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10 things the final ‘Star Wars’ should resolve

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 07:08 PM


isn't it???

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 09:30 AM
1. Leia
If one has read the books, she DOES have the potential, but as a successful diplomat, she chooses to concentrate her efforts in that area. In the books, she does eventually become fairly accomplished with the Force.

2. Vader and Family
Since Leia didn’t USE her force skills, it likely kept her off Vader’s radar. It was only when Luke actually consciously USED the Force, that Vader first picked up on it, then moreso as Luke became stronger in it. Obviously, Padme goes off with Leia and leaves Luke with the Lars family, but then dies when Leia is little.

3. Politics
Nobody backlashed Jar Jar because all were thinking it (the Separatists directly challenged the authority of the Senate), they just didn’t want to be the one to voice it. This is hinted at in Episode II pretty well.

4. The Sith
Obviously Darth Sidious is the name of Palpatine/the Emperor, and Dooku (Darth Tyranus) takes the place of Darth Maul. Yes, obviously Dooku must die in order for Aniken to become Vader. As for the revenge, I agree that that needs to be shown…and probably a good chance of that being explained.

5. Vader’s Ambition
It’s obvious that Vader wants to kill the Emperor and become the Master, while Luke becomes the apprentice Sith. He basically states this to Luke in Bespin.

6. Jedi Training
Obviously the Council, trials, etc. are no more. Luke is the one who interrupts his own training in Empire, then goes back at the end of the movie, to complete the training. Since there are no formal trials anymore, Yoda decides that facing Vader is what will make him a true Jedi Master. Throughout the films, he is technically a Padawan to Yoda. He’s basically skipping the “Knight” stage and going to Master. A bump for saving the galaxy I suppose….

7. Shortfalls of the Jedi
When you outnumber your foe hundreds to two, it’s easy to see why they may have gotten cocky over the years, hehe….

8. Your Inner Jedi
It’s obvious that though Aniken had the training, the basis for his fears and anger is simply overriding that training, and since fear and anger lead to the dark side, it’s his final undoing.

9. Yoda
The Force is supposed to by a Mystery, so of course, so is it’s most accomplished adept. To lose the mystery would be to diminish the magic that is Yoda. Yoda stated full well why he chose Dagobah…because it was teeming with so much life, and hence, Force energy, which would be invaluable should he ever have to face the Sith in his home.

10. The Force’s Source
Obviously, the midichlorian idea went over like a lead balloon with fans, so I’m sure Lucas will avoid further explanation like the plague. What REALLY needs to be resolved is why Obi Wan and a redeemed Vader fade away, yet Qui Gon Jin didn’t, upon dying… I suspect we’ll learn that reason in this film, as Lucas has hinted about it.

posted on May, 13 2005 @ 03:41 PM

are great fan knows much...

i assume...


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