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12-Year-Old Maryland Girl Has Not Aged In Years II

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 05:19 PM
So i did search the forum and did not find the thread anymore, it went to the trashbin, why???

It also vanished from the newspages but apeared on many blogsites.

Was it a hoax or what is going on?

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 05:20 PM
Yep it was a hoax thats why its been removed from newspapers ect..

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 05:21 PM
thank you for the quick answer, do you have souces for hoax-confirmation?


posted on May, 14 2005 @ 05:38 PM
I just asked a MOD since my post on it was removed.
Seeing if I can get a link saying the story is false.It was only 'said' it was with no link to say otherwise or not.
I have seen it reappear on many sites with updates,but nothing saying it was a hoax.

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 06:07 PM
Yeah i see, someone said there was a story in peoplemagazin 3 years ago about the girl and the good people on have not yet confirmed that it is hoax. Please let this thread open until we get some proof for hoax! this is a very interesting story wich is worthy to discuss even if it is a hoax, imho.

if it is possible that someone ages 10 years in one year why should the opposite not be possible? imagine living 600 to 1000 years wouldn´t that be wonderful?


posted on May, 14 2005 @ 06:32 PM
If there is such a thing as Progeria,why is it not possible to have a reverse effect?
If this story is true,imagine if this could cure Progeria.

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 07:31 PM
I just posted a nice comment only to lose my internet i hate reposting.

Anyways.......Let us not forget how strange it is that all traces of the article has been wiped from the internet. I have never heard of such a thing.

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 08:59 PM
That is a bit strange...The opposite of Progeria? Could be. Einstein would think its possible, wouldnt he?

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 02:48 AM
I first saw this on Drudge, now its gone, and the newspaper that ran it also has removed it. i dont understand the purpose of hoaxing something like this.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 02:53 AM
if this was real i doubt that there would be a prolongeing of life. but i can see a possibility of very slow ageing, man that would realy suck. you could live till 60, but only develope to a phisical standard of say 14. you might not even hit puberty, and that would definately suck.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 04:14 AM
Hey Folks, we could be seeing a conspiracy in motion. It is true, yet decried a hoax, and swept away as if never existed. Someone somewhere out there finds this girl and starts to subject her to genetic tests, and in 10 years we have the key to reduced aging, now slickly marketed by Pfizer, Inc.

Whaddaya think?



posted on May, 15 2005 @ 05:03 AM
The other day I posted about little Brooke Greenberg and how she is not aging physically or mentally.
The story went as this;

Brooke Greenberg, 12, weighs 13 pounds and is 27 inches long.

But Brooke is actually 12 years old, reported WBAL-TV in Baltimore.

Brooke doesn't age. Her syndrome remains undiagnosed and unnamed, and as far as doctors can tell, she is the only one in the world who has it.

Dr. Laurence Pakula has been Brooke's pediatrician since she was born.

"In height, weight, she's 6 to 12 months," Pakula said. "If you ask any physician who knows nothing about her, the response is that she is maybe a handicapped 2-year-old."

Her body may not be aging, but Brooke's health is deteriorating. She is fed through a tube, and she's had strokes, seizures, ulcers, severe respiratory problems and a tumor the size of a lemon.

The four times Brooke has come dangerously close to death, she bounced back and no one knows why.

Pakula points out that the girl has a strong sense of self and of sibling rivalry. Brooke has no language skills, but she does have enough motor skills to pull herself up in her crib or scoot across the kitchen floor.

Imagine being frozen in time as a baby forever. It sounds impossible, but it describes Brooke Greenberg.

The Baltimore-area girl may look like a baby, but she's nearly a teenager. In most respects, Brooke looks and acts like your average 6-month-old baby -- she weighs 13 pounds and she is 27 inches long.

Pakula said Brooke has thrived because of the support of her parents and three sisters.

"When one sees how much she has accomplished, it's a wonderful reminder that even for someone who's limited, it's a wonderful world out there," Pakula said.

As genetic research expands, scientists might be able to learn the secrets of this little girl. But until then, it is Brooke who is doing the teaching.

Tonight while trying to search for further info to see if this was real or a hoax,I came across a site that had cached the video and image of Brooke.
The video can be seen HERE as well as the source being HERE
The source also includes a link to a blog called California Medicine Man link here which has two entries talking about this.

So far NO link has said this was a hoax and seeing that John S. Ford MD, MPH ( a full-time assistant professor at the UCLA School of Medicine ) has not stated otherwise.I believe there is some sort of cover up here.Something BAD for this little girl is coming.Many painfull tests are soon to come I believe.
This is really sad that this is being hidden.

