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They want to control the food supply

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posted on May, 15 2005 @ 11:45 PM

Why are the mediaWhy are the media, the schools, the government, and the ones who think it is their perogative to insist upon us living by their standards -- I will call them Controllers -- so concerned about how much we weigh? Am I the only one who sees what their ulterior motives are? Let me give my explanation for their uninvited concern for our health.

The Controllers have already managed to dumb down the population by teaching mostly propaganda , very little of the 3 r's, and no independent thinking in the public schools. The first classes to get cut when money is short are the Arts because they require creativity and spontaneity. Whatever happened to 'debate teams' ?

Now their objective is to make us passive. If a child shows any signs of nonconformity, the child is heavily medicated (make that drugged) in order to control any agressive tendencies in our young people. By the way, these drugs tend to make the children gain excessive weight over time. I have personally observed these symptoms because I am a substitute teacher.

The media is pushing low-carbohydrate diets because our bodies gain energy from carbohydrates. The 'controllers' do not want us to have energy because we are much harder to control than when we are sluggish and passive. While I am not encouraging anyone to start the smoking habit, I have wondered why these controllers have pursued the demise of cigarettes so vehemenently. Surely you do not believe their only concern is for our health ! I submit that it is for the same reason as the low-carb diet. Cigarettes act as a stimulant; hence, it is harder to control one who is not passive. Moreover, most people gain weight when they quit smoking. You will notice that alcohol has been left off the 'get healthy' equation; it is a depressant. However, we should watch out for our coffee and cola because they contain substances which stimulate.

Lastly, I have not noticed anymore overweight children (other than ones who are on anti-depressants) in the schools now than I did when I was in school. If there is a weight problem at all, it is due to lack of sufficient exercise. What the Controllers want is to control our food supply -- then they can control us.. Remember to look for the real reasons behind all 'health' agendas they put forward.


posted on May, 16 2005 @ 08:17 AM

I don't know where you live. But Where I am....Houston, TX area, our city was listed as the "fattest city" in the U.S. (last year I believe).

I see fat kids everywhere, and when I was growing up, there was only a handful of fat kids in our graduating class of 500 or so.

If you go into a high school today, you will see many overweight children/teens. Many are in worse shape than myself (but i've always been active)

I believe that it is a REAL problem that needs to be addressed.

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 02:32 PM
Electricity and food.

Energy for us, and our machines.
(We are controlled by them ^^^, by being dependent on machines, we are controlled by those that supply the energy)

We just don't function without these two things, and you are right, our society has been heavily influenced in this area, despite all the 'talk' of creating a healthy society.

I mean, people complain at McDonalds, when they make the food fresh for you! Its not fast enough, damn it!

The society has removed people entirely from being independent in terms of being able to look after yourself , and on your own terms.

If there is a crisis, the FIRST thing that will happen is that food will be regulated. Rationed.

Think about that for a second. Are they going to ration according to body weight? That will just turn people against each other....

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