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Government Issued Online IDs

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 10:45 AM
This is just a thought I had recently, and I decided I'd share and see what everyone's opinion was...

Basically, what forms of control (if any) do you forsee for the internet in the future?

Will we have government issued email addresses?

Will we have to register our IP Address before receiving access to the internet? IOW, will the first site we see upon connecting to the net be a government site where we must enter our info before being allowed access to the rest of the net? (Is this even possible? I'm not very computer savvy...)

Will we be assigned online names when visiting sites like ATS, or will ATS (and other sites) be forced to deny access to anyone not presenting their government-issued online ID's? Will sites which fail to do so be shut down and prosecuted?

Will an international body be set-up specifically to maintain control over the internet, spreading as it does, around the world and therefore out of any one country's (current) power to regulate?

What do you all think? What is the future of the internet?


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