I then found an interesting link that someone has shared personal experience with children that have similar issues.
This is typical with kids with developmental disabilties. They are often tiny and do not look their age. They hate it. I work with several kids who are under 50lbs. but older than 16. One of my favorite "little guys" hates it when I call him that...he is 12 and weighs 40 lbs. Most of these kids have severe medical needs... not just g tubes, but PIC and Central Lines, IV, vac pumps and hemo pumps...chest drainage systems to keep their lungs clear; kids with intra-cranial shunts with tubes popping out to keep their skulls from expanding.... I work with the most profoundly disabled kids...very few of them have active trachs or use vents for breathing (that is usually for the brain injured kids and young adults). But they require body splints made of hard plastic just to keep them upright...because they have no ribs or only half a spine. It's very sad in some respects-to watch these kids get by. But they are the happiest beings on planet. They really are.

The medical community is doing away with the catch all term of "Cerebral Palsy" and starting to identify each DX differently. Many kids have dual and triple DX.

Some of the newer (last 30 years) terms being used to identify and treat these disorders- Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, Rett's Syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Smith-Magenis syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome...among hundreds of others-help medical people towards better treatment options. It helps to know exactly what each child has because there are different (and sometimes critical) care pathways we take for treatment. The very nature of my facility is to take care of those kids who present the biggest challenges to their families. Some of the children I work with have been at my work for years...I would say the average is about 13....and they rarely have visits from their families. It's like the family dumps them on our doorstep and runs off. Never to be heard from again until the kid grows up and ages out at 21. I can't count the times some of the kids made little gifts for Christmas (with Activity staff help of course)...they mail the packages home only to have it returned to us.

This little girl is fortunate to have an actively involved family. Many are not involved and only wish to be called upon the death of their child.


I do not think,or believe rather,that this story is in any way a hoax.This child is suffering from something that many might think is extraordinary to say the least.But to others,very sad.
Why all news station sites removed it is unknown at this time.But the fact that the story was up one minute around the world,and gone the next at almost the same exact time,only makes you wonder if something like a 'Medical Conspiracy' is going on.

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posted on May, 15 2005 @ 09:13 AM
thanks for the video, its amazing, that doctor does not seem to me like a guy participating in a hoax. whatever reason is behind the vanishing of the news-articles and also behind the deletion of the first thread on ats(was it only a overreacting mod or is there more to it), we must find the truth. this case if true could be a real big thing for all of us.

i am sure that the humanlifespan one day will be much longer, i hope i will live that long. as i do not believe in a afterlife which makes me a little sad, but it is how it is, this case gives me a little hope.

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posted on May, 15 2005 @ 09:17 AM
Whether this is a hoax or not. A Dr. Lawrence Pakula is a well-respected pediatrician at John Hopkins. So consider that much a kernel of truth in this.

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 10:50 AM
The previous topic about this story has been moved from the Trash Bin back into active discussion in this forum.

The URL is:

While it may (may not be
) be hoax, deleting this means we might as well delete every other topic on ATS about possible hoaxes which contradicts the purpose of the ATS forums.

[edit on 15-5-2005 by SimonGray]

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 11:59 AM
thank you Simon for seeing that. I felt that hoax or not, there is a place for its discussion.

Also, SMR great work on finding the video. I searched for a long time without success. We should copy it, and file it away lest it too disappears.
I agree, that perhaps the Gov. is 'helping' the family out with endless tests to determine what has happened. I can see the sales pitch to the family as good for humanity, all the while keeping the findings classified. Still, my original question needs validation. Why has it been removed from the internet (aside from the great find)?


posted on May, 15 2005 @ 01:32 PM
Thanks Simon for replacing the original topic

I searched for a few hours and finally came up with the last post there.
I have saved the video for archive sake in a 5mb WMV file just incase.So incase this link goes away by way of 'mystery' we will always have it.

I hope to see this story resserect in the news someday to get an update on the story either way.

Is there maybe a way to merge this with the original so we dont have two in the same going on?

[edit on 15-5-2005 by SMR]

posted on May, 15 2005 @ 02:50 PM
I am locking this thread so please continue discussion in the original. Merge has always caused problems in the past so I don't even want to go near it.

If you wish to copy/paste any info from this to the original topic please do so, as this will gradually fade away behind more recently updated threads.

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