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the three illuminatus groups

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 03:22 PM
OK, well a few posts in another illuminati thread prompted me to sign up and post my views. I'm very new to this game, but I have a lot of ideas, so please go easy on me. Thanks! I'll start it off with the comment that first got me going...

Originally posted by sebatwerk

Originally posted by Shenroon
Wot do the illuminarti and the NWO actually believe in. Is it just uniting everyone under one leader currnecy ect if so then i guess im one

Nobody knows, because nobody knows for sure whether or not they exist. In other words, they are thus far just a figment of people's imagination. Therefore people are free to make anything up about them as they wish. Going by the logic used here by some people, I could say that the Illuminati is composed completely of Himalayan Sherpas, and it would be perfectly valid because nobody can prove me wrong. I can't prove myself right, but that obviously doesnt matter.

I know I'm taking us back a bit here with this quote, but I recon that if they didn't exiast before they certainky do now! Or at least there are two lots of Illuminati.

I've been reading up on them and from what I can tell they are some weird occultic group with weird world order beleif. They beleive that they (the enlightened) are better humans than other, there lies your religion I'm afraid. However they have been around for hundreds of years, and have done relatively nothing, I mean say 'Illuminati' to 10 of your friends and you'll be lucky to find one who knows what your on about!

Anyway, I would say that there are probably 2 or more groups (or splinter sections to the illuminati). The first (the original descended from the original 'Illuminated Seers of Bavaria' (AISB for short) formed in 1776, who wish to continue with their secret existance; contenet in what they beleive to be a higher state than all other humans. Then there is the second group who were originally part of the AISB group, but who decided to take further action and make practical descisions to begin the NWO. However they may not be real, they are a possibility, they may exist seperately or in conjunction to the third party. This party is a group of people, most probably originally conspiracy theorists who bhave read the possibilities of the Illuminati, and taken it upon themselves to make the theories a reality.

They have the perfect opportunity, especially if the second group does not exist. The reall Illuminati will remain anonimous and this new group can work under the mask of them, until such times they have enough power to move forward and reveal the truth.

Jus some ideas I have...

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 08:55 PM
Interesting, but why think that any of the groups actually exist?

The first group, the bavarian illuminati of weishaupt gone underground, what evidence suggests that they are still in operation?

The second group, what evidence suggests that there was ever a split within the party?

And the third group, how would these former conspiracy theorists turned bad guys get into power?

Also, are any of these ideas more logical than the 'standard history', that the group was a forward thinking secret society in bavaria that was broken up by agents of the Kaiser? What I mean is, lets pretend there are two worlds, one where the standard history is true, the other where any of the conspiracy histories are true, what do we actually see as being different (short of being able to 'see' the illuminati having their rituals and saying 'So its agreed, we'll reduce the world population by 2/3rds by 2012' and the like)?

For what its worth, there is an Illuminati Order out there,

The founder claims to be some sort of super-mason, who was contacted by secret illuminati 'out of new york' and given the rituals of the Illuminati Rite.

posted on May, 12 2005 @ 09:11 AM
Well, and I left this out of my first post for some reason! I think that this idea has been discussed so much and is so plausible that there must be people out there who are going to carry it through, or at least try to.

It is similar to Neo Nazi, the idea is there, all it needs is somebody to put it into practice.

As for the splinter group, as I said this is just a theory, but I based it on my knowledge of past groups. There have always been two sides to terroris and pressure groups. For example the original IRA were non violent, then some of that group decided they'd had enough and gave into violence, creating the Provisional IRA (the main IRA group we know today). The same can be said for suffragists and suffragettes! You see my point. And if this is true then the secret illuminati will want to remain secret, meaning not much practical action. You can see how this might provoke some of its members into forming their own group, with the same ideas as the illuminati, but different methods...

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