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Great News: Open Extraterrestrial Highway in honor to Reinaldo Rios

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posted on May, 14 2005 @ 08:43 AM

This idea arises from this servant when in the 1997 it was going away to make the First tematic Park Ufos in Puerto Rico which have telescopes and serious the engaged City Ufos in visions by this servant. Where of diverse parts of the world they come to emphasize ufologic of our island. Months but late the mayor Irizarry Marks announces the Observatory Ufos in which also I was going to be part of his staff. The call Park Ufos called UFOS ZONE PARK and asi this consisted in programs of Channel 12 of WOLE TV in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Announced by the producer of the program like the EIGHTH WONDER Of the WORLD. Both projects are iniciated in the property where asi is the central seat of the CAMPINGS UFOS REINALDO RIOS since they have been baptized recently. (WHERE ALL BIRTH). We continued investigating the case of Monday, 5 of May of 1997 where key an object unknown in the area.

Transcription of proclamation
" Free state Associated of Puerto Rico Municipal Government of Lajas Lajas, Puerto Rico PROCLAMATION DECLARING IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF LAJAS PUERTO RICO "EXTRATERRESTRIAL ROUTE" PR 303" INASMUCH AS:
He is high-priority to make present that the municipality of Lajas and his near towns are in if a triangle that by its position geografic in the southwest of the island of Puerto Rico and his turistic facilities, including its enigmatic attraction of its surroundings Land is denominated to him like "Dreamland"
This part of the southwest of the island of Puerto Rico that it includes/understands the Cartagena Lagoon, Bermeja Mountain range, Sector Fajardo km 7,8, Oregano Mount, the parguera The Valley of Lajas and bioluminicente his bahia, is recognized like a natural observatory of several mysteries.
Recognizing work made by Professor Reinaldo Rios, during anuses in the places before mentioned, I solicit of way simbolic and without I animate to alter the original name of this route of running, that names day 5 of December of 2004, like the "DAY OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL ROUTE PR 303", of Municipality of Lajas, as a form to foment the tourism in that place. THEREFORE: I, Marks "Turin" Irizarry Pagan, Mayor of the Municipality of Lajas, Puerto Rico and according to the powers that have to me conferred by Law, I am conscientious of the importance of the economics contributions of the world-wide and local tourism. I exhort to all the people in general to be united to this great celebration and I emit the present one to proclaim the 5 of December of 2004, like "DAY OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL ROUTE PR 303". In testimony of which I sign the present Proclamation and I do to print in her Official Sello of the Municipality of Lajas, Puerto Rico, to the nine days of the month of April of anus two thousands five.
Marcos "Turin" Irizarry

News about the extraterrestrial highway by puertorican press

Summit in the "extraterrestrial route"

To Lajas studious of Ufos 4/8/05 Maelo Vargas Saavedra FIRST HOUR
The propulsive of the theory that in Lajas there are Ufos will reunite tomorrow in Bermeja Coast. (Javier González/For FIRST HOUR) LAJAS. - Meeting of ufos.
The propulsive of the theory that there are not identified flying objects (ufos) in Lajas will reunite tomorrow in Bermeja Coast, a zone that the municipal Government proclaimed like "the extraterrestrial route". The popular mayor Marcos "Turin" Irizarry, that the proclamation signed, will not attend because he is outside Puerto Rico, but the propellent of the route, professor Reinaldo Rios, said that the students of the subject of the ufos will meet in the morning from the 8:00 of Saturday in highway PR-303, just in the kilometer 7,8 in which the official label was placed. "When I began like mayor there were some sightings and situations that took to evaluate the area and he (Rios) and other people said that it was the route of the ufos", explained Irizarry to FIRST HOUR in a telephone interview. Irizarry said that it acceded to the order of Rios, a student of the history of the ufos, because although it is a communication channel, understands that the Municipality does not have objection to that any event is promoted that can bring tourism to Lajas. It assured that its only interest is that the tourism moves, but that becomes the done things affluent. "We made a proclamation, based on a information that it gave me, for the people who create it necessary and I understand that it is one more a motivation for the tourist development", he added Irizarry.
But, the Mayor admitted that he believes in the ufos. "I can assure that I, with friends, from house saw a ufo, with abrupt movements affluent and she disappeared at the moment, reason why all we remained surprised", related.
For the Mayor, since the aerostat settled has decreased the presence of supposed ufos in the area of Lajas. Rios, on the other hand, said that it has invited several groups that investigate ufos to the Saturday activity in which the company/signature of the proclamation of Irizarry mayor will be celebrated. Although the Mayor could not be present, Rivers was trusted that some municipal civil employee accompanies them. He recognized that the new sightings stopped by some time, but understands that he is not that they are not happening but that they do not have the same cover and importance that in the past. "the activity of presence of ufos has always been it, which perhaps does not have is the cover", it said Rios when agreeing with the Mayor in which the presence of the aerostat, that assures emits a radiation, interferes with all airship in that place, that is restricted.
Article by: First Hour


The history of the extraterrestrial route arises from the idea of which serious the extraterrestrial highway which come to the great city Ufos in Lajas, Puerto Rico. This town to the southwest of the island of Puerto Rico has characterized by sightings ufos, crash ufos, mystery that the installation surrounds by the radar aerostat (an enormous globe radar similar) Additional of the famous Cartagena Lagoon where it had swollen of presence of mysteries entities, lights to enter and to leave her until acquiring it the federal government. The same one in the District Maguayo de Lajas locates. Campings Ufos created by my take to do the request to him to the Mayor of declares Lajas, the capital of the sightings ufos of all Puerto Rico and asi was made print the 5 of 2001 July by my petition.
They are left all guests to take a walk by the extraterrestrial route and to visit the City Ufos in the capital of the Ufos in Puerto Rico, which locates in the Fajardo Sector, highway (NOW EXTRATERRESTRIAL 303 ROUTE) kilometer 7, Hectometer 8 of Lajas, Puerto Rico The premises open all the last saturday of every month from the 6:00 of afternoon where they recibe to char them, and diverse services.
Prof. Reinaldo Rios
HC 37 Box 3773
Guanica, PR 00653

Reported to the world
Please pass this notice
Prof. Reinaldo Rios


posted on May, 15 2005 @ 09:11 PM
Saludos Reynaldo, I to am a native of Puerto Rico. But am living in Florida. I think that this is a very cool accomplishment on your behalf, props to you.
I will visit P.R. this August, and will be sure to pass threw the Extraterrestrial Highway.

I had a quick question for you, I just want two know how is the UFO activity down there lately? And I wanted to know if the metallic sphere phenomenon has been occurring there too, it is happening with great frequency in Mexico and England, and I’ve even had the chance two see two of them in the skies here in Florida. I know that this phenomena has happened before in P.R. and am wondering if it's still happening with such intensity. Also, just wondering if there have been new sightings of El Chupacabras. I know it's been killing animals in Argentina but am wondering if he still likes La Cabra Boriqua?

Well I hope you keep us informed with the happenings in P.R. because this is one of the hottest spots for UFOs in the world.

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