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The face of Americas Anti-Drug campaign

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posted on May, 15 2005 @ 08:04 PM

HOLLYWOOD: Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair, because FUN has been put into Safety Education by RETRO BILL and D.A.R.E., the foremost drug prevention program in the World. The supercharged official D.A.R.E. 'Safety Buddy' RETRO BILL (performed and created by actor, director, writer and producer, BILL RUSS) stars in the "D.A.R.E. Safety Tips Video starring RETRO BILL."

This Award-Winning video was introduced with a bang worthy of a fireworks finale into 350,000 schools in the United States in the fall of 2001 as part of D.A.R.E.'s NEW K - 4th grade classroom curriculum. Right now, 26 million American school children enrolled annually in the nation's D.A.R.E. program are learning safety from RETRO BILL! An additional 10 million school children across the globe are learning safety from RETRO BILL's video and the International D.A.R.E. program!.

RETRO BILL reminds kids to always wear a
seat belt whenever they ride in an automobile!

Sensible Simulacra reminds kids to never drive in a convertible with a leopard print suit on. If you do then you rightfully deserve in buttkicking that may occur.

RETRO BILL tells children to never
accept gifts or rides from a stranger

Sensible Simulacra tells children to get the hell out of the street and onto the sidewalk.

"Trains don't stop for you," warns RETRO BILL,
"so don't clown around on the train tracks!"

'If you see a clown on a train track, push it down and laugh at it' warns Sensible Simulacra, 'remember you can't have manslaughter without laughter!'

RETRO BILL says "Sometimes strangers
approach children with a dog leash and
tell them that they've lost their dog...

Sensible Simulacra says 'Sometimes when you let yourself look as pathetic as this guy it's better to just tie that leash right around your neck...

More information on Retro Bill can be found

This is where our tax dollars are going folks.

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