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posted on May, 12 2005 @ 11:18 AM

We must first start in the ancient lands of Lemuria, when there were real
giants on this land, having little more than basic needs structures,
approximately 160000 BC.This was the first intervention of the benevolent
spacebrothers and it was a dismal failure, as the DNA was so primitive, it
created monsters.. This place was destroyed by the ~gray brothers~ as they
are our seed..from Sirius the Mother of all solar system souls...AAB... Lucis
Trust.[The Sirius Mystery ]
Next try was in Atlantis, as not ALL were purged in Lemuria, the brightest
and most advanced started over...this lingered for many thousands of years
using scapeships... Misuse of Sirius energy was the
end of this great illuminated empire.. see Nefilim.. Jechariach Sitchen.
I was one of the males who left the impending destruction and we landed in
what is now Peru...we had the ability and means to create gold with alchemy
and left hundreds of miles of gold tunnels underneath Peru, built the
pyramids through levitation with the help of our beloved overseers, the
wayfarers, the greys and now we had a new breed called the Nordics [a tall
LIGHT race], the hairless redman, and they landed in what we now call America.
We also had out black brethren which had no hair on their bodies at all, and they landed in
Africa..they were so dark as to be almost invisible
in darkness.....The survivors of Atlantis are responsible for ALL the
advanced mysteries we are now uncovering...
As we can see by now, the ~seeding~ was not progressing to well, BUT,,, they
took a leave from us promising to watch and protect this tiny orb which is
just a small object of which they are in charge of..they kept in contact by
way of the pyramids, Nazca., Easter Island, etc...
They are 2 billion years ahead of our technology, but we are their ~children~
and they will never forsake us...humans have lived on Mars also,,, until it
got too hot...
They are now renewing, terrafirming Mars and other stars that we can live on until this
planet is once more cleansed...They work in direct contact with our planetary
hierarchy, and are referred to in the Urantia Book as the Midway creatures...
In 1955, hundreds of platinum plates were delivered to a select group and
they were told to out it into writing and to call it the Urantia Book. These
plates are NOW one of the most closely guarded objects on this planet.. The
Urantia book is very heavy reading, but it is full of Michael, J'eshua, and
the galactic forces.. If one can be patient enough to read it all...
To be continued.... lilithu

Part 2--Beginnings
After Atlantis was sunk, due to greed of uses of solar power, of which they had learned to control out ~overseers~, the benevolent. ET's "allowed us total free will" to teach in this tiny speck of sand which we call Earth is in fact the "school" of the Sirius souls... see [The Sirius Mysteries] of which the Dogon tribe in Tasmania have known of for unknown millennia.. The orbit of Sirius A is 60 years around the Earth and every 60 years the PRIMITIVE Dogon of Africa have a great ceremony honoring. NOMMO [MOTHER] as Sirius A is the Dog star in Canis Major and it's black hole DRIVER [Father] has been known by the Dogon for millennia, but OUR scientists only discovered it in the 1930's and it was named Sirius B, the dark small driver of the GIANT Star
FOR Sirius..[Egtyptian ISIS, Horus ] to KEEP in orbit, it had to have it's DENSE driver Sirius B to procreate souls.==== Sirius A, the brightest star in our knowledge was ~~~Impregnated~~~~ by Sirius B~~~ the Father to create all the SOULs for this school planet..The Jews have an ancient legend as to when the Guff[Sirius] is empty, then there will be no more souls incarnating her, and the GUFF is close to empty now.This is in accordance with the teaching, of Buddhists, native American, and orthodox Jews..
Our brothers in space are responsible for us LEARNING here, so they take their duties very seriously. I WILL NOW ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE, we will NOT die from Nuclear war, as they have MANY ships circling us now that repairing our ozone, and melt any NUKES that any country might want to fire..IT will not end this way,, but in a gentler method, nonetheless, it is in the Akashic records that we are now living on borrowed time, mainly due to human greed and earth destruction..
There is no LALA land where we can PRETEND we will not endure the Karma of the passed over souls that we, as humanity have MURDERED and JUDGED...
The ET's are in charges of deciding where a human soul goes to learn what is best for us as they have NOT been human and can do this unemotionally, whereas the planetary hierarchy [ our solar system government] have been human, thus more compassionate and forgiving..
The grays..>>> our loving seeders and the Nordic overseers of the grays KNOW who needs to learn what as they are pure logic and not emotionally ruled,in this earth school.
EARTH is the ONLY school we have within billions of Light Years, and it WILL not be destroyed as a planet, only purged as had happened many times before.
MOTHER Earth is NO respecter of humanity when they have No respect for her..
Remember the margarine commercial? You cannot FOOL Mother Nature..



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