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Dreams about aliens/UFOs

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 02:57 PM
Post your most memorable dreams about our scary little "friends" and their scary spaceships. Some of mine have been SKAAARRR-E.. Dang..

Here are some of mine:

I was probably 17 and dreamed I was walking through the woods near my house on a sunny day. (BTW I dream in full color etc. It's killer.)
Soon I realized a grey was pacing me through the forest about fifty yards away, walking as I walked.

Another involved an argument between my parents I was trying to avoid by going outside, in the dark, to pee... As I was standing there in my yard I noticed a shine coming from some kind of dome shaped object near a tree near me. "Its a little man" I thought, and then my next thought was "ALIEN!!!!" And, for some reason, in my dream I thought it would be a good idea to attack the alien, but I'm pretty sure he won because as I was kindof lunging at him I stopped having the dream... Guess I got owned or something.

Then there was the one where I saw several bright craft come down over my moms house and in my dream as soon as I saw them ascend from the stars, right down toward me, I knew they were after me.
Suddenly some kindof little pencil thin light started probing the room! I rolled off of the bed in horror, crawling toward the doorway to escape the light.
I stood up in the hallway and saw that my mom was gone from her room. "Whew, I thought, they only wanted to abduct my mom, therefore I don't have to undergo the horrors of abduction.''

What a horrible thought. But I honestly was afraid enough to think that in my dream. What an asshole I am....

Then there was another where I was walking into the bathroom and from behind the shower curtain came a dark figure, very fast right up at me, and the dream ended.... frightening.

Anyway I wont bore you with anymore of my horrific dreams about scaryness. Please post your scaryness, or comment upon mine.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 03:46 PM
I had a dream about aliens once. I was working at my old job (Domino's Pizza) and I decided to go out back and take a break. So I went out back to take a break and I saw lights in the sky, at first I thought it was the Aurora Borealis......because the colors were all exotic and it looked all wavy and stuff. But after staring at it for a while, I began to notice objects creating these wavy colors. It turned out that they were discs, and they were producing some kind of gas that was a bunch of different colors. So the discs then floated away and into a Volcano......apparently they lived inside of the earth not on other planets. It was a pretty cool dream.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 06:58 AM
I have had a couple of alien related dreams. I'm not sure how this first one started but I was in a car with two aliens except they looked like normal men. They told me that they were coming to get me later and that I shouldn't be scared and that I should just go with them. Then their faces changed and they looked like greys except that they were yellow and their heads were larger at the top compared to the bottom.

My latest and amazingly horrifying dream was at around 3:30 am like the one I had before. I went to sleep with my window open and my blinds open in my room so that I could see outside. I was doing it to wake up early because my alarm is more effective when combined with the light through the window. Anyway in the dream I was in the exact same position as I had gone to sleep in. My room was exactly the same and there were absolutely no aspects of the dream world which differed from the real world. It was also weird because I don't remember falling asleep either. Now what happened in the dream was that I was looking up at the ceiling and I looked over towards my Tv. I then saw this huge flash come from my window like lightning so I looked out and saw the flash but I also saw a very dark sort of oval shaped U.F.O fly down with speed from behind the house opposite my window and it flew down right in my back garden. Then I had this feeling like "Oh # I'm gonna be abducted" and the emotions of fear and panic set in and any rationality I had left was gone. I then started to heavily vibrate and had the sensation like I had fallen through my bed and kept falling which was when I woke up. I woke up absolutely freezing and shivering even though it was a hot night. I got up scared out of my mind and didn't stop shivering. About 2 minutes after I had woken up I had a nosebleed. It was only tiny and only had a trickle of bright red blood before I stopped it but I found that also weird. Tell me your thoughts please.


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