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Aliens have already invaded.

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:23 PM
In order to fully comprehend the nature of an invasion of our world or dimension it is necessary to firstly understand the characteristics of scepticism and sceptics. The reason for this is that the psychological programming which defines a sceptic is one of the fundamental elements which provide camouflage for the existence of ET invaders and exposure to scrutiny.

The sceptic presents him/herself as a mature and sober adult in possession of rational processes of thought and associations which they assert are grounded in the discoveries of contemporary scientific understanding. There is also an underlying assertion to this, and that is, that the sceptic has access to ALL contemporary scientific understanding. This is based on one of their essential argumentative premises that all scientific understanding has been made available to the public to become aware of, to review and learn from. This is the same premise behind 9/11 false-flag conspirator debunking. That is: “With a secret of such magnitude and import, there must be many people involved and (ha ha) as we know, not everyone would be able to keep their big mouths shut. Someone would let the cat out of the bag –its just human nature.” And that is it; end of argument.

The sceptic presents him/herself as a mature and sober adult and conversely portrays those whose declarations they deride and negate (through their predictable methods) as being immature, childish, fantasizing children who have not grown up (as the sceptic has).

The sceptic projects the situation as being: “All these things you believe in, you do so out of an infantile psychological state. That state is one in which a child, unable to psychologically tolerate the awesome “truth” of being alone in an empty universe, invents the paranormal – projects it out of the uncertainties of its own unconscious. All of the negative paranormal (demons etc) is just a sophistication of the fear of the boogie-man hiding under the bed and all of the positive paranormal (angels etc) is a projection of a loving mother or father who will take care of the child and protect him or her.
The irony is that it is actually the sceptic who is like a child. One of the first words a child learns to speak is “NO!”

Here is a list of subjects the sceptic feels compelled to negate: (found courtesy of the Australian Skeptics web-page.)

It is a vast list, so if sceptics jump upon this particular topic of ET invasion it is nothing out of the ordinary for them and there is no shortage of fish in the barrel for them to shoot at.

Once again, I would like to re-emphasize, that a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the sceptically programmed mind is essential in understanding the topic of sentient extra-human invasion of our world.

The onus of proving any facet of the paranormal is not upon the one who has experience of it, it is upon the sceptic to prove otherwise. The sceptic wishes to sit back in the comfort of his armchair smirking, and say: “Convince me!” So then one has to begin explaining the subject as if to a child – beginning from very elementary stepping stones of facts that cannot be refuted climbing in increments to the point where the sceptic must take a leap of intuition to move from the normal into the paranormal and this they are not able or willing to do. They are not able to do this because the faculty requires a different type of development and brain function – a science of the irrational.

But in order to recognize the threat or blessing of extra-human agency in human affairs this faculty is what is required. Is it not possible that those who intuit this presence are an advance scout party evolved by nature itself to warn others not so endowed as a survival mechanism? It is known that in times of great threat or danger humans on an individual level are capable of acts of great strength or prescience, so on a collective level it may be also so.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:27 PM
Ugh, this disinformation frenzy needs to stop.

ATS, why are you allowing this to happen? It drives people away from the site, it makes people laugh at us, it allows the actual credible claims on this site to look silly...


posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:52 PM
I know who they are.

If they are human looking and already live among us but no one notices them.

Then... it is all the homeless guys that everybody walks by or drives by and ignores.

Perfect disguise.

Think about it.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by Hantam
Hello i shall make a breif introduction of myself,

My real name is Michael Tam, just a person trying to know the truth.

What i know so far is:

Aliens have already invaded us, they are just doing it the backround. Because of the stupidity of the goverment to exchange their technology for god knows what, we are all going to eventually die.

The aliens arent that stupid to suddenly invade earth with millions of UFOs, NO! they are going to cross-breed our people (Hence cloning and abductees) and then eventually we will be outnumbered by Alien-Human hybrids and using mind control the aliens will turn these hybrids on against the human race.

The aliens have poisoned our goverment (Due to the goverments immense greed for more advanced technology to 'destroy the other guy') the goverment already made secret agencies and societies (Mj-12) and making the public feel uneasy thus creating mass protest and we will all eventually rage war with other nations.......WWIII people.

