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World War Three Predictions

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 05:27 PM
World War Three Predictions

I had two lucid dreams in 1997 that showed events leading to and during WWIII

Vision One:
I was over the Northeast USA, looking down on New York when all of a sudden there was what looked like a nuclear terrorist explosion in the state. Next thing I new I was in Air Force One with the President (it was Clinton, the current president at the time). He was totally confused and he didn’t know what to do. We ended up flying from place to place. The next thing I knew I was on the ground in Washington DC with the President. All the world government stayed quite after the explosion. It felt like we were standing there looking over the ocean for 1 ½ hours. Suddenly after the silence, missiles (no nukes or WMD) started showering into the eastern seaboard including Washington DC where I was standing. I look at the missiles as they were dropping and noticed there were three different colored missiles. I knew that these missiles were coming from three different countries.
:End Vision

I have no doubt that the New York explosion was 9/11. Although not nuclear, it was a series of devastating terrorist explosions. And it was on this day that the President spent the entire morning flying around in Air Force One from place to place. I think the silence from world government is what we have been enjoying. The world governments have sat back in relative silence and watched us “defend ourselves” in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. It was a key event the directly leads toward World War Three.

Vision Two:
The war was well underway. I found myself standing before a holographic world map detailing what was going on. There was a male voice explaining what I was seeing. The map focused on the US. I could see US towns and cities with US troops surrounding them. I was told that the US would never use WMD during this war due to first strike. The US would not risk losing millions of civilians to a first strike nuclear retaliation. Instead the US withdrew from overseas, focusing its military might within the US and issuing marshal law to protect its civilians and homeland.

The map swung around to feature Asia and the Middle East. It was explained that only three countries would use nuclear weapons during the war. One was Russia, which was responsible for starting the war by sponsoring the explosion in New York. The second was China which was working with Russia.

Before I heard the third country, the voice faded and the map in front of me became intense as I could see explosions all over especially in Israel. Something happened in Israel. It was suggested, but not specifically stated, that they use a nuke against another country. The response was total nuclear destruction to Israel, a nuclear retaliation consisting of what looked like 30 nuclear explosions. The map showed a molten Israel. I could see that every grain of sand melt atomically. It was a disaster unlike anything that had ever happened before. The vision ended with a thought in my mind, "It will be God ending this war".
:End Vision

Now I have many thoughts on the war on terror and the “axis of evil”, but I really don’t know what will trigger the next faze. What will happen to cause an air strike on US soil. I have lots of theories, but I like to separate that I see in a vision, from what I see as a clairvoyant, from what I think from my ego or analyzer.

There are a lot of other future visions like this. These are the two main war visions, but others include visions of the Antichrist (he’s Russian), two earthquakes (7.0 and 8.0 three months later) in San Francisco, a minor meteor, a major comet collision, extraterrestrial contact, a quick dimensional shift on earth and more.

I really don’t know why I have these dreams. It’s not to warn people. I’ve put this information out there before and people might show some temporary interest, but many don’t believe or don’t care. So I know it’s not to warn people, there is plenty of these warning out there and I also think making people worry about futures like this can actually get people to create them instead of change them.

My best guess – If these futures are real, there will be a point where a lot of people will be very scared. People won’t know what is happening or how to navigate through the changes. I think people who are getting dreams like these aren’t getting them to warn before, but to help during and after.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 06:34 PM
I'm sure it clearly says in this section not for member predictions??????

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 06:49 PM
So that's what the "NOT for members" means. Ah well, busted for not reading the sticky. That's a lot of work to just share some predictions.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 06:51 PM
just remember this is a new ATS member,

WE have a section in belowtopsecret see the tab at the top of the page,
or click here BelowTopSecret

use your ATS name and password to enter.

There is a section called *members dreams and predictions*

See Dreams & Personal Predictions

I will move this thread there in a little while... ill just let you find the place first.

Good thread and an intresting read.


posted on May, 11 2005 @ 11:23 PM
I didn' know about below top secret either, thanks!

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 11:31 PM
You say Russia "sponsers an attack" against the U.S., can you elaborate, why attack us to conquer or destroy or...????

You said the antichrist is a russian, could you elaborate on this as well....

