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Paragraphs, use it.

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posted on May, 11 2005 @ 06:23 AM
Why in the name of GOD some ppl cant write correctly? Some ppl when writing on the net just keeping writing and writing with no paragraphs. Thats really annoying, that use to happens in almost any forums around. At ATS is the worst because normally there is some huge posts. Most of times i get discouraged and just skip the related reply, which is bad because i like to know everyone's opinion. This has bothered me for long time and this time i decided to complain about it. I just wish that would be some rule to force ppl to write correctly. Im no expert in any language or caligraphy or whatever but when i post something i try to make ti easier as possible to others to read and understand. Why some ppl just keep the typing madness without control ? They never went to school ?

Well, see ?
What i did above is what im complaing for, but imagine that with a text 10x bigger.
I know there is worst problems in the world to worry about but maybe we could start with the small ones.

have a nice day ppl.


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