight crew in the cockpit at the time gets eitehr killed or incapacitaed. I offer my services with lots of simulator practices in flying and even a few lessons. with the comment "If someone can talk me thru it, I can do it" I safly land the plane and save a CEO of a big company who rewards me by giving the money to learn how to fly and becoing his personal Pilot in the jet he is going ot buy

Oh, how about i go hand to had with the two terroists on board and beat the crap out of them teel they start praying to MY god


posted on May, 16 2005 @ 04:35 PM
i would die, and in so doing somehow avert the deaths of a lot of other people. the specifics aren't particularly important.

i'd prefer if it wasn't made a big deal of, though.

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