We are already dead........but we just dont know when it will start.

EDIT: removing siren, as opinion only.

[edit on 17-5-2005 by Gazrok]

Why would you put out such an irresponsible statement for an OP? What research (verifiable and quantifiable) did you do to come up with it? I'm not trying to pick a bone, but this is a blatant statement based on what knowledge from what source?

This leaves me feeling fairly incredulous and this kind of thing can make serious research findings (precious little), and sober, concerted effort get lost in the quagmire like shuffle of sensational speculative oriented "pop science".

The study of this phenomenon is almost a guarantee for a "whack-job" label from those not in our circles and things like this can only inflame that opinion. Now, more than any other time is the time for responsible action and research stating only known quantifiable and verifiable facts with just the tiniest bit of speculation to move things forward.

Just food for postulative thought.



P.S. Just for your information, the MJ-12 Documents are now widely agreed upon to be hoaxed by noted Disinformation Agent, Richard Doty aka "Falcon".

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by Hantam
we are all going to eventually die.

Thank you, Captain Obvious, for that incredible insight into our future!

[edit on 15-9-2009 by borrowedname]

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 07:04 PM
Oh sure, the OP’s post was flawed in terms of sounding naïve; and he did not consider before posting, how a discriminating reader might interpret the content, i.e. whether there was ambiguity in his statements etc. Who knows what his motives were? After all, his last post was four years ago, and he may not even be alive any more to clarify his standpoint. After all, he did say we are all going to die, so at least he did make one factual statement which would satisfy Erik’s criteria for verifiable and quantifiable substance.

So how about we set aside the irrelevant or emotive content of the OP, and stick to the essentials from now on, regarding this topic? Let’s just trim it down to the title of the thread itself: “Aliens Have Already Invaded.”

We are not here to tear apart and dissect an improperly considered post that may have been made by some high school kid who has been watching too many Spielberg movies. We are here surely to discuss an important and relevant issue. If ‘Hantam’ has brought the threat of mockery from sceptical outsiders to the ATS board, then let’s remedy that forthwith by discussing the subject in a new and more highly evolved fashion, yes?

That is, unless particular ATS members have a problem with the subject matter that is associated with the OP title? If that is the case, then why does ATS have a category labelled: “Aliens and UFOs discussion forum”?

So, if it is only Hantam’s unsophisticated post which is the bone of contention, then let us progress.

1. What is meant by “Aliens”
2. Who or what is “the invaded”
3. Have they already invaded or haven’t they?
4. If they have, why, how, when?
5. Reasons why none of the above is relevant in your opinion.

[edit on 15-9-2009 by Golden Rule]

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 07:28 PM
I don't know about being food. I just do not trust ET blindly like many here seem to.

Everything regarding the ET presence I read is either objective , and has both sides of the coin shown , good and bad.

Or it is like the majority you find which is full of love with sugar on top ... ET races coming out of their way to bring us gifts! Because we are so important lol!
Or people saying they are our space brothers/sisters/fathers , based on what they are told by ET (very reliable right?) , but they never give full disclosure , they remain hidden while they directly affect people here.

Just try looking at it from a greater perspective objectvly people ... the chances that we are being visited by ill-willed races (most likely resource explorers) at the moment , is very high. Not to say there isn't good out there , but real good and ethical people will not interfere , will not come here uninvited and most of all will not try to remain hidden while doing so.

This greater confusion caused would only further their agenda , since these advanced resource explorers seek the path of lesser resistance. Overt take-over could even mean ruining precious resources!

I am not talking about devils or angels , but simply nature functioning in a greater scale , it is not hard to picture it.

The indians "loved" the spanish too when they first met ... where are they now? Could their history have been different if they had taken another path? Most likely.

