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Prediction - Aliens show earth hit by Planet Killer Comet and Shifting Dimensions Planes

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posted on May, 13 2005 @ 08:15 PM
Hello All,

Below is a Vision I had in the late 1990’s. I wrote the following the day after the vision.


This vision was one of the most detailed and complex visions I have had to date.

I woke up in a dream. I found myself on board an extraterrestrial ship. There were about five extraterrestrials manning the ships, each with a different post. I was facing the front of the ship, near the right side, next to the front view screen, a window, and a television monitor.

We were in the near future, watching recent solar activity on the surface of the sun. For the past year, the sun had been undergoing violent solar flare activity that had a profound effect on earth as well as other planets in the solar system.

We then moved over to the earth. To the right of the earth, on the main view screen, there was a comet heading toward the earth. It was the same comet I seen in an earlier vision. The comet was closer to the earth compared to the first vision. The extraterrestrials were on full alert. We all watched with intensity as the comet impacted earth.

The impact was worse than I ever imagined. I though, "This is worse than the movie 'Deep Impact'." It looked like the comet hit Southern Africa, three-fourths on land, one-fourth in the sea. A huge tsunami headed toward South America and Antarctica. The tsunami was big, several miles high. Dirt from the land and the ocean floor was thrown into earth's atmosphere, causing the sun to turn black and the moon to turn blood red.

Back on board the ship, the television monitor turned on. Jesus Christ appeared, on the monitor; He looked like a handsome 28 year old man wearing a futuristic commander's uniform. All of the extraterrestrials were listening to his commands with complete attention for he was in control of what was happening. There were countless extraterrestrial ship around earth and the other planets in the solar system. They too were receiving commands from Jesus.

From the monitor, Jesus was explaining what I was seeing on the view screen. What I next saw on the view screen was what had been occurring on earth just before the impact. In addition to the solar activity, which was a sign of the coming impact, the earth had suffered from a series of major natural disasters. Earthquakes were clearly one form of those disasters. Just before the impact, there were possible futures that could have manifested, depending on the choices of the human population.

Then the images on the view screen jumped back to the point we had left off (the sun turning black and the moon turning red from the impact.) Jesus continued to explain what I was seeing on the screen. The human population experienced a few days of darkness. Then, through Jesus, God intervened. I could see the entire planet on the screen. The hand of God (literally) grabbed the planet. I then saw people on the earth loosing consciousness. Jesus explained that God was causing humanity to loose consciousness during the worst of the fallout. God was protecting 50% to 75% of the population of the planet. It was as if people were entering a cryogenic freeze. People remained unconscious for as little as three months to as long as three years. God kept them alive no matter what the conditions were on earth.

On the earth, the planet was reaching freezing temperatures. The impact would have been a planet killer if God had not intervened. After the dust settled and the temperature of the planet reached a livable level, the humans, as well as selected plant and animal life, were revived. Humanity had no knowledge of their lost time. From that point on, humanity experienced the daytime darkness dimmed by one-third and the nighttime darkness deepened by the same amount.

After the revival, there were some more possible futures that humans could go through, but there was only about three years left before the next event.

The sun was still going through violent solar flare activity. As I looked at the earth through the view screen, something was happening to the earth. Light was beginning to bend around the planet. As the anomaly got stronger, the planet disappeared as if it was clocked. All I could see was a mild blur where the earth was supposed to be. Jesus said from the monitor, "The demons and evils in the universe can no longer see or find the earth".

Over the blur, energy began to swirl around like water swirling down the drain. At the center, there was a black hole, a doorway. The earth was beginning to move through that black hole. The extraterrestrials on the ship moved into the next phase of their mission. They engaged the ship and moved from our current dimension and into the dimension where the earth was supposed to appear.

On the other side, the same blur appeared, followed by the swirling and the black hole. The extraterrestrials were on high alert again. They said amongst themselves that they had to make sure that earth's atmosphere was intact. It was a tense moment as the hole began to open. The earth began to appear and there was a great sense of relief as we could all see the atmosphere of the planet was intact, but it was better than that. The atmosphere was crystal clear and the earth was cleaner than ever before. There was on residue of past human activity. Nuclear weapons, waste, pollution was all gone. The earth was alive and totally rejuvenated. It was like the Garden of Eden.

I realized then that there were countless humans on neighboring ships and in places that may have been more comfortable for them. They had been taken up in the rapture and were waiting to repopulate the planet.

I woke-up then. Thought about what I had just seen. Then went back to sleep. Throughout the rest of the evening, I heard one of the extraterrestrials talk to me about what I had seen. We went over it and over it all night. He wanted me to remember and know what I had seen.

I remembered and now I have shared it with you.

Leon S.

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 09:33 PM
That was really, really cool. Thanks for sharing


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