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Latest on the God Light

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:11 PM
I remember seeing a post on the God Light, or Angel Beam, a while back here on ATS and some more information was released today about it. The inventor of the God Beam now says that his invention has been shown to shrink tumors in mice and to reverse the effects of parkinsons disease. Fascinating claims really...

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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 01:13 PM
Fascinating indeed!

I think we can put this to good use, such searching for the WMD in Iraq!

Frankly, the whole thing is just ridiculous.

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 02:56 PM
Wow, it does all that but still can't work in front of spectators or be verified by any independant boby. Now thats a bargain.

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 03:48 PM
I really am not understanding his motives, for awhile now I don't understand why he doesn't release this to the world. My only idea is money, this could be a great step forward in mankind. To anyone who doesn't believe him he does give the offer to challenge him ...

Hurtubise has also offered $20,000 to anyone who can prove God Light or any other of his innovations are fraudulent or don’t work.

“I’m saying to any critic out there to put your money where your mouth is. You come to my lab with any expert you want. You prove my fire paste, my LIMBIC and my Godlight to be fraudulent, and I will give you $20,000 cash, and openly I will be a fraud in front of the world,” Hurtubise said.

“But if you can’t prove them to be fraudulent, which you can’t, you’re going to give me 20 grand. Let’s see where your mouth is now.”

Although he sounds like a very compassionate man...

Hurtubise said he’s willing to provide his non-invasive God Light treatment, at no cost, to anyone with a seriously debilitating or life-threatening disease, as long as they provide their medical records.

There’s one disease in particular he’s set his sights on: cancer.

“Cancer is a killer, a predator that knows no race, no colour. It knows no boundaries and it is a top predator,” Hurtubise said.

“But now the hunter is being hunted. And cancer, when I’m on your trail you’re as good as dead.”

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 07:26 PM
Maybe his device is not going to be embraced by certain contries/powers, as this device has the ability to be the cure for all cures. My gut feeling is that this guy is legit, ive listened to some of his interviews on the net and yeah, he is eccentric, but i dont think he's a bullsh**ter. God light definatly has the potentual to become the 21st Century penicillin.
I just wish this came out a year ago as my friends dad just died of a brain tumour.

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