Just do not let yourself be completely swayed away by emotions and baseless assumptions and we should do okay.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 08:45 PM
What I would like to contribute towards this issue at this point is that there is a fault in our standpoint of investigation into sentient extra human realities and whether they exist or not. That is, we are investigating what we perceive as an external objectivity in relation to ‘us’. Everyone freely uses this term ‘us’. But what is defined by ‘us’? We ask for concrete proof of the existence of ‘not-us’ assuming we already know what constitutes the subjectivity or ‘us’.

My standpoint is that we cannot begin to comprehend what is not us until we have defined what is us.

What most interested human parties use as a reference point of discrimination is genetics and DNA – physical differences. What is almost always overlooked though, are psychic realities. ‘We’ are not physical as much as we are psychic (or psychological) and this is not some special knowledge that I personally have become privy to. It is the basis of ancient esoteric knowledge such as the Ancient Egyptian concept of the seven souls and also Hindu yoga. The physical body in yoga is known as ‘the food sheath’ and that is what it is. But the word ‘sheath’ of course has great significance in itself.

If I want to become properly acquainted with a fellow human I cannot really do so by knowing what car he drives, how tall he is and where he lives. Also in the same way it doesn’t give us any great insights into ET by knowing what the shape of their spacecrafts are, how tall they are, the colour of their skin or how old they are. If we want to really know some body we must understand their psychology – their hierarchy of needs, their motivations.

What do we understand of ourselves? We were born into this world in a biologically programmed form and then we were programmed socially by other forms. We did not have a chance to reason anything for ourselves because the majority of vital programming is done while the human form is still in a state of physical immaturity and dependent on protection from more physically mature adult forms.

Then, using this conditioning as our basis we seek to comprehend what is not ‘us’.

One could say then that the human form in essence is a psychologically programmable vessel and is able to identify itself as being anything it is programmed to believe it is. Through this programming, facts are not encountered in their pure state but are interpreted though the medium of conditioning. I am not making any prophetical revelations here, this is relatively basic to recognize.

So what I am saying is we cannot assume that we know what we are and use that assumption to begin investigating what we are not.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 08:55 PM

Originally posted by Roufas
I don't know about being food. I just do not trust ET blindly like many here seem to...
....The indians "loved" the spanish too when they first met ... where are they now? Could their history have been different if they had taken another path? Most likely.

Just do not let yourself be completely swayed away by emotions and baseless assumptions and we should do okay.

Where are they now? Hybridised - the same as the Filipinos. Conquistadores - invasion from without and within. Good analogy Roufas.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:15 AM
Conspiracy theories is always good to masquerade ignorance. Look at he most antique texts and one will find the presence of beings from the sky that teaches and enlighten humans. Read the Sumerians tablets, the books of the religions. All saying the same thing.
Every month archeologists find bones of new part of human evolution all over the planet many times differing to African theory and not answering correctly why so many races spread in all continents and islands with very same genetic code to allow them to interbreed while animals are so varying that can not?
The missing link is foolish. There are non from monkey to man.

The people from other places are here before the human race and still here to allow the perpetuation of the humans. Humans have nothing material to offer to anyone since the universe is plenty of any matter, of any kind. What is needed but is not available can be engineered. They are here to guide natural evolution of learning.
Man is here in prison for the evil acts billions years ago. Man is the "fallen angel" but at it's time will recover, will learn the good and come back as it was before disturbance.
Earth is new, moon is new. Both don't even have the same density. Had to be prepared to receive life after Mars an Venus destroyed and moved from their original place. You destroyed Venus and its people with your weapons and technology. You stopped and reversed the planet after killing every life there. You paid the price but was given the opportunity of a new beginning here. Now you are evil and suicidal, killing each other just because.
Not late you will find out there from where you came from, you will learn how red is the blood you caused when in the "Warrior Planet". This will open your eyes and a new way of understanding will prevail among you.
Nobody will hurt you more than yourselves and your consciences. You have no enemies but yourselves.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:27 AM
The invasion is in play right now my friend. All you have to do is look around you. I just looked out my window and saw a Jax017 Reptilian troop carrier on the horizon. Examine swine flu under a microscope, I know someone who has and it ain't flu, it is nanites. The vax for this contains particles and chemicals to neutralize the nanites. I also have 100% verified proof that the only thing really keeping us from extinction is an agreement between the Grays & and Joe Hayley. Joe is a used car dealer outside of LA. and emissary to the Grays. Sadly the DPD assassinated Joe, it was a class 62 order direct from the vectorlan. Anyway, now the Grays are pissed! They have abandoned us. Oh crap a Nifsk42 scout ship just flew over the house. God speed everyone! I don't know how much longe

