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In response to Satan on our dollar, Satan IS our dollar

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posted on May, 13 2005 @ 10:05 AM
On another board in another thread, there is much discussion of satanic symbolism on the dollar.

One popular thoery is that doublespeak infers that God, (in the phrase "In god we trust") And that actually Satan is actually at the head of it all. While this may make for a good movie plot, I believe that while it may be the most accurate representation of the dollar itself, Satan has nothing to do with it. Sorry, there is no way to prove that this is even remotely a half truth.

Another is the symbolism and the latin phrases on the seal of the united states. Pointing out that it is an injustice to the language of latin, to attempt to translate these phrases into english will not tell you anything of the meaning of the phrase. Latin, which is a system of prefixes and suffixes, relies on in the context of the sentence, as well as that of the passage. Since it is merely a phrase, it has little to no context, unless you know what that phrase is referring to, but what? Possibly symbolism within the picture, possibly author's inspiration. Was the author a satanist? This one is still up for debate.

And lastly there is the belief that the bills are proof that a secret society has been contoling them since currency was invented. and that these secret socieites are contoling us and will continue to control us while we march toward NWO. They also believe that the symbols and phrases on the bill have meaning to the members of these societies, and that there is something ominous hiding in the symbols of the bill. A plot of NWO.

While all of these make for an interesting debate, today I would like to focus onto the topic of the ties to satanism. Many on these forums believe that the word GOD on all US currency actually means Satan. And that the system of doublespeak that our politicians and secret society members use, is present on the dollar bills. They beileve that Satan is the "all seeing eye" at the top of the pyramid on the $1 bill. They believe that these people worship the devil, and that the devil is running our country.

Far-fetched at best.

Ladies and gentlemen, Satan is our dollar. That's right our dollar is responsible for greed, misery, tyrrany, betrayal, robbery, envy, gluttony, pride, wastefulness and many other negative behaviors. Our money will make us do things that we would never dream of doing, admit it, everyone has thier price. But if you think about it, our money is worth nothing except the paper it is printed on, since it is no longer backed by a gold standard. So why is it that we are so materialistic that we will sell ourselves out for a quick buck. Is money that important, to make you steal from friends, or start a war over oil in hopes of generating profit. Everywhere you see large sums of money you will see satan, in all of us, and all those involved. You will see satan, manifest through the actions of these money hungry souls. You will see satan in the greed of the drug companies, and the suffering of the people. Money has the power to change even the most morally strengthened person, and usually it is not for the better.

Money begat credit, which begat debt, which basically is the new "legal" organized crime buisness. The medium by which the population is controled is money, it is a way to track, regulate, and price all goods and services. The purchasing power is determined by the money supply (which is regulated by the FED's fiscal policies) and the GDP. It also operates as a beilief system, meaning if you woke up tomorrow, and nobody believed in the value of our currency it would be worht nothing. The minimum wage is set by the purchasing power of the dollar, as well as people in the workforce, as well as other variables. In turn the Interest rate and the money supply, along with the minimum wage, determines the comsumer's marginal propensity to consume/save. They determine what you are worth. They, being the federal reserve system.

The Dollar has the ability to force people to choose between good and evil, in an almost infinite amount of ways. Bribes, accepted to hide the truth. Spent, to sustain addictions, drugs, tobacco, etc. Hoarded, to discourage charity, and exert power. Squandered, on earthly peasures. Exchanged, for sexual relations with a prostitute. Robbed or stolen, to pay the bills. Payoffs, to evade justice. Lent, to generate profit form intrest. I could go on and on. The truth is that money is the trly evil thing. It will be the one thing that brings us to new world order, the necessity for one world currency.

The vanity of our country, eats at our hollow souls every day, as we go out and buy clothes that are "hip" and albums that are plugged non-stop on MTV. And yet we feed the beast everyday, giving in to their consumer propaganda, buying a ton of crap we don't need, and creating waste which pollutes our planet.

