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Dropping our defenses...

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posted on May, 13 2005 @ 12:08 PM
Even though a news article has already been posted, I believe this to be some kind of "political conspiracy". (duh) Why would our government want to close 150+ US military bases? Are they making room for more of those nasty UN BASES?

Here's my train of thought-
1) Setup UN bases on American soil. [Foreign soldiers will fire on Americans alot faster than Americans will...]
2) Overextend our forces to the four corners of the globe. [Remove our own forces from our soil...]
3) Close down "unnecessary" bases nationwide. [Removing more military personnel from strategic, read EVERYWHERE, locations on our soil...]
4) Move MORE UN forces into the newly vacated bases. [Why not? They already have those pretty white SUVs stockpiled here...]
5) Let the "civil war" commence...

Possible 4 1/2) Pass stricter anti-gun laws. [Disarm those that would fight...]

Geez...these creeps (PTB) sure did accomplish alot in five years, and John Q. Public is none the wiser...


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