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Americans cash in on Cold Brides feet

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 06:37 PM
Isn't America Grand!

Hot Sauce Cashes in on Bride's Cold Feet

Maybe hot sauce is the cure for cold feet. "Jennifer's High Tailin' Hot Sauce," a nod to the saga of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, has sold briskly since its debut Wednesday.

"I'm in the hot sauce business and this is the hottest thing I've got right now," said "Pappy" David Ryan, who runs Pappy's Peppers in Lawrenceville, Ga. and says he's sold 10 cases of the private-label sauce.

He's not the only one cashing in:, a Danbury, Conn.-based manufacturer, has sold out of its first batch of 250 Runaway Bride action figures at $24.95 each.

The foot-tall figures feature a dark-haired woman in jogging pants with a colorful towel similar to the one Wilbanks wore over her head and a midriff-baring jogging shirt that says "Vegas Baby."

Hot Suace and Dolls cash in on Brides cold Feet

A Runaway Bride
Get your RUNAWAY BRIDE Today before they RUN out. Limited supplies and first come first serve only. Comes complete with Towel, Vegas Baby shirt and jogging pants.


"Warning: This sauce may cause you to seek intense professional help... voluntarily."

You have to love it when a few cash in on others problems.

Not really a story that is news worthy, but it shows how others will cash in at each and every opportunity they get. If nothing else the pictures might give you a chuckle.

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