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Floating Mystery Ball: Further comment on this story at bottom

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 12:21 PM
*NEW YORK TIMES,* December 14, 1944:

"Floating Mystery Ball Is New German Weapon. SUPREME HEADQUAR-
TERS, Allied
Expeditionary Force, Dec. 13 -- A new German weapon has
made its appearance
on the western air front, it was disclosed today.

"Airmen of the American Air Force report that they are encountering silver
colored spheres in the air over German territory. The spheres are
either singly or in clusters. Sometimes they are semi-translucent."

...and, "SUPREME HEADQUARTERS Dec. 13 (Reuters) -- The Germans
have produced a
"secret" weapon in keeping with the Christmas season.

"The new device, apparently an air defense weapon, resembles the huge
glass balls that adorn Christmas trees. There was no information available
as to what holds them up like stars in the sky, what is in them or what
purpose is supposed to be."
I had the honor of being friends with two men who servered our country flying over Germany in WWII. I knew them both late in life, where people dispnse with baloney and only say what they mean. Both this men told me they saw strange stuff like this and one of them told me when they reported it they were told to keep quiet if they liked their career.

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 12:37 PM
Nice find, these 'objects' later became known as Foo Fighters (no, not the band, tho they are wierd enough), with many photos and official reports on them.

posted on May, 11 2005 @ 12:46 PM
German UFO stories have always fascinated, in reference to these accounts:

The Allies captured plans for what became the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet. Among the most secret items captured were plans for flying disks, that were at first called "Krautmeteors."

Based on the evidence, they were built as early as around 1933 and went into mass production in 1940. Scientists involved in these projects were Bellonzo, Schriever, Miethe and Victor Schauberger.

Schauberger developed the "flying hat" type disc that was later seen over the United States.

Technical Drawings from German Flying Disc Research

The final version was the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus, as large as 135 feet and some up to 225 feet in diameter. They traveled over 2,000 km/hr and were planned to go over 4,000 km/hr.

In 1945 they could reach a speed of 1,300 mph and an altitude of 40,000 feet in less than three minutes. The Germans developed the Delta wing craft, and were working on stealth technology, etc.

Many pilots saw the strange craft over Germany. However, as soon as a craft was built, Hitler ordered it disassembled and shipped somewhere -- probably Antarctica.

None of the craft were captured by the Allies, although some of the scientists were captured and then mostly disappeared, but can somewhat be traced to Bell Textron and to places such as Area 51, which, surprise!, is infamous for its 'UFO' sightings.

Infamous German V7 Flying Disc

(Note: In regards to the above, Bulgarian Physicist Vladimir Terziski wrote the following about the Nazi mystery 'spheres' and aerial disc projects: "...According to Renato Vesco... Germany was sharing a great deal of the advances in weaponry with their allies the ITALIANS during the war. At the Fiat experimental facility at lake La Garda, a facility that fittingly bore the name of air martial Hermann Goering, the Italians were experimenting with numerous advanced weapons, rockets and airplanes, created in Germany. In a similar fashion, the Germans kept a close contact with the Japanese military establishment and were supplying it with many advanced weapons. I have discovered for example a photo of a copy of the manned version of the V-1 -- the Reichenberg -- produced in Japan by Mitsubishi. The best fighter in the world, the push-pull twin propeller Domier-335 was duplicated at the Kawashima works. Or a photo of Japanese high ranking Imperial navy officers inspecting the latest German radar station. A Japanese friend of mine in Los Angeles related to me the story of his friend's father, who worked as technician in an aircraft research bureau in Japan during the war. In July of 1945, two and a half months after the war ended in Germany, a huge German transport submarine brought to Japan the latest of German inventions -- two spherical wingless flying devices. The Japanese R&D team put the machines together, following the German instructions, and... there was something very bizarre and other-earthy standing in front of them -- a ball shaped flying device without wings or propellers, that nobody knew how it flied. The fuel was added, the start button of this unmanned machine was pressed and it .... disappeared with a roar and flames without [into] the sky. The team never saw it again. The engineers were so frightened by the unexpected might of the machine, that they promptly dynamited the second prototype and choose to forget the whole incident.")

source internet various unknown..

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