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:39 AM
Many people came to solve the problem and rescue. You fool think you can destroy live and the being is also destroyed.
You caused such a disturbance that this part of the universe was in chaos. All advanced life came to put order as it suppose to be and contained man until Earth was ready to receive you in a confined low quality body.
Not all was evil indeed. Those that was not got the opportunity to live in other places and continue evolution, they are here, like you, in flesh and blood, guiding you. Others, different of you are also here doing their job as guards, others you can call ugly at your concept are here as engineers of life of any kind, some keep control of the support of life in your planet.
There are two dozens of different people here in different functions but all relevant and important for you to exist.
You don't know this in your present condition but have some insight inside your heart that great beings are watching your steps to redemption.

Nothing in the universe can be destroyed, so fear nothing.
All bad to come will came from your own hands despite our advice and efforts, but Earth will survive and then you can come back again.
You have to understand the danger you causing to yourselves and do not spend that energy in extra-terrestrials that are here for so long in a mission imposed by the perfection and harmony which reigns in all corners of the universe.
Respect all people and all things than you will start understanding the laws of equilibrium that command all things. Fight ignorance and slavery of mind. Search every day some way to be better for all beings and fear no danger.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by Hantam

In some way you are right because aliens arent stupid enough to land in the white house lawn and start shooting everyone.They`d use not just hybrid aliens/humans but they would of course use cyber terrorism or hacking the world`s database.But why invade us?What will they gain from killing a primative species of evolved apes?Oh yeah did you predict this or did you just think this through??

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by mugen1005
reply to post by Hantam

But why invade us?What will they gain from killing a primative species of evolved apes?

What do we (the human race) have to gain from killing primitively evolved animals?

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 02:43 AM
i think............
reptilian looking aliens have been here a long time.
They are definately evil, and live off abductees,
who are never seen again.
they have stood over us long enough.
weak governments have allowed their activities,
to go unchecked.they are scary,and they stink[badly]
they also have advanced weapons.
however, we do to now, so .......

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:07 AM
As a new member to the ATS but a casual viewer from a far for a while i find this thread to be the lamest i have ever read.
ATS to me seems to based on evidence and facts otherwise most threads get torn to pieces and rightly so.
I cannot tell if this whole thread is to be read with tongue firmly in cheek, but some of the post's are the most pointless ive ever read on here and thats a big statement "greys" "the force".....if i was 9 years old and had to write a book or story for a school project then i would use these very terms..."your imagination is not your own"...oh come on really i mean get out of your bedroom get some fresh air and stop watching movies made by large mutlinational companies.
I really hope this whole topic is a wind up as i like to be presented with facts or at least new idea's on an old theme.
Saying they are so clever we will never see them till they are ready is very convienient to say the not a no believer by any stretch of the imagination, but some of the posts on here give this site a bad name.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 06:32 PM

Originally posted by johnnyjupe
Saying they are so clever we will never see them till they are ready is very convienient to say the least...

It's not a matter of convenience it is a matter of matter. Human physical eyes are designed to see a particular frequency range of light, same with the ears in relation to the sound spectrum. The obstruction in approach to the challenge is anthropomorphic personification of extra-human entities. We begin the search of an unknown element within preconceived boundaries of the known and projections rooted in the known.

It is not the responsibility of these entities to make themselves known - it is the responsibility of humanity to develop the perception to know. This perception begins with a total transformation of the current psychological conditioning of humankind. But it is understood that one trait which defines humanity is an unwillingness to change.

People demand proof while defensively clinging to the definition of themselves which they see as the only continuous reality - any fact or concept which shatters that self-definition cannot be tolerated.

That is what the non-human entities "hide behind" if you like - our definitions of ourselves.

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