Very interesting stuff, keep it up and welcome to ATS

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 04:08 PM
Good questions.

You said the antichrist is a russian, could you elaborate on this as well....

I'll post this prediction later.

You say Russia "sponsers an attack" against the U.S., can you elaborate, why attack us to conquer or destroy or...????

What the dream said is separate about what I think it means.

I think Russia has been losing power decade after decade since WWII. I think they have always looked at ways in which they can regain/remain/rearrange world power in their favor.

I think 9/11 was an opportunity for Russia. Did Russia do what the US did in the past, sponsor OBL to commit 9/11? Maybe or maybe not, but according to the dream, Russia is using 9/11 as an opportunity to shift world power.

Why would Russia do this? Well, they didn't get blamed for 9/11. What a brilliant way to start/fight a war, get rouge countries to act out. The world accepted war in Afghanistan as retaliation for 9/11. The world really didn't support the war in Iraq; the US bullied the world into agreement and now we know the smoking guns were all rigged. The US looked too aggressive for the world's comfort.

Now two other countries, the remainder of the axis of evil, are pushing the US toward more war. The US is becoming to look like a world police regime. This only gives the other world powers like Russia and China a way to get world support to stop the US police state and create a new world order.

I think Russia has already negotiated and updated war agreements with China, to defend and support each other in the event either country is invaded. The US activity in their backyard should be very concerning to both countries.

I think Russia has also negotiated agreements with the two remaining axis of evil countries, North Korea and Iran. Russia would never fight a US led invasion for either country, but Russia could agree to directly or indirectly support both countries within the UN and international communities along with China. (Russia and China can delay UN actions without being obvious). This would give both axis countries time to develop their nuclear weapons, boosting their egos and confidence with their Russia/China support, and continue to act defensively and defiantly against an aggressive US.

Something is making North Korea and Iran feel righteous in their activities. Why should they conform to US or EU terms when they have the support of Russia, backed by China? Eventually the US will have to take military action in one of the two countries; making the US look even more like a police state.

This gives Russia and China the ability to sway world opinion. It gives them the ability to cry foul again the US, getting other countries to see the US as the newest threat since the Nazis. If the US keeps changing regimes, governments or maybe one man is going to start saying NO.

When the US looks bad enough, Russia will come forward to get support to take action against the US. Perhaps they will start by using the system to bring sanctions against the US, gaining more and more support from other countries. Perhaps they already have enough support and will just suddenly proceed with military operations.

But in the dream, eventually the Russian alliance will attack the US with missiles. No ground invasion, no WMD (because the US never would dare to commit first strike when missiles are already showering down onto its soil), just months and months of missile attacks targeting one US government facility after another. The Russians know they are in for a long bombardment.

Then Israel freaks out over the outbreak of World War an allegedly nuclear Iran sitting next door. With US forces caught up fighting for their own homeland, Israel chooses a preemptive nuclear strike against Iran. It is an Israeli attempt to stop Iran from using its WMD while threaten/teaching other Muslim countries not to attack them during this time of war.

Russia reacts to Israel’s first strike. Since Israel is the first country to commit first strike during this war, Russia will teach the world’s nuclear powers a lesson by instantly destroy the country. Not with one nuke, but multiple nuclear detonations. Russia’s war plans contain a nuclear contingency plan to prevent the use of WMD by totally annihilating and destroying the country that commits first strike; no other country would dare attempt to commit a second nuclear strike after knowing the results of the first.

Eventually the Chinese break their alliance with Russia by turning against them in the later stages of this war.

This is as much as I am aware of.

I know of no end to this war, other than it will end with an act of God.

Leon S. L.

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 08:11 PM
when isreal decides to attack iran for trying to build nukes. the people who helped build and run the facilities are of course russians. so who will be mad when isreal decides to destroy the facility. that will cause more tension and maybe another mideast war. thats just my opinion though.

posted on May, 16 2005 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by mastergallo
when isreal decides to attack iran for trying to build nukes. the people who helped build and run the facilities are of course russians. so who will be mad when isreal decides to destroy the facility. that will cause more tension and maybe another mideast war. thats just my opinion though.

this one makes the most sence.

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