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Ohrdruf Bunker and Hitler's Electro-Magnetic Shield

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 02:47 PM
I didn't find a previous discussion on this and it fascinates me that Hitler could have had an electro-magnetic shield extending for seven miles around him that could stop all but diesel engines cold. I don't know how reliable the link is, but I found several on this topic when I was looking into the Nordhausen bunker in the Harz Mountains.

"Located near Ohrdruf, Thuringia was located the S-III Führer headquarters. Constructed by approximately 15- to 18,000 inmates of the nearby Ohrdruf, Espenfeld and Crawinkel concentration camps, from autumn 1944 to spring 1945, was a tunnel system over 1,5 miles in length.

As regards the second bunker, a witness stated that in 1944 there was an installation below the Ohrdruf Truppenuebungsplatz which created an electro-magnetic field capable of stopping the engines of a conventional aircraft at seven miles. During the war, the Allies never photographed Ohrdruf from the air, nor bombed it, even though their spies must have assured them it was crawling with SS and scientific groups. A German electro-magnetic field which interfered with their aircraft at altitudes of up to seven miles is admitted by a 1945 United States Air Force Intelligence document (see sources). The USAF suspected that it was a device to bring down their bombers, but it obviously had some other purpose, or it would have been operating below Berlin.

4. The Magnetic Ray.

A similar device to the one operating below Ohrdruf finds a place in declassified literature as follows: On December 6, 1944, the US Military Intelligence Service commenced Research Project 1217 "Investigation into German Possible Use of Rays to Neutralize Allied Aircraft Motors". This resulted from "recent interference phenomena occasionally experienced on operations over Germany in the Frankfurt/Main area." It was usually described as "freakish interference to engines and electrical instruments" over the north bank of the Main River, about ten miles from Führer headquarters Adlerhorst.

In a top secret report entitled "Engine Interference Counter-Measures" addressed to the Director, Air Technical Service Command, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, reference was made to OSS discussions about a German unit somewhere near Frankfurt/Main operating:

" influence interfering with conventional aircraft... however incredible it may appear to project from the ground to a height of 30,000 feet sufficient magnetic energy to interfere with the functioning of the ignition system of an airplane, it must be concluded that the enemy not only intends to interfere with our aircraft by some immaterial means, but has also succeeded in accomplishing this intention..." ."

Anyone familiar with this 'shield phenomenon'? It seems like something that maybe W could use these days, with aircraft penetrating White House airspace and all. Not that I'm comparing W to Hitler, or anything like that....

Ohrdruf, Thuringia

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