The true conspiracy agains the people, is ourselves, and the instigator is a peice of paper. It makes us crazy, sends us into a frenzy, pollutes our environment, breaks up families, makes people bankrupt, and most importanly makes us forget who we are. Money is not going away, duh. I just imagine everyday a world where charity keeps the shelters empty, and the pantry full. And the reminder to everyone, that you are worth more than thier paper, and next time you realize that money is forcing you to make a decision you shouldn't have to, you should question the worth of your soul.

" they say, is the root of all evil today"

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by Eyeofhorus
Our money will make us do things that we would never dream of doing, admit it, everyone has thier price.

I completely agree with your points.. money brings power and we are a hierchial species.. though I can't concede everyone has their price.. depends on how the world has sculpted them and not everyone is cut from the same stone.

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posted on May, 13 2005 @ 07:49 PM
First off..let me say that the symbolism refered to on the one dollar not the only is on all the bills. Refering specifically to the bills before the new generation with the magnetic strip in them. The olde ten , five and twenty dollar bills ..the fifty and one hundred too..all of them had these esoteric symbols on them. One need only to know some of the symbols to understand. It was on "all" of the olde bills.
Prior to the 1913 Federal Reserve Act...this was not so...there were different bills in circulation with different art work.
The satanic/luciferian connection goes much further than Eye of Horus is describing...much further. This connection goes even down to our present system of coinage.

Biblical instructions clearly indicate that moneys are to be a system of just weights and measures...a knowlege long ago given up by "progressive education" and "intellectualism" in education. Over and over in different places God commands just weights and just measures to be on ones purse..not a measure great and a measure small together exchange.
This knowlege was known in our grandfathers and great grandfathers times. This is why you used to see people biting their coinage to see if it was the correct metal not a counterfit. You dont see this anymore.
Both in gold and silver coins..the coins had a rationale to them decending order by weight and fineness of the metal content. The $20 gold piece in newly minted conditon was twice the weight and the same fineness of the $10 gold piece...the $10 gold piece was twice the weight and the same fineness of the $5 gold piece. The $5 gold piece was twice the weight and the same fineness of the 2.5 dollar gold piece...and the $2.5 gold piece was 2.5 times the weight and fineness of the $1 gold piece. The same rationale was used in the silver coinage. This made for a system of Just weights and measures..just as described in the Bible. Not a measure great and a measure small but perfect weights and measures.
Today ...because of intelligence and progressive education ..we have a Susan B. Anthony Dollar which purports to be twice the value of the half dollar but is actually smaller than the H alf dollar yet claims to be twice as valuable. Made out of the same metal..copper/nickel wafer. You have to be educated buy into this kind of stupidity and pass it off as legit. ONly education can get government experts to pass something off like this. Talk about dumber than dumb.
What this actuality is a system of unjust weights and measures....verses a biblical standard of weights and measures. This system is Satanic/ our coinage...just as phoney as the paper bills..especially since the statement was removed from the bills..."Will pay to the bearer on demand" Find a olde bill ..this promise to pay "lawful money" was on the olde bills..and was removed begining the week JFK died...while everyone was watching JFK ..they slipped this one in on us.
A unjust money system ..a unjust system of weights and measures is a counterfit...and I know the name of the counterfitter. I also now know the name of the God of the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve working with them. They are in it together...
This history of counterfitting moneys can be traced back in history through different countrys and different times gain control of a country and government. It is not a new is however ..still Satanic/ matter where it takes place.

Furthermore ..any government which has ever tried to overturn this counterfit system and go back to a system of just weights and measures has found itself at war with the nations using the counterfit system.

some food for your thoughts.

Thanks ,

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 08:09 PM
Hi Eyes,
Good statement, well put, but, and this is off topic,
don't you get frost-bite snowboarding naked

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 09:56 PM
Good question, only if you fall. But I don't do that.

In colorado you are more likely to get a second degree sunburn at arapahoe basin than to get frosbite.

Only in late season do I attempt this, for us die hard riders it is tradition to hike a mountain and ski it in nothing but your birthday suit.

posted on May, 14 2005 @ 12:39 AM
The paper money has the words "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private" which means it is nothing more then goverment issued IOUs with percieved value.

If you really think they are satanic in origin, and evil. U2U me and I will give you my address to mail all your money to me, I will even re-emburse you by mailing back a copy of the bible

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