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Why did you get into conspiracy theory?

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 02:33 AM
I'm posting this here just to run-up my number of posts so I can do private messeging and stuff! I ranted this out on my own site, and I know it isnt much news to most here, but here it is:

Ed Landsdale has got to be the worlds biggest weasle! And Nick Beef has got to be one of the best practical jokes ever!

I've been watching Olliver Stones JFK over and over and over again. Its a really long movie, but toally amazing. Ive got the directors cut with and extra disc with interviews with Flatcher Prouty (The real person that "Mr X" was based on) and With some death-bed interviews with Jim Garrison.

Did you ever notice how many of the 'adult" cartoons have named some of their charactors after people involved with the JFK assasination? OR the "conspiracy theorists"?

Watch King Of The Hill....and if you know much about conspiracy theory, and that whole wierd subculture, that cartoon suddenly becomes a LOT wierder and funnier! Same with South park, and certain episodes of The Simpsons.

The JFK assasination truely was a coup d tat. Our country certainly changed after that, an entirely new form of government: Corporate Fuedalism took over.

I think that Dubya is basicly trying to live out that early-60's cold war era. But assasinations are taboo now, they politicly assasinated Clinton. But I also think that that was all window-dressing and scenery meant to keep us distracted and guessing. Clinton wasnt so far removed from the Bush camp. But they sure dressed him up as a "Hillbilly outsider"...Clintons bee a butt-buy for the trilateral commitee since day one. (Oh, guess who drove Hale Boggs (The ONLY Warren commission member who publicly doubted their findings, and complained that the FBI was tapping his phone) the airp[ort for that flight that "mysteriously" crashed? Oh, why it was a young WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON!)

Clintons blow-job and Whitewater where all smoke and mirrors: It kept the lid on Iran-Contra, and especially on all of that coc aine that the CIA...under George Bush sr, coming into our country.

Keep the public confused and pre-occupied with this bull# partisan politics, dems vs reps, libs vs cons, blame it all on Clinton, or worship Clinton, or Dubya. Its all a distraction.

Karl Rove is an Ed Landsdale protogee. Lets keep everyone all riled up about Gay marriage while Haliburton robs us blind and the army gives them a 72 MILLION dollar bonus for doing it.

No matter who you vote for, the government still gets in.

Dubyas got his Viet nam, complete with the 9/11 Gulf of Tonkin to start it. He's got "terrorists" instead of commies, He wants to go to Mars instead of the Moon, Hes got the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us against practicly running the government, and the war. And instead of Blacks wanting equal rights, he's got the "Gay issues".

Dubya is re-living the early 60's / late 50's. Dick Cheney is his Johnson, but a Johnson that isn't going to kill the crook at the top...and is the best protection Dubya could have.

The republican party is polishing up Al Gore to run for the democratic party...again...and for what little difference it makes, I hope to hell that Gore never gets another public office.

But so many people would rather bury their heads in the sand, play dumb, and ignore it feeding the idea that it is no longer "We the PEOPLE" but it is "THEM the ruling class".

War sells...and everyone is buying. When do we fully invade Venuzalia?

Opium is the religion of the masses. How convenient that just like Viet Nam, the poppy-crop in Afgahnistan is bigger then it has been in decades, and the smack is flooding the streets of the USA again, just like Viet Nam when they where using the EXACT same planes to smuggle it back that Barry seals did to smuggle all of that coke into the country.

Funny that the neo-cons had SUCH a problem with Clintons blow job, but didnt have a problem with Bush's CIA, and then the Bush/Reagan whitehouse importing all of that cocain and sparking gang warfare and addiction like never seen before.

This is one of the #1 reasons why I hate drugs, and the drug trade: I hate supporting the government. Especially fueling and funding the CIA's black ops.

But if the potheads could peel their asses off of their couches and start voting, then pot would be legal within four years. I'd love to see it legal to grow your own for personal usage.

The REASON there is a huge meth freak-out right now isnt because the government actually cares about anyones health or well-being. It is because THAT is the biggest competitor to THIER coc aine! And they cant really control the meth trade because any redneck hillbilly can make it in their the government rarely gets its cut. They hate that.

I know I am not the only one who sees all of this the same way...but I think I am the only person in Topeka that sees things this way!

posted on Jun, 10 2005 @ 02:01 AM
The one thing you are right about is the drugs.

Drugs drugs drugs. Some are good, some are bad.

Any way, the focus on Meth isn't so that they can bust everyone and so on, and so forth.

The focus is on making Meth, and portraying it as both difficult, done by amateurs, and that it is 'dirty'.

This is done to ensure people actually buy meth from trusted people, and these would in turn be those most likely to be working for 'the Big Guy' (who cannot properly be called the Government, because he is not our Government Proper).

Same as why marijuana is illegal. Just to discourage people from growing, it has nothing to do with smoking it. But they have to put on a 'serious face' when talking about it, otherwise the game would be up.

Hence, 'dangerous exploding hillbilly death/meth labs', are you funding them

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