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Israeli Soldier, Rapes Pre-Teen Cousin for Years, Gets Community Service And A F (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 10 2005 @ 09:54 PM
It was learned that an Israeli soldier had been raping his 11 year old female cousin for years. The girl had become so stressed by the situation that her hair had started falling out. Some organizations have accused the entire Israeli court system of being more attentive to the concerns of the perpetrators of crimes, in particular child abuse crimes, than of the victims themselves. The prosecution in this case had requested a sentence of three years, the court handed down a sentence of six months community service, along with a NIS 20,000 payment to the victim, who was 11 when the abuse started.
Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday sentenced an Israel Defense Forces soldier to six months community service for raping his young cousin repeatedly over a period of two years, beginning when she was 11.
The soldier was also ordered to pay his cousin NIS 20,000 in compensation. The prosecution had requested that he be given a three-year jail sentence.
In deciding on his sentence, the court had taken into account an psychological evaluation of the accused, which determined that he had no pedophiliac inclinations, or other sexual perversions.
In handing down their ruling, the three women judges wrote that they intended to send the message that it is not pointless for women to make a rape complaint[.]

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This is repugnant and disgusting.

When I first read this, it was from a different source, and didn't even seem to have an actual citation. The accusation is so horrible, that I honestly thought it must be completely fictional. It even reads like emotive fictionalized propaganda, the poor girl who's hair is falling out, the lusting pervert who abuses her, the bizzare courts that are practically more concerned with him being under stress because of it, and the rather disgusting exchange of money for this child's virginity and psychological well being.
The first link below is about a similar case, but where the rapist received a 25 year sentence, and the second is an orgnaization dealing with this type of abuse. Apparently a number of similar cases have falled under the jurisdiction of this court

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