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Ufo crash in Puerto Rico

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 09:24 AM
New revelations on PUERTORICAN ROSWELL
The Great Ufos crash in Lajas, Puerto Rico?
Sector Fajardo, New Extraterrestrial Highway PR 303, Km 7, Hm 8, Lajas, PR
Prof. Reinaldo Rios
Special Report - First part

When beginning my studies in ufologic firstly makes it in Lajas. About 1978 enter a called group UNIVERSAL STATION of which he was directer by apparently contacted envoy of the extraterrestrial beings. This have come to the world with counts the legend to prepare a series of people to face the new world-wide cataclysms of which they serian successive to raise the new generation to them. This movement alleged to be shaped with people incarnated from the time of Jesus Christ who were reunited in Puerto Rico since he was a country that enjoyed peace and shelter which nonserious persecuted and killed like in that past.
Lider nicknamed of Baez last name have privily a species of rare writings which have not even been able to decipher absolutely. The certain thing is that in the measurement that I am receiving messages I could see that in Lajas it was going away to raise a big wave of mysterious allusive events to ufos, as if outside the chosen place. I saw in visions reuniting numerous groups of people to orient them on the existence in ufos. With my little experience in leadership the 1993 end of this receipt even a message to reunite people of diverse beliefs for a serious and ample study of the paranomal thing directed to the spiritual and integral development of the Humanity.
He when beginning my first watches you publish in the Mines of Associates, soon near the Radar Aerostat, Bermeja Mountain range and Cartagena Lagoon in Lajas where now the CAMPINGS are known UFOS. One vision of one visitacion of a unknown ship have announced. Single that unknown day nor hour but asi was made announce in the activities. Late of Monday, 5 of May of 1997 while I travel by the area the proprietor of the property Mr. Negron is witness next to other people of near towns of unknown object in form of zig zag that followed minutes is seen descend causing fire and explocions. The mystery and expeculacion grow before a town in search of the truth. The certain thing is that days before showed a sighting to us of ships to leave one but great one near of the Aerostat Radar.
Even the raised mystery this that late of May. The certain thing is that to the unknown proprietor they turned aside it of his own land that could not nor so at least identify its clothes. Another near case in private property was making a hole enormous in agena property and asi even turned aside to the proprietor without giving much explanation him. In exclusive report with ex--worker of the Aerostat Radar which we maintain its name in our record, this alleges that that day in afternoon they register in the screens of the Radar the 3 explosions together that ones points them in latitude coordinates and length and immediately sent car to investigate the zone. By where they penetrated lands, this is an enigma.
In a well-known radial transmitter I practice a hypnosis to a patient and this in the open critical moment that in the place key a ship (Manifestations in our archives). We have knowledge of a photo that provision a student of the area and a group of the North area of the island which is not known public indicates that this evidence was a straw in the lens of camara.
The director of the Civil Defense open Sr.Cruz in interview in exclusive right to this servant the presence of radiation in the area and that have maintained in silence so that they haven it threatened but I make sure that between the police of the area he commented that it was ufos which that late alli falls.
Later days followed in a transmitter of the North area of Puerto Rico deny their version of radiation we do not know whereupon intensity. Pieces of blue substance were gathered by several students. Birth was carcinate which indicates to us that key was something of above and takes them off guard that the fire was not caused by fumarola as they intenearon to explain some students. The local press discards that it is well-known object. There are several videos on this subject in recordings of TV where in more I took part like spokesman of the proprietor of the property.
A Around of this property it was that it happens the incident. Central seat of the CAMPINGS UFOS REINALDO RIOS. THE PHOTO EVEN SHOWS BLACK SPOTS WITHOUT DECIPHERING.


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