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Science, Religion, Philosophy

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 12:15 PM
Religion is that which reaches out to the irrational.
Science is that which reaches out to the rational.

But both are somewhat converse,

Religion attempts to attribute a mystical rationale for one's existence. Motivation and rationality without [complete] comprehension, ie. faith.

Science relies on irrational motivations to expand its domain of the 'rational'. It is the irrational desire/hunger 'to know' that compels one to observe, experiment and learn about the world around us. It is driven by an instinct that knowing more is a worthwhile proposition.

Philosophy usually denotes a somewhat [necessarily?] vauge general descriptions/explanations/rationale of how life & the Universe interact/work.

Some people define religion somewhere between blind faith and some philosophy.

Philosophy can act like a sort of algebra, using variables instead of known quantities.
It can attempt to deduce broader priniples of the Universe. It can be used to speculate about the interplay of brain world models and what we perceive/interpret about the Universe. It can act as a conduit between known/knowable things and reasons/motivations for actions based from these known things.

Philosophy can also be used in the God like fashion to create form, order and beauty to our lives and the world around us. We exist seemingly implicitly to do things. "I exist, therefore i act".

I think an intelligent philosophy would be to bring a gentle and organic order to the world around us. But i think life requires a certain chaos element, for growth [newness]. We should try to sculpt [bend?] the world around us, but not attempt to break it to our will. Like taming an animal, a horse perhaps. Experience should teach us that both people and the Universe will do unexpected things. Try, as best one can, to take joy in the unexpected, partly by being somewhat prepared mentally and otherwise for it. Life is an improvisational dance, go with it, try not to injure or kill yourself.

Both some Religions and some science treat the Universe as some kind of animal to be denied and butchered. Like everthing must be grabbed with a death grip.

The Universe how ever incredibly disorganized it may appear is infinitely more vast and powerful than you. Seducing it into wanting you or your species to succeed, I would bet hard earned cash, greatly increases your chances of survival.

As a backup, knowing its secrets, could be crucial.

posted on May, 17 2005 @ 01:40 AM
quantum fluxuations might suggest that all of these things have one underlining similarity, that is god. everything in the universe bends back onto itself in a way that a creator might inhibit a sort of consious drive to ascertain knowledgable comprehension.

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