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The Valentich Disapperance

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 02:01 PM
Very very similar to the "Mantell Affair" which Gazrock so eminently details on this forum.

Contains detailed info on both the incident and Valentichs` ongoing conversation Air Traffic Control.

Australia / New Zealand had a significance of very unusual episodes with UFO encounters about this time....a family in a car was partially "abducted" on a deserted highway, the car was apparently lifted in the air....police estimated in their report that the car appeared to have been dropped from a great height... etc etc etc and the car itself was last seen at fairs and circuses.

I will look in my files for exact details but it was a wierd case.

There was also the television channel which sent a camera crew on a flight after continuing sightings of UFOs over both New Zealand Islands.

They got good pictures.

Again I will search in my files for more